Round-Up Of NEW/Old Adorable Robert Pattinson Fan Pics

Round-Up Of NEW/Old Adorable Robert Pattinson Fan Pics

 photo NewOldRobertPattinsonFanPic-2.jpg

 photo FanPicRobertPattinson2.jpg  photo FanPicRobertPattinson3.jpg

Up close and personal!

 photo FanPicRobertPattinson1.jpg

This one is an oldie (but a goodie) from 3 years ago and is now untagged

 photo NewOldFanPicRobertPattinson.jpg

GREAT Pic from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere in London

 photo BreakingDawnPart1London.jpg

And some cute ones from the London Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere
Such a great smile!

 photo BreakingDawnPart2London1.jpg

 photo BreakingDawnPart2London2.jpg

 photo BreakingDawnPart2London4.jpg

 photo BreakingDawnPart2London3.jpg

Cute pic from 2011 when Rob was in Japan

 photo RobertPattinsonFanPic-1.jpg

Story to go with the pic above:
"I was suppose to post this pic a while ago~ but my mom met Robert Pattinson in person !!!! soo f**k'n LUCKY!!!!!!!! *0* he came to my moms work to eat ramen! ha ha I guess he likes ramen ... That lil Japanese women next to Robert Pattinson is my mom !!! XD She said he was with 2 other friends. and when she ask him if he was Robert Pattinson he said in the shy way and smiled and said YES~ ha ha too cute~ I could soo picture that~ she said he was really nice.n_n Where I live, I seen so many famous ppl often. Its so crazy."
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 photo NewOldRobertPattinsonFanPic-1.jpg

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Thanks to Roboshayka, Nancy & Lurker1510 for the tips!


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