*NEW* Robert Pattinson Interview & Dior Promo Pic In GQ (Italy)

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*NEW* Robert Pattinson Interview & Dior Promo Pic In GQ (Italy)

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Translation & Interview Quotes (After The Cut) 

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“One of a Kind

Handsome Pattinson has put out the vampire of his life and now, from Cronenberg to Herzog love him. But he’s a bit tormented: will I have the right shoes?

Paul McCartney says that after the Beatles break up, right after years of full of screaming crazy teenagers stadium, he felt the need to disappear.

When he eventually started playing music in public again, he was touring travelling on a small bus and going to small places and arena. A rightful decompression felt by another Englishman who knew it all about young and not so young people screaming his name. When gentle Mr. Pattinson left behind Edward Cullen, the vampire, he changed his route completely: so his fellowship with D. Cronenberg was born, as well as the metaphysic Cosmopolis and again, this past summer, Maps To The Stars, a satire about Hollywood life. He also filmed early this year The Rover with director David Michod and Mission Blacklist (?) by Swedish Jesper Ganslandt about capturing Saddam Hussein, and soon he will be filming with Werner Herzog a Lawrence Of Arabia biography.

Already said by himself to be a romantic kind of a man, he’s the counter-macho man and now, the new image of Dior Homme in director Romain Gavras’ visionary short film.

You have always been against filming commercial, but you say this is an anti-spot. Why?

“First of all the product comes up only in the last frame. Then, they gave our creativity total freedom. Romain (Constantin Costa-Gavras’ son) made a short movie out of it”.

Was is the right moment to come up the a commercial spot?

“I would have not done it at the time of Twilight. But after shooting a few more intimate movies, something like this is good to keep you visible. In this business you need to manage well your image”.

Do you feel the pressure of decisions to be taken?

“People believe that because you’re famous you must have around you a team of people who take care of your career. But it’s not always true, many of us work alone and it’s not an easy task”.

Why did you go for art movies?

“It’s what I’ve always liked more, and after Cosmopolis, finally, they have been proposed to me. I’m starting to have an idea of what my career should be going and I’ve become more demanding. Sure… to wait for the right role, I risk to be stalling in stand-by…”.

To me you seem to be quite busy, actually.

“Yes, I am. But with indie movies you’re never sure is going to happen. Now, for instance, the Herzog movie should be starting….”.

…Queen Of The Desert, and you will be Colonel T.E. Lawrence. An icon.

“It will be very different from the original film, David Lean Lawrence Of Arabia, and I believe, closer to the real character. Locations should be great ones: a canyon in the Jordanian desert, where nobody has ever filmed before, but Herzog knows very well the king of the country and should be able to make it”.

Jude Law, who preceded you as Dior Homme testimonial has said: ‘When you are at the top, you get all the attention, but you wish you won’t have it. After a couple of years, they ask you about the new face who’s so popular and you realize he’s eleven years old…’

“Actually, he’s quite right about that! The other day someone came to me and told me ‘Hi, I’m the new you!’. I don’t know what’s happening to people. What does it mean ‘The new you’? If you’re not making a very successful movie every two years, you’re finished. This way you cannot even start to learn the job”.

Did you learn how to manage your fame?

“No way: it’s a real fight to survive! Some of us don’t keep up with the pressure and burst, but I think it’s understandable. With the paparazzi always after you it’s not easy to meet new people and make new experiences”.

Are you able to meet up with friends?

“When I first got to LA for the first Twilight the only people I knew were cast members, who I always asked to be driven around, because I was not driving at the time. So, those people are also my old friends”.

Do you still feel out of place in America?

“No, I live here from a while now. I like California because its rhythm is slow compared to other places, and there’s something really peaceful in the air around. Also, LA is very much changed lately: mainly, there are people here from everywhere”.

What do you like to do when you’re free?

“You’ll be disappointed. But most of the times, I like to lay on my couch and check the IMDb developing film section and send my agent an email about something I find interesting, asking him ‘What do you think?’”.

And what about something you like to do in LA?

“I like surfing, even though I suck”.

In the Dior film you’re driving an old BMW on the beach. Do you like cars?

“Only vintage ones. I got a beautiful Shelby, unfortunately, it’s always at the mechanic station. My favorite one is a ’56 Mercedes, the ‘Gullwing’ spider. It costs 3 millions. Maybe it’s better to wait for it…”

What about clothing? What’s your relationship with it?

“I tell you a story: I bought a new pair of shoes, someone told me they were an awful choice and so, I felt like stoned, and I could not be able to go out on the stage in front of 6000 people. I thought I had overcome such insecurity, but no, even the smallest thing can make me feel like it was my first time”.


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