Romain Gavras On Working With Robert Pattinson, His Favourite Scene In The Dior Homme Advert & More

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Romain Gavras On Working With Robert Pattinson, His Favourite Scene In The Dior Homme Advert & More

Romain Gavras spoke to Italy's Io Donna magazine and had (not surprisingly) had some very nice things to say about Rob.

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Where did you get the inspiration for the video?
Working closely with the team of Dior. A hundred lifetimes in a day and the words of James Dean : " Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today. " The result is a character who goes through emotions and different places . Then, with the cinematographer André Chemetoff and production designer Jean -Michel Bertin , we looked for the best visual grammar to tell this story fragmented.

How would you describe the Dior Homme  man?
The man we want to represent is a man who is light, at ease in any situation. He could be on a deserted beach , in a luxury hotel or in an empty house which he has just moved into: he would always be himself. We wanted to move away from the stereotype of the successful, rich and arrogant, and that is why we have added details such as the eighties car that leads to a certain point. The
woman is another great way to characterize a man: in the video is a simple girl, who isn't dressed in  showy .

Tell us an anecdote , a particular story happened on the set?
We shot in Brooklyn, Rockaway Beach , immediately after the hurricane. Looking at the scene of the beach, you can note their signs , for example, the very high sand or cabins destroyed , which give the place a strange , unexpected look, in a video for a luxury perfume . Oh, and we also ended up in the sea with the car ... It took two boats and a tractor to bring it to dry land !

The main difficulty ?
Probably the fact of having to take in so many places at once . We had to run all over New York with Rob, who is a big star in Hollywood, dodging paparazzi and all the rest , not to reveal the images of the campaign prior to submission. Also, before you know Rob had no idea how it would go because we were waiting hectic , very active , and sometimes the actors do not like working under pressure. But he was great , he gave more than we asked , he was with me one hundred percent . In addition, during the shoot, we had great fun .

What is your favorite scene ?
I really like the part on the beach,  it was the first scene we shot . During the first shot something interesting is always happening and at that moment you know if what you had in mind will work or not. It was very nice to hear that it would work.

How was working with Rob ?
Rob is extremely curious, he's leaving the phase of the " poster boy " of Twilight to play more mature roles . He's already making interesting and courageous choices. Speaking as a director, I can say that he is an actor who is very easy to work , he's able to give so much .

Source via  RobPattinsonmoms / Flavia
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