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Robert Pattinson: I'm introverted
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Robert Pattinson reckons he is a bit of an introvert at heart - like his Twilight character Edward Cullen.

However the British actor admitted his friends don't always have the same opinion of him.

He revealed: "I'm sort of introverted. I mean I always think I'm introverted and then I find out from people that I've told them literally everything about my life within about two meetings so I can't be that introverted or I could just be really shallow." (Accompanying video is HERE:) We've seen it before but it's still cute)

The star added he enjoyed playing his character as a man of few words, though he found it a challenge.

"Too many scripts are explicit as to describing a character's emotions," he says. "One of the things I liked about Edward is he's very honest with himself. He's not frivolous with his words. In the script he says very little and whatever he does say is very much contrived."

He continued: "I thought it was quite daunting to go into something where so many people were saying he's literally the perfect person.

"But when it came down to it, it's just (author) Stephanie Meyer's idea. It's not actually the perfect person and people have different taste, so it wasn't that intimidating after a while."

Twilight is released in the UK on Friday.


Ellie said...

I'm loving the wild hair in the pic...I so want to run my fingers through it.

Kate said...


Gozde said...

Dude! They have Jerry Springer in Turkey! Hahahaha! Oh man! LMAO.

And Kate dear, you are luckier than the poor Turkish Twilight fans. The movie comes out in mid January here! Thank God I already saw it.

Dani said...

Oh Goz you post away babe. Robsession withdrawl be damned! And I love the pic on the 2nd post Genny did a beautiful job.

Gozde said...

Hi Dani {{waves}}.

I am exploring TV here. They have Ellen,Tyra all the late night shows (albeit 3 months delayed). But Jerry Springer killed me! I wish they had divorce court, that was my guilty pleasure, LMAO!

Ellie said...

Kate--Oops!I forgot that you hadn't seen the movie yet.. :o

Hi, Dani!
That pic of Rob in the clouds reminds me of God looking down from the heavens...And all is well with the world. :) (Okay, no, I'm not a Twimom or Twidiot or anything; I put my Robsession in perspective. And from where I see things, Rob's not God, but he's pretty damn near perfect! LOL

Gozde said...

Genny did a great job, she sent it as a banner but as you said Ellie, I thought it was too much of Jesus like :) Maybe we can put it up on a bad day, Rob looking upon us and smiling :P

Melissa said...

Ah! The picture at the top of this post is by far one of my favorites! Love the hair and the smile! Thanks for posting it again.

Ellie said...

Goz--I was hoping I wasn't the only one who thought that way... :)

Jerry Springer, huh? Makes you feel like you never left...except for Divorce Court, of course. LOL
But seriously, I hope you're settling in okay and the adjustment is smooth. Family is everything.

DirtyD said...

Morning ladies:) I'm in the midst of baking 10-12 dozen cookies, so I'll stop by later to chat. I hope everyone has a good day.

Lynn said...

Good morning, lovelies!

Hello, to Goz---glad to "see" that all is well with you and Istanbul. It sounds like you are acclimating pretty quick.

I have just begun looking at the newest picks and the banner is just lovely as always!

Lynn said...

I forgot to say that this pic is one of my favorites...Rob reminds me of Morrissey for some reason!

Gozde said...

{{Hi Lynn}}

I'm doing pretty good. There is some craptastic TV shows here and since I am under the weather I've been watching them all day :))

And of course God bless the internet :P

keely said...

It´s so nice to hear that you´re safe home, Goz! I was there in october and got addicted to the tv because of some turkish soapoperas, don´t ask *shameonme* But I still miss the city a bit...
Twilight release date in Germany was also the 15th of January, so we went over to the netherlands wehere they do no synchronisation. There was no way to wait longer ;-)
The pic ist awesome! More hair,please :-)
:-* Kee

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