ROBsessed Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Search for Robert Pattinson from 2010-2011 to win a Beautiful Player!

ROBsessed Birthday Scavenger Hunt: Search for Robert Pattinson from 2010-2011 to win a Beautiful Player!

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It's day 3 for the ROBsessed Scavenger Hunt! We're celebrating our 5th birthday today and the publishers of Christina Lauren's Beautiful Bastard series, Simon & Schuster, offered us a few books to give away! Beautiful Player, will be available on Oct. 29th but you can win a copy by knowing the answer to question 1 HERE, question 2 HERE and our next question...

Scavenger Hunt Question 3 (Oct. 2010- Oct. 2011):
What's the name of Rob's movie that premiered during this time?
Hint: April

We've made our scavenger hunt themed after our 5 ROBsessed years. There will be one question each day this week, and they will progress through the years. For example, our first question takes place from our birthday, Oct. 2008, to a year later, Oct. 2009. The next day, the question will take place between Oct. 2009 to Oct. 2010.

Scavenger Hunt Guidelines:
  • Hold on to your answers!
  • The next question will post, Thursday, Oct. 24th.
  • 3 winners will be drawn Sunday, Oct. 27th.
  • Contest is open to US/Canadian residents. A different, worldwide giveaway will be posted later today!
  • Have fun hunting and good luck!
Do you want to know more about Beautiful Player? Here is a synopsis for the final, full-length novel in the steamy Beautiful Bastard series:
 photo BeautifulPlayerjacketfinal.jpg
In the third book in the Beautiful Bastard series, an agreement between a venture capitalist and a bookish woman quickly becomes a very NSFW version of My Fair Lady.  
When Hanna "Ziggy" Bergstrom moves to New York City for graduate school, Will Sumner thinks his responsibilities to his best friend's nerdy little sister will be limited to the occasional dinner and check-in. Little does he know that Ziggy is ready to break out of her bookworm academic shell and move more into bombshell territory. Of course she figures the gorgeous womanizing venture capitalist, Will, is the best person to help mentor her in this new field of study: dating.  
Will takes on the challenge with more than a healthy does of skepticism and humor, but soon finds that Ziggy just needed a tiny push, not a world of change, to reveal a woman every man seems to notice. Soon "Ziggy" is gone and the unfiltered, innocently seductive Hanna Bergstrom is hijacking his dreams, his moods, and even his orderly, no-strings-attached dating life - beginning the night his mentoring activities move between the sheets. 
If you'd like to purchase/preorder any of the books here are the Amazon/AmazonUK links:


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