Fear.Net Includes Robert Pattinson in Their Top 10 Twilight Horror Stars List

Fear.Net has a special list for Halloween. They listed the Top 10 horror movies the Twilight Saga stars appeared in and of course Rob got a mention. Don't watch the video if you are afraid of spiders :)

BONUS: Robert Pattinson in The Haunted Airman
We couldn't leave off without mentioning RPattz's one and only foray into the realm of spooks and spiders and creepy crawlies, could we? In this 2006 BBC film, Pattinson plays a wheelchair-bound WWII pilot who descends into madness while recuperating after the war. Released for the first time in the U.S. this month, The Haunted Airman is a must-see for you hardcore Pattinson fans, and one of the most demanding and sophisticated performances we think he's given.

Thanks to twmmy for the tip :)

Check out the whole list at Fear.Net and if you like scary movies I would highly recommend Hide and Seek (Dakota Fanning) and The Messengers (Kristen Stewart). Dakota scared the crap out of me at the end of the movie :))

And if you haven't seen The Haunted Airman:

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Kate said...

Ya had to put on the spiders!!LOL
I can handle "The messangers" and "Hide and Seek" (Loved it) Bobby was great in it but not those bloody spiders!!!

Kate said...

Oops meant messengers ;-)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

To me this is not a horror movie, just creepy...The spider in his hair freaked me out though..

I've never seen the messengers...scariest movie I've ever seen is The Strangers..seriously can not watch that one alone!

tudormyers said...

Yes, Rob should be on the top 10 list. I have seen The Haunted Airman and few times and Rob did a fantastic job. He had me in the movie with him, so when he was wanting to leave but found that he was trapped in his room, because the doors were locked, I wanted to go kick the doors down and get him out of there...save him :)

Kate said...
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Kate said...

I only saw "The Messengers" the other night missed the beginning of it but it's on again wednesday so I'll watch it then!
It's good, I enjoyed it, without giving too much away it reminded me a bit of "The Others". There's a lot of jumpy moments in it! Kristen was good in it.
I've never seen "The Strangers" must keep an eye out for it. If you get the chance to watch "The Messengers" do it's good!

Angie said...

RPG, is The Strangers the one with Liv Tyler? That movie scared the sh*t out of me! I can deal with supernatural horror movies, but real people doing unspeakable things to each other freaks me out.

My brother made me watch it! He thinks it is funny when I scream.

Angie said...

I got The Haunted Airman last week. Have yet to watch it in large part due to the spiders. Will try to get to it this week.

RPLover said...

crap, I started watching the clip, and it's ROB but I had to stop it! God, I can not stand spiders and then they had to go and make the creepy-crawly sound effects, too! just can't do it.

I hate horror films, I like suspense but I can't stand to even watch the trailers for ones like The Strangers or Funny Games or Hostel-there are so many of them and I don't know what people get out of them! YUK.

Now, if you'd put in the sex scene, before the killing portion of course, I wouldn't be taking the time to comment, I'd be too busy hitting replay! LOL

Anonymous said...

This movie scared the shit out of me! It's not that it's really scary.. it was the suspense. Plus spiders really creep me the eff out. like majorly. But Rob made me feel not so scared.. until the end of the movie hahaha.

Loved the Messengers too. Jodelle Ferland really creeped me out!

jmm4832 said...

I am sooooo grossed out by spiders. Always had a phobia about them. Sorry sweet sexy Rob, I'm sure you're great in the movie but can't watch!

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