HELLO DiorRob Press Kit & More Journalists Tweet About Robert Pattinson's Steamy Ad

HELLO DiorRob Press Kit & "Steamcat" Robert Pattinson

 photo DiorPressKit.jpg

Caption on the pic:
"The press kit for the upcoming Dior Homme campaign has arrived, with the office now a sea of R Patz posters"

GAH Posters!!!! I need to find this office NOW!

And of course I HAD to crop and zoom this gem!
We've already seen it before in the collage of pics but this is a better (bigger) version of it. Roll on HQ pics! 

 photo DiorPressKit-Cropampzoom.jpg

Seems to have been a press day today for Dior in South Africa with lots of journalists tweeting about seeing the ad and steamcat Rob!

 photo faint.gif

And yes I know their tweets say Oct. "I" think the reason for this is that it will launch in different regions at different times. So South Africa will get it in Oct and it will launch in other regions in Sept ;-)

Thanks PJ for the tip!


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