Dane Dehaan talks Robert Pattinson and LIFE, fans seeing Rob as a sexual being, buying groceries & MORE!

Dane Dehaan talks Robert Pattinson and LIFE, fans seeing Rob as a sexual being, buying groceries & MORE!

While doing some promo for LIFE, Dane Dehaan talked about working with Rob, encountering his...um...excitable fans ;) and more! Enjoy!

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Excerpt with Huffington Post:

What did you and Robert Pattinson do to create that bond James and Dennis shared?
It's an interesting bond because I don't really look at them as friends. I look at them as two artists who were both struggling in different ways, because they work in different ways, and they come across each other and they influence each other as artists. So while a lot of people are calling it a friendship movie, I don't really see the friendship part of it. It's not like Rob and I weren't friends, it's just I felt like that was the relationship we had probably because of the film. We hung out a couple of times outside of set, but other than that, it would be show up on set and really get to know each other through the process of making the movie as two artists who go about things in two different ways. And I think in that way, you don't have to "act" the relationship, you just allow it to happen on screen.


You've worked with some actors with huge fan bases, like Daniel Radcliffe and Rob Pattinson. Did you see all that come into play when you were on set with them? And are you fearful of that kind of fame yourself going forward?
I've worked with Shia LaBeouf too, and it manifests itself differently for all those guys. It's interesting because all those movies have a different target audience. People love Dan in this way where they want to hold him close, where with Rob, they just want to jump on him and make out with him -- there's this sexuality that goes along with Rob's fans where they're just sooo into him as a sexual being. And then Shia's fans are like, "You're the Transformer hero!" They all handle it different ways. Their lives are all more crazy than mine is. But am I scared of that happening?

Yeah, like for example, can you walk around without people noticing you?
Yeah, well, they don't not notice me but ...

It's not like you're attacked.
Right. I can go to the grocery store and people are like, "Hi, I really like you." And I'm like, "Thank you!" ... When we were filming "Life," I remember one day on set Rob was like, "I went to the grocery store for the first time in so long." And I was like, "OK?" I don't know. I don't really think about that stuff that much because it's sort of out of my control and I’m just really grateful that I get to do what I do.

Excerpt from The Wrap:

How was it starring opposite Robert Pattinson?
“It was good! He chooses to challenge himself and works with great filmmakers. I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make this film if Rob didn’t want to do it as well.”

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