Robert Pattinson movie news! Updates for Queen of the Desert and Mission: Blacklist

Robert Pattinson movie news! Updates for Queen of the Desert, Mission: Blacklist and more!

UPDATE: The Rover will have a session (The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Case Study on Financing “The Rover”) at a conference in Melbourne this November. Click HERE to read about it and if you're interested in attending. We'll post any news that surfaces from the conference about The Rover.

 photo coolstuff.gifThe Rob films that are currently cooking are Queen Of The Desert, Mission: Blacklist, Hold On To Me and LifeHold On To Me remains on the back burner but still has positive buzz. Excerpt from
We don't know too much about this next project, but we're excited to see Mulligan alongside Robert Pattinson, who's well on his way to shedding that Twilight image. Oscar-winner James Marsh is directing the film, and it looks like we can expect good things.
Life is still on schedule for February 2014 as far as we know. Dane DeHaan was named one of the 10 actors to watch by Variety so it's great to see a future costar of Rob's attracting positive attention.

The latest movement is from Queen Of The Desert and Mission: Blacklist. Cassian Elwes, QOTD producer, tweeted about the possibility for a January 2014 start date:

We'll see how this holds up. The last update for Mission: Blacklist had a January 2014 start as well. Embankment Films has January 2014 on their website and an article from ScreenDaily, announcing the arrival of Sara May to Embankment, reported MB to be green-lit and financed for the new year:
Financed and green-lit for production next year are The Dressmaker starring Kate Winslet, and Mission Blacklist starring Robert Pattinson
So that's where we're at. Some juggling going on.
 photo tumblr_mtdkjdRJOM1qf3lw1o1_500.gif

Rob still seems on board with QOTD but now there appears to be a conflict of start dates with QOTD and MB. We'll keep you posted! When we know, you'll know.


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