Celebrating 5 Years of ROBsession!

Celebrating 5 Years of ROBsession! 

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5 years…. 

For me, Gözde, it all started at a Barnes and Noble and a book with an apple on it. The book consumed me… 

Who knew that the book was just the beginning and the guy who would end up playing the cool, undead hero would consume my world for years and years to come. 

I started this blog about Robert Pattinson and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. I met Kate, Kat and Tink through this blog, the best people and partners in the world. The best friends anyone would be lucky to call friends. 

Following Rob’s career, his highs and lows, following the gossip, the truths and the lies is what we do and we love every minute of it. We are half crazy but thank God y’all seem to like crazy people :)

Hope we are still here in another 5 years. 
Hope we’ve already celebrated Rob’s 1st Oscar! 
Hope the best fans in the world (yes, you) are still following him and us.
Hope we have not finally lost our minds completely after a particularly HOT photoshoot.

We hope...we hope...we hope :)

We love y'all! Thanks for following, thanks for reading and thanks for the love. 

Oh and Rob, thanks for being you... 

P.S.: In case you are wondering: It all started with watching the Twilight trailer at a friend's craft blog for Kate (Oct 2008), with a friend begging her to read the books for months before finally giving in and reading all in a few days (and seeing the trailer in the midst of that) for Kat (Aug 2008), with reading the whole Twilight series in a few days after resisting for months and then googling "that guy who played Edward" for Tink (April 2009).

Thank you, sweet Bru, for making this celebratory video for our 5th birthday! This video, along with your kind words on your YouTube page, filled our hearts, made us smile and brought tears to our eyes. 
It's PERFECT. xx

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