UPDATE: More from Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme interview with Vogue Turkey

UPDATE: More from Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme interview with Vogue Turkey

We originally posted the interview HERE but now we have the remaining new questions and answers.

Not a bad start. Lets continue. 
The idea of reviving a classic perfume has very much caught my attention. Because the brands classic style has something appealing to men. Thats why when being together with Romain Gavras we dreamed of a sophisticated but also a little bit of a wild character. Doing what he wants to do, daring, a free spirited person. Not affected by fashion trends, going his own way this man definitely has an infinite energy. 

During the campaign you worked together with Nan Goldin, a provocative photographer. How was working with her? Did she give you instruction?
A lively person! In between the shooting when everyone was in a hurry she would never change have her 'no need to rush" attitude. Nan definitely lives by her own rules but I can't say that this is a directing attitude. One day when we shot on top of the roof it was very windy. Three people had to hold her but nothing discouraged her. We continued to do more dangerous things but we also enjoyed it very much.  Nan is until today the only free spirited person that I have ever seen. 

Who are the other inspirational directors?
It will always be Chris Cunningham. Jacque Audiard is another director with whom I would like to work together with for a long time. For young actors like me, he definitely is the best. Very understanding. When I saw his performance in Romain Duri's "the beat that my heat skipped", I thought strangely that he was very close to my own manly perception. Romain Duri's character is struggling but is not holding back his feelings everywhere. He thinks being sensitive doesn't mean being weak. He only learns how to listen. This film is a wonderful story about proving his maturity.

Source: Vogue Turkey | Via: DebbieDuroy


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