InStyle Interview With Kristen Stewart - Update

*can opened worms everywhere!*

I promised an update on the InStyle Interview I posted 3 days ago. I got a response from the author. I am putting the email correspondence here word for word just because I promised.

Also some people seem to confuse InStyle with Life & Style. InStyle is a respectable fashion magazine, Life & Style is a tabloid.


Hello Mr. Renner,

I have one more question about your article if it's okay. You told me the interview was held in July yet your article says it's for Adventureland promos and describes Kristen's clothing from the day she was doing press for that movie. Which was in March not July. I am trying to be thorough about this. I am guessing you combined a couple of interviews?

Thank you so much for your time,

And the reply:

Hey there,

Yes, I interviewed Kristen a couple of times recently. The movie company wanted us to promote Adventureland first, that's why it's mentioned in the article. Most of the quotes used are from the recent interviews though.


The whole interview is behind the cut if you missed it... I know this won't make any difference 'cause people will believe what they WANT to believe but before getting all worked up about it sit back and try to think WHY you are getting so worked up :))

Oh and here's a manip that @Cyn_TR made for @MsJBell :)

Calmer now? :)

Keely scanned and translated the October 2009 Issue of InStyle Germany for us. It's on stands now, go and buy your copy :)

We contacted the author of the article, Andreas Renner to learn when this interview was conducted. He told us he talked to Kristen in July at Comic Con and in Los Angeles...

We are just posting the article, don't shoot us, the messenger :)

HQ Scans:

The rumors persist that you have an affair with your twilight castmate Robert Pattinson.

We get on well and became great friends while shooting. But beside Robert I found other new friends on the Twilight-Set, too. A lot of people don´t understand, that women and men actually can be just friends, without concerning a sexual connection.

There is nothing more about Rob in the interview but you can read the whole thing after the cut to learn more about Kristen. It is a great read.

Thanks Keely! :)

Beautiful & Shy

She is a star who actually didn’t want to be one. Kirsten Steward starred in independent films and played roles, with whom she wanted to cause consideration. But then she became a part of Twilight, the film version of Stephanie Meyers vampire saga, last year and found herself catapulted into Hollywood over night. A dream for every young actor, but the 19 year old is still struggling with the hype, which was brought to her with the vampire love story. At the interview for her current teenage comedy " Adventurland", which takes place in the " Four seasons hotel", Beverly Hills, she wears vampire dark black from top to toe: t-Shirt, vest, jeans- and initially seems shy. Still Kristen manages to relax a little minute by minute.

Due to the worldwide success of Twilight you are among the most questioned young actors in Hollywood. How does that feel?

Twilight changed my life a lot. The success opened me a lot of opportunities and I do get offered more great roles. The fan post is twice as much as before and it got difficult to run through a city without being recognized by someone. I´m inherently rather shy, and therfore not searching for the spotlight. Some people think my insecurity is arrogance. That´s not fair, but I learnt to deal with it.

The rumors persist that you have an affair with your twilight castmate Robert Pattinson.

We get on well and became great friends while shooting. But beside Robert I found other new friends on the Twilight-Set, too. A lot of people don´t understand, that women and men actually can be just friends, without concerning a sexual connection.

You must have been used to the public intrest by now, after all you are acting since your childhood days.
That´s right, I was spotted by an agent when I was 8 and got my first roles in Disney film productions. It had thrilled me to simulate other characters. I think, my interest in the show business developed so early because both of my parents are involved in filming, too. My father is a producer and my mom is a script writer- a job I would like to have, too.

You seem to be very mature for your 19 years.
I hear that a lot. When I was 14, people said I would talk like a 30-year-old. Spiritual persons even think I´m an old soul. Certainly I grew up faster than others my age, because I left school at the 7th grade for my acting career. And as a child star you are constantly surrounded by adults, that had an impact, too.

Are there actors you admire?
Jodie Foster. I had a part in her film " Panic Room", which was a great honour for me. Since than she´s my role model in many aspects. I would love to be like her. She´s not just a great actress, she also made a name for herself as a director, author and producer. But what I admire the most is her ability to defend her private life from the public.

But you already managed that, too. Compared to other young actors, you were never spotted in the famous nightclubs.
That´s not my cup of tea. I´m not a Hollywood girl. I dislike all this superficial affectations. I spend my free time with other things. I´m bookish and love reading. A couch and a good book is all I need. From John Steinback to Albert Camus- I read everything I can get. But I also enjoy going to dinner with my friends or chill with my family and organize evenings where we play games together.

What about shopping? Where do you like to go for that?
I don´t know, I buy things very spontaneously, when I see them during a walk around town. I don´t have a stylist who fits me. I want to be authentic and to be honest, I don´t care what kind of label a shirt has. I started to create an own t-shirt collection with my friend and co-star Nikki Reed, just for fun. It doesn’t have to get a major result.


Anonymous said...

I love, looove, LOVE his chest hair, his nipples, his navel, his happy trail! And so on...
Mother of God! Hold me! I need to lick that!

Oh shit! I have students around...

* sluuuuuurp...*

mya bluesky said...

love ur tag Gozde, "thicker skin" LOL..i agree with u about people believe what they want to believe :)
i do believe sometimes that robsten is real, but sometimes i think they just great friends

debbi said...


You run an amazing blog and it's terrible that people give you crap, particularly over this. I'm not sure why people get so worked up over this. It's frightening, really. Personally, I think there may be something more than friendship between them, but if they came out tomorrow and announced there wasn't, whatever. I fail to see how it matters in the grand scheme of things.

Keep up the great work. So many people appreciate it.

mya bluesky said...

BTW Rob's body with darker skin tone , OMG it's HOT.....

jmm4832 said...

That picture of Rob on the right is to die for!!

I'm done with the Robsten are they or aren't they talk.

rpattzgirl said...

Gozde, Dani & Kate,

We love you.

Enuff said.

Maryann said...

Unfreaking believeable that Gozde has to dig further into this than she already did but thanks STILL for getting the reply form the author and cudos to the author too for being so patient! Makes me like this interview (and i mean ALL OF IT period!!) even more. So again thanks Gozde for taking your time with this, and as always..your tags...just KILL ME! lmfao!

jake said...

Gozde, adventureland was released in Germany on july..that's the reason they talk about that movie!!

Mechevpao said...

WOW the manip is weird, but I like his chest looking more natural skin color and the idea of him in just a towel.. Yummy ;)

It is good to see that you took your time and backed up the info you´ve got in the first place, and now for a second time; sadly I think people would find an "excuse" to invalidate this or act aggressive toward people expressing different. I wonder many times, why this robsten, nonsten or whatever is so important to some.

Anonymous said...

"Dear God, it's me again... yeah, yeah, I know, I've been asking for the same thing over and over...
But, tell me: did you give it to me???
Not 10 minutes (alone) with him! Not even a minute!
So, do not complain again!...

(*taps foot...*): "Dear God!! I am still waiting for my Robert!"

Twilusted said...

Lol, that manip is awesome!

Anonymous said...

BTW: I don't care a thing for the Robsten theme!
I just wanna enjoy looking & drooling (and fantasizing) at this amazing proof of God's existence: Mr. Robert Pattinson.

Gozde, Kate & Dani! Thanks a lot for the wonderful daily drops or gorgeousness. You girls rock!

Twilusted said...

Your blog is amazing Goz and don't believe otherwise. Those haters are jealous of how thoroughly you report Robert Pattinson news. I am indebted to you for your commitment to this blog. ::boobiehugs::

xLove2rpatzzx said...

Tht is just the most beautiful thing on this planet ;))

Anonymous said...

Gozde RULES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

gozde, am i right?
im not being rude but just 1 question u dont really like kristen,don't you?anyway i know this is all about robert(thats why its called robsessed, but really why post this?u never seem to care about kristen(ever)

WinWin said...

Goz, that shower pic left me speechless. Not sure if a like. how did they remove vampire pale?

Thank you for always bringing us Rob goodies. From people mentioning him to all photoshoots and interviews. It all about Rob.

WinWin said...

Mech *hugs* what's up? miss you!

leftcoastpunkrocker said...

"Most of the quotes used are from the recent interviews though." (MOST OF THEM) And this right here ends the entire debate.

Ε said...

I think dear Gozde, you, before all, should listen to your own words! You freak out for no reason, when sth as a simple manip comes out! Like that's what's gonna bring Rob&Kris together. You detest every single article that has them both in it, calling them or implying they are a couple! You read to much in the author's 1st e-mail, hoping he got the denial quote from CC, which as you can make out from the way the article is edited, was probably during the Adventureland promotion. Nobody knoes 100% if they're hooking up or sunotre, but it looks like it. So my question is, if you love Rob so much, why do you freak out with the possibility of him having a reltionship with Kristen? Thanks in advance, for posting my thoughts!

Allegra5 said...

Gozde, maybe YOU should sit back and think about why it was so bloody important for you to chase down this reporter yet still not manage to get a definitive answer about the date of Kristen Stewart's non-denial.

By the way, if you're posting non-Robert interviews on the pretext that even a mention of his name warrant it, shouldn't you also post Kristen's Allure interview in which she says that she doesn't want to talk about anything private or related to her relationship with Robert?

Gozde said...

ktin13: I love Kristen! I say I love Kristen ALL the time. She is a tough 19 year old, I even respect her.

Thanks for the support ladies. I can't win so I'm letting go :))

Jeswah said...

Gozde, I read your blog at least 4 times a day, I love it, it's the best Rob site online. Don't let people give you crap! You rock!

I agree - who gives a crapsten! Seriously enough already, I really don't care if they are, aren't, where, might be, could be....

There I feel better now :)

Tina said...

wow that picture of Rob on the right side!!! holy smokes he is so hot there! love the darker skin tone and the towel!! goodness i cant stop staring! oh and Gozde I love this blog! one of most often visited one!!! keep up the great work!

Pandora said...

Oh the Robsten supporters are in da house!

*leans back to watch*

Marna said...

I feel like I've missed something somewhere, but why are people giving Gozde all this crap? If you don't like the blog content, then don't come here. This isn't a business, it's Gozde's blog which means she can say whatever she wants. Go start your own blog if you don't like what you read, but don't annoy the people who do enjoy the content.

Mechevpao said...

Hugs Win, miss you too!!

Ok, a couple of minutes later and people are questioning this site, hahaha. They always posted things related to Robert, it is called Robsessed, and anything related to Robert, includes gossip, interviews, pics of him and people mentioning him; so if Kristen mentions him she is posted, just like in this InStyle mag. The Allure interview is a good one for her but she isn´t mentioning Robert; the interviewer does, questioning her about all the gossip that talk about her relationship with Michael Angarano and Robert; she chooses not to talk about it, because she says it would add once again, another story out there... another story about her private life, weather it is about Michael or Robert.

Seriously, right before this quote in this interview, you were not questioning Gozde or Dani or Kate; but now since what was posted, was not pleasant, they get attacked; how low is that..

What is the big deal? if they are or aren´t together? if they are confirming or denying it? if they talk about it or stay hush?... Please, invest time questioning the veracity in economical articles or politics articles, those are the ones that affect; not this stuff in entertainment world, that it is just for entertaining.

monika said...

wow unbiased really? lmao

And where exactly does the author say the exact non-denial comes from 'recent interviews?'

The MOST RECENT interview she did was for Interview magazine( it's from August), faaaaaaaar more creditable than some german magazine.
And what did she say there?

That she doesn NOT talk about her private life to anyone.

And there was no personal questions allowed at Comic Con, how many times does it need to be repeated?
Just fucking watch the press conference with the trio, what did Summit represetative say? Please no personal questions or some shit like that.

People believe what they want to believe?


This still doesn't prove you actually got the response from the authore, could have written it yourself.

I don't understand, why the need to contact the author, when it clearly states when and where the interview was conducted?

Maryann said...

UNBELIVEABLE!! *shakes head*

OK first of all since WHEN have Gozde dissed Kristen? And just cos she is havin this "if he doesn't shag me I don't care" mantra doesn't mean she HATES articles with both Rob and Kristen in them, she hates GOSSIP mags with them in and yet she posts them with the tags "A LOAD OF CRAP" cos quite frankly they are! So before claiming she hates articles with R&K in them read what she writes before making such accusations please.

Sheesh, you'd think this was about life or death or something while it is just an ARTICLE where Gozde is posting the content from yet she went out of her way to verify the info even further as promised. She cannot win can she. Well Gozde atleast you are in good company cos neither can Rob or Kristen it seems.....

And I forgot to mention the manip..LOVE it *drools* :-D.

Mechevpao said...

Monika, are you mad at something dear? hahahahahaa

monika said...

"if he doesn't shag me I don't care"

this query into KStew's interview from March totally contradicts this shit.

lmao Can't believe some people still think some german magazine would get the scoop over Allure,Interview,Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair etc.
The only 'recent' interviews Kristen did are, like I said, from Interview(august) and Allure(june). In both she refused to discuss her personal life.
And we won't get the deets in Harper's Bazaar either.

Haystackhair said...


Haystackhair said...


monika said...

@mechevpao, poor you, still clinging on to hope Rob will come knocking at your door and profess his undying love for you?
Can't take he's getting it on with a talented and beautiful teenager instead of some crazy ass cougar? lol

Teri said...

MONIKAs back again spewing the Hate.

We don't care about the Robsten rumors. Gozde thanks for going back and asking the author.

People please for the love of Rob lets just all get along.

GOZDE I only visit your blog now b/c I find half of the time the other blogs I visit are referencing robsessed anway.

Kudos to Gozde, Dani, and Kate. Love em or Leave em they are always fair.

Babs said...

I must have missed something (as usual)...
Anyway I like McSteamy Rob!

jmm4832 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

My comment got deleted it seems.
Anyways I was saying it is most certain that he is getting some A$$ every night, i guarantee it i doubt it's kristen since she has said they are just friends, but he is getting his groove on with some lucky lady indeed.

Also Gozde, quick question
this is a robsessed fan site why the need to put that girls name here, I can envision you cackling away as you post this, it's not a pretty sight. I think it's very wicked queen of you since most of us are here for the Rob pics.No?

Yes :)

ADM said...

Here is what you really need to concern yourself with, monika and anyone else slinging their shit around...

What is so wrong in your life that you need the validation from all Robsessors, that you are right?

I find this very interesting and a little sad.

Gozde said...

Guys excuse my language:


How's that for being real? I told you to go away 100 times and you keep coming back. There are other places you can infect with your presence.

I'm going to delete every comment you make from now on. You have LONG lost your welcome here.

Gozde said...

Arielique: I haven't deleted anyone's posts! why would you lie about that? I don't censor. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I didn't even delete Monika's posts.

WinWin said...

Mech, what's going on here? Hugs back.

Are we being called pathetic and in denial again? This is Robsessed right?

Monika, you need to back off!!!

Goz, you rock and we love you!

RPlover said...

SERIOUSLY. I have had enough of this shit. If you don't care for what Gozde has to say, LEAVE. Go find another blog or start your own. GET OUT OF HERE, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.

Gozde, Kate, Dani, once again thank you for all you do in running this blog. Know that you are appreciated and loved by many. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it got eaten up, my computer is kind of ancient I must confess.

But pretty please more Robbie pics, and can we ban that "girls" name. Please?

StephsLegit said...

I think everyone needs to leave Gozde alone. Whether you all think she has a bias or not, respect her. She moderates for this site. she remains neutral and delivers the facts and not just the opinions. Whether we like Kristen or not. Like Robsten or not. Either way, we have no way of knowing what really goes on. I have a lot of respect for the moderators. Gozde got the truth straight from the authors mouth. What is wrong with that? Nothing. She wanted to know something, so let her inquire!

She has been debunking rumors because that is exactly what they are just RUMORS. I believe rob & kris to be together, but that an intutitive thing. There has been no confirmation only pictures that allude to something going on. Goz posts the picks and has neutral comments or debunks those that can be proven to be false. Give the girl some credit!! She works hard to maintain this site. I'm sure she has an opinion just like everyone else, but to be fair she has remained neutral.

Love you Goz!

Gozde said...

Oh and again Arielique: I post what Alex Meraz says about Rob, noone has an objection to that. I post what Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene says about Rob...and still crickets... So WHY do you object to me putting what Kristen says about Rob on the blog?

God, you guys are impossible...

Anonymous said...

@ monika ~

Did you forget your meds???

StephsLegit said...

Goz just keep doing what you are doing. I personally love and respect you for it. If they have an opinion let it just be that. I think you remain neutral and you do a wonderful job with this site and same to Kate and Dani

RPlover said...

you tell 'em, Goz!! monika, just STFU.

oh, and ps-the new banner is totally drool-worthy! lol, thanks :)

monika said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Because she has tons of sites dedicated to her already, and this site is about Rob.

I really didn't read what Nikki said, she's rarely mentioned and I like that.

WinWin said...

I agree with Teri. Let's just all get along and love the Rob goodies.

I don't care what you're position is. I love you all because we are here to share the Rob goodness.

Be nice!!!

Sorry for losing my composure. Mech I couldn't stand you being bullied.

jmm4832 said...

I don't understand what the problem is here. If you don't like or agree with what Gozde posts, then DON'T COME HERE. It's as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

(*crying like a little girl...*):

"I don't have a Rob pillow to hug!..."


Gozde said...

Thanks guys, I feel the love :)

StephsLegit said...

It's fair to say the majority of us believe them to be together. I stared believed it with the mtv movie awards and then when kris was spotted at his hotel early in the AM the day after he flew into LA from NY. It was the turning point for me. I just run on intuition.

If you really think about it, there has been no denial or confirmation. The only "truth" has been sold through gossip mags. I do believe there is some truth to every story. It will come out eventually. All lies end up getting aired eventually.

Goz posts neutral posts and doesn't allude its readers to sway one way or another. If its Rob related it is posted. That is it. Let it be

WinWin said...

Hugs, crazy vamp.

I don't have a Rob pillow either. *sniffs*

Mechevpao said...

monika said...
@mechevpao, poor you, still clinging on to hope Rob will come knocking at your door and profess his undying love for you?: my answer to you monika:no darling!, I don´t, I´m far away from his usual rout, so he won´t come knocking on my door anytime, but I have no problem watching his hotness or reading his interviews.

Can't take he's getting it on with a talented and beautiful teenager instead of some crazy ass cougar? lol... my answer; dear Monika the fact of him banging a teenager or a thirty something or what ever is his private matter, all sexual related to him I would see him in character playing a scene, not related to his real RPIVATE LIFE; ; and honey, I´m not cougar; I´m just a young 26 years old.

Is this your best attack Monika; to call me and old lady that wants to get Rob.. hahaha Monika, try harder!! Hahahaha

Gozde said...

Thanks StephsLegit. I used to say I don't buy into Robsten but I stopped that LONG ago. I never say they are not together, neither do I say they are together 'cause I DON'T KNOW.

If people want me to make shit up like Ted they will get old waiting 'cause I won't :)

ADM said...

Gozde that is why most of us are here!

Thank you.

Mechevpao said...

Gozde, don´t worry, look were the "insults" come from, this attacks clearly have no validation at all.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I'm forty-something... am I a cougar? What is a "cougar"???
Sorry, english is not my 1st tongue...

WinWin said...

Hugs, mech.

There are a lot of us that don't see the "epic love" like some. We don't really care. We are fans of Rob and his career. We are not pining for him. It infuriates me when insults are thrown. It's not our life. If they want us to know then fine. If they don't, so what. I'm still buying a ticket to his next movie. I personally don't care if they are dating, getting married, having babies. I visit this blog for Rob photos and updates.

Respect people!

jmm4832 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You are so right in this.
They are the only ones that know what is going on (and some of their friends and family, maybe).
Anyway, who really cares?
I don't, since I am not getting any... :(

This will come out eventually. Right now? No, it is not keeping me from my beauty sleep... :)

rosa said...

God, why does it get so ugly in here sometimes? Grown ass women need to act grown ass! lol

The interview was a great interview and everyone's going to decipher her answers differently. they aren't conclusive one way or another. Nothing either of these two say is ever conclusive to be honest. There have been no direct denials or confirmations for months now.

And i'll say it again, it's by design. Everyone is TOO invested in them being together or not being together.

So, whatever the nature of their relationship is, they aren't going to give a definitive answer so they don't have to deal with all the after effect shit, not just for them personally but professionally as the heads of a franchise.

They can't make everyone happy, unfortunately, poor kids.

Mechevpao said...

Hugs Win.. there is a good reminder there!!.. the importance is t buy tickets for his next movie/s, not for whatever he is doing in his private life.

It is true we re all curious of it, because we like the "guy" not only the "actor", but there should be a line for respect; because one things wanting to know, another different is grabbing bits here and there and speculating about it.

Marna said...

Holy Crap! What the hell is going on here? Who are all these haters? It's a friggin' blog for God's sake. Just get over it already & go somewhere else.

Gozde said...

Exactly Rosa! Exactly!

rpattzgirl said...


Here' what you need to do....have people take an IQ test before they're allowed to post a comment on YOUR blog....

Monika, Dazzle, & the likes..they would all fail and then we wouldn't have to read their shit.

since you don't delete thei comments, we just have to wade through the piles & piles of shit the continue to post here.

All we can do is laugh at them, and talk shit...

We know how it really is here, and you know we support the blog1

riley said...

I'm not a shipper by any means, I wanted him to hook up with Christian Serrantos instead! lol

But I do think they given multiple indications that they are either total bffs or something more in the last months.

And when I read how she answered the Robert question, i couldn't help but think her answers are mirroring Robert's these days in terms of giving nonanswers to questions regarding their private life.

She did not answer the question directly. She offered a hypothetical, and she then redirected the subject by talking about all her friends on the set.

Robert's used similar language to give nonanswers to his private life too, he's just more charming at it!lol

These are common techiniques of deflection, using humor, using hypotheticals, answer questions you want to answer, even if it's not the question you were asked! Think about the VP debates last year--Sarah Palin used all these techniques herself pretty well.

I understand why some would think this was a direct denial, even if I don't.

bonemama said...

RPG comes to save the day! i was wonderin when you were gonna get here!

Teri said...

We love you Gozde, Dani, and Kate. Keep doing what you're doing, because WE LOVE IT!!

In Rob We Trust :)

rpattzgirl said...

I was in transit between work & home..WTF?

How does this shit blow up in such a short amount of time? Gozde can kick their asses all on her own...but I just gotta get my 2 cents in as well!

What is wrong with people?

jmm4832 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thirtysomething said...

dude......that banner is SMOKIN'!

goz still ♥ you more than evah!

monika: here's a dime, buy a clue.

Gozde said...

LOL @ the IQ test. I'm thinking IQ test + sarcasm test is required :)

Riley, I agree they got really good at deflecting questions ;)

I love you all too. Thanks for always being so nice towards us. Hope we never disappoint you :))


rosa said...

Thanks Godze!

And yes, Riley, that's how I see it personally. just a hunch though, nothing more.

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

I haven't posted in here in a while, but I had to step in and say that some of you should be ashamed. I don't always agree with what Goz posts, but it's HER blog. It's just a blog (altho a very good one, lol) and if YOU believe that "Robsten" exists, why does it matter if she post something that supports your theory or not? Why does anything that could possibly be construed as "Nonsten" make some of you throw temper tantrums?
Talk about emotionally invested.

And don't give me that crap that I'm lusting for Rob or whatever - I'm happily married and have no time for that line of crap. I'm just a fan and the reason the Robsten crap annoys me is not because I don't want them together but because right now, IMO it's hurting his career. He's becoming known for that and tabloid fodder, and there is a pretty vocal group to thank for that.

And at the end of the day, it doesn't matter to Rob or Kristen what ANY of us think, and their private lives are none of our business.

However, Goz, Kate and Dani put a lot of time and effort to bring YOU as much Rob info as they can, so instead of throwing childish temper tantrums, try to be a bit more grateful. If you don't like it, don't read it and move on to the next.

Anonymous said...

Deeply sorry to interrupt you, guys, but... I went out there to check on that manip again...

OMG! Did you notice that the towel shows a little more of his delicious happy trail? Manip or not, this made my day.


I come here to drool... *smile*
not to fight!

Golnaz said...

Ive learned one big thing reading the posts to Gozde, both shippers and nonshippers can get nasty. Extremes on both sides are to blame imo for ruining what is supposed to be fun community for Rob fans to come and chat.

The reality is none of us know the truth. Shippers dont. Non-shippers dont. I dont. Gozde doesnt. No one does. And we all are speculating because neither Rob or Kristen has denied or confirmed it. I dont e even get why people are getting worked up over this one quote, because Kristen is not denying anything. In fact, in their most recent high profile interviews (Allure, Interview for Kristen, Rob hasn't had a big one in a while) they have gone out of their way to say its no ones business if they are or not. So as fans of theirs let us respect their wishes.

I love Rob! I love Kristen! Its obvious by now that these two are incredibly close, whether they are a couple or just best friends who cares. Im glad they have someone to go through the craziness with.

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

Riley - I see it the same way, but I don't necessarily think it's because they're together. I think there are other reasons involved.

RPlover said...

@ Stacy-well said!!

WinWin said...

Hugs, Stacy.

ITA, just go out there and buy your New Moon tickets and HA, HTB and LA dvds. This is what we should be doing as fans. Not speculating on their private lives.

Goz, Dani (Congrats, btw) and Kate for keeping us informed of everyhting int he Rob universe.

Sweet Rob hugs and kisses for all!

Golnaz said...

And Gozde, you dont have to justify yourself to anyone. Heck, even if you wanted to promote Nonsten, thats your prerogative, its your blog. And this is coming from a huge believer that Rob/Kristen are definitely a couple. Thank you for always keeping us up to date on all Rob news:) Love!

rpattzgirl said...

Stacy, Long time no hear from!

God, last night everyone had fun here, and then today the crazies are back...just gotta laugh at them, and their sad lives.

Teri said...

crazy_vamp you are too cute. Yes I did notice and WOWWWWWWWWW!!

Gozde said...

Muah! Thank you :))

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

RPlover - thanks!

Win - hugs back. You know how I feel;)

Rpattzgirl - Hi! Glad you guys had fun last night. I've been wrapped up in the fic and trying to stay away from some of the craziness, but I had to say something in defense of Goz & Co.

Maryann said...

I think these obsessed and crazed Robsten fans needs to hang out at a ROBSTEN blog, thanks, and leave the sane fans who either support Robsten or doesn't give a crap to have fun here. And yes I do know Robsten fans who ARE sane and wonderfu too :-D.

I hope Gozde, Dani or Kate removes this monika person's posts cos first they make no sense, second she is being beyond freaky with her Robsten obsession and her obsession with forcing ppl to be as convinced she is over this...whatever. Go somewhere else please!

WinWin said...

rpg, last night was fun. I miss that about this blog. Too much gossip and not enough fun. : )

Anonymous said...

@ Teri ~
Isn't that just delicious?

I will bet monika and the other haters did not notice... what a waste of Rob/time!!

"In Rob we trust" ~ that is a good one, Teri... is in my dictionary now.

katie said...

Why would anyone even get worked up with this interview? If anything I think it would have emboldened hardcore shippers.

I'm too lazy to google robert, I come here because the owners of this blog do the hard work for me. How can you get mad at them for doing the work for you?

Teri said...

I have too much fun on this blog sometimes. My DH is like "are you coming to bed anytime soon?" and I always say "in a bit hon."

3 hours later still at it.

rpattzgirl said...

Ok, well we just need to come back tonight, when the guards have called
LIGHTS OUT, and everyone's been medicated, then we can go back to having fun.

Rose said...

Lord knows I'm liking the whole Rob/Kristen thing. But guess what? I can still come here... be civil... and still love Goz!!!

It is the extreme lunatics from both sides of this debate that have made this topic so ridiculous.

I don't understand why people aren't allowed their opinions. Why some think that its OK to attack and name call to get their point across.

Goz. You know how I feel about you.
Stay strong sweet darling.
This too... shall pass.

Gozde said...

I don't want to seem like I am censoring opinions that don't match with mine. That's why I'm not deleting Monika's comments but from now on, I told her she's not welcome, I will delete every post she makes even if they say : Gozde, I love you, you are so right and I am so wrong.

LOL :)

Karina said...

Stacy's spot on. I would have thought people who were pro r/k would have enjoyed this interview, and the allure interview and the interview interview.

And I agree with Riley, these kids may have hated media training in the beginning, but I think they've learned that it can work in their favor when the shit hits the fan!lol Three cheers for media readiness!

Teri said...

@crazy_vamp, I bet Monika didn't see it either. Too busy spewing hate.

@MaryAnn, I told her to go to robsten on Friday when she started her sh**. Obviously, she didn't like my suggestion.

@rpattzgirl, you rock my world I can always count on you for a laugh.

Anyway, the only Rob movie I haven't seen yet is How To Be and I am dying to get my hands on it. I have read that its absolutely hilarious.

rpgirl27 said...

1) Goz-you are a goddess and don't let anyone tell you differently-I ALWAYS think that you are quite fair in delivering the Robnews to us!
2) I am firmly don't-give-a-crapsten and I just refuse to debate this topic as NONE of us truly know the answer and we won't until R/K confirm it(if that even ever happens)....and I will still not give a crap
3) a FEW of the "ladies" around here could give the fanfic Jessica's and Lauren's a run for their money in the level of hatred and vitriol they spew forth-this is Goz's blog, not a high school girls' locker room- at least attempt to not behave like rabid bitches, this is supposed to be fun/entertaining, try to see it that way or find a new hobby-preferably one not involving contact with the outside world...
errr...okay I'll shut up now and go back to viewing Rob's lovely*cough*assets....

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

Karina, thanks:) But I would say that those interviews you mention personally give me serious doubts about the likelihood of "Robsten."

That aside, they were good interviews from both of them, which is what it should all be about.

apprenticeinc said...

hey gozde,

i don't buy the "robsten" stuff either.

i try to stay with this...

kris staying at rob's hotel in L.A. so what? that doesn't mean they are hooking up.

i stay at my friend micki's house too till all hours so i must be "doin" him too. true or false. lol

if you guys saw me comin out of his house at 2 in the morning. what would you all say about me?

i try to stay with that.

i feel really bad for michael though.

everybody's telling him that he's a loser and for kris to dump him for rob.

what was wrong with michael angarano?

he's got an italian background, good lookin.

i don't think that people have any right to call michael a loser, just because we cream our panties for rob doesn't mean we should put other people down.

now, PLEASE don't throw tomatoes at me for this.

but ... what are robert's intentions when it comes to girls?

do any of us really know that?

what kind of ... guy is he?

i mean, was he nice to the girls he dated? did he try to get them to do stuff that they didn't want to do?

i know he's good lookin and sexy and all that, but that's not what i look for in a boyfriend.

i want to know what his character is like.

i mean, if he was datin a girl who was a virgin would he respect that?

the impression i got from rob's GQ interview was that he didn't believe in loving just one person for the rest of his life. i do believe in that. i have always believed in that.

sorry for the novel.
just sayin...

Golnaz said...

Karina, i definitely agree. I think if anything the last couple interviews with from Allure/Interview and this one and the way Kristen answers them are pro R/K if anything. So i dont get it. I dont for one second think Kristen is the type of person who wants to keep people guessing to build up curiousity about them and New Moon. If anything shes brutally honest in interviews. I really think if there was nothing going on, she would come out and say it (like she did in the past when she was obviously dating M.O.) I definitely think something has changed since July, and we have not gotten one straightforward denial from her since.

But again, who cares. At the end of the day, its their business. If they wanted us to know they would tell us.

Gozde said...

apprenticeinc : I do love Michael Angarano :) I have a soft spot for that guy :)

Robaholic said...

Goz-thanks for all of the hard work you do in maintaining this blog, I've always thought you've been fair and unbiased in the Rob info you provide, that's why I always start my day with a little dose of Robsessed :0)Keep up the good work.

Karina said...

stacy: well, if you are shipper, and she doesn't directly deny, I'm thinking they find that a victory. lol

Me? I think it's business as usual as it has been for months now. No denial, no confirmation. Since this limbo they've put themselves in has wreaked havoc on their personal lives for months now, I tend to think the limbo implies something's going on, but it may be to fledgling or casual to even bother addressing yet, given they front the franchise.

Or else Kristen is with Nikki and Robert is with Kellan. hahaha

gracefulgrace said...

monika, I love you girl Haha!

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

Karina - I agree with you there on the reaction if it's not a direct denial.

I guess for me, Rob's comments in Seventeen and K's in Allure made it seem as though nothing was going on and they thought the idea was funny. I def think they have a close friendship - that's obvious.

And ... to play devil's advocate, even if there isn't anything going on, I don't think we're going to GET a straight denial. IMO, they're very aware of the rumors now, and I would guess SUMMIT is aware of the large shipper community. Many of you may disagree, but I think it could be bad for business if they directly deny before NM drops, I honestly think it could affect opening weekend. I'm sure some of the hardcores would eventually see it, but ... there could be a big backlash from a large group of people. That's just my opinion.

And honestly, I think K's silence and comments about her personal life have more to do with what happened with MA than anything, but I could be wrong.

I think there may be more of these types of articles - and again, IMO, they ARE addressing rumors - and they are hoping they will speak for themselves. Of course, they prolly know that people are going to believe what they want to, anyway.

Teri said...

Kellan does know he slaps. J/K.

anna F said...

Well, it's a shame that people get so worked up with the whole thing... Once again, you girls rock: Gozde, Dani and Kate!

I thought that some people believed they were together before the end of the NM shoot in Vancouver (the cab pic and birthday pics were supposed to be the first proof, and some pic at a friend's concert).
Well actually, the speculation had started even earlier, after the beginning of the twilight buzz, right?
The Robsten timeline is quite blurry, even for those who believe that they are together.

I find matching those type of statements (which dates are always vague) with that blurry Robsten timeline very difficult anyway...

And since it doesn't really matter in the end, I can wait untill the truth comes out (whether a new statement from them, or a pic of them together/them with another significant one).

I'll go watch Rob's movies, which is the most important part of robsessing~ (along with seeing/reading amazing interviews)

solas said...

OK--Here I am, looking to understand things again; please don't throw things. I'm truly looking for perspectives on why people care about whom Rob is dating, 'shagging' (I would've gotten my mouth washed out for that word!), marrying,etc. My perspectives, from my own fields of reference (psychology and experience)are: 1- It isn't my business; I admire his work and find him beautiful, in many ways, but as a very private person, cringing with the idea of anyone knowing or even wondering, let alone discussing and arguing about, about my love/physical life, I turn away from and close my mind from thinking about anyone else in that way. 2- I want him to be happy, and love and/or physical relationship usually makes someone, esp a 23 year old male, happy. Limitation on that-- when I see grotesquely skanky (see, I learned a new word here!)'women' near him or after him, I want him to run from them--not for myself at all, just for his well-being. Mother as I am,I would want only the best for my child and other people's children as well, and would only want someone good enough for him. --3-Deep down there is the phantasy among some girls/women that you will be the 'one' and so you need to know if he is available for you, or if not, who the competition is, so you can either work on making yourself to be that desireable, or G-d forbid eliminate her and clear the path.
Other than those, I cannot figure out why it is SUCH a huge issue and topic; why it is anyone's business. Can anyone clarify? Thanks.

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

Solas - great post. I have my own opinions as to why people are so invested, but if I posted them here it would prolly start WWIII, lol.

Like I said in an earlier post, my issue is the potential damage all of the gossip is doing to Rob's career.

rpgirl27 said...

"And ... to play devil's advocate, even if there isn't anything going on, I don't think we're going to GET a straight denial. IMO, they're very aware of the rumors now, and I would guess SUMMIT is aware of the large shipper community. Many of you may disagree, but I think it could be bad for business if they directly deny before NM drops, I honestly think it could affect opening weekend. I'm sure some of the hardcores would eventually see it, but ... there could be a big backlash from a large group of people. That's just my opinion."

I think you are spot on w/ that assessment Stacy-business is business and they aren't going to risk having any kind of backlash which would affect turn out for the film

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

rpgirl - thanks! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.

Honestly, when people say that "somethings changed" since Spring, I really think the PERCEPTION of them is what's changed, because that's when everything started going crazy, and they've reacted to that.

Anyway, I just think that if R or K denied right before opening weekend, there could be huge repercussions for it, at least in the short term, and it's not worth the risk for all parties involved.

And if R/K know what's going on, whatever that is, they're probably cool with fans thinking whatever they want.

Teri said...

@Solas, I agree with Stacy.

I also think that it becomes an issue on this blog b/c instead of "some" people just expressing their opinions they CHOOSE to attack the reputation of the blog and the blog owner. That's why here on this blog it becomes an issue b/c one way or another most ppl here adore this blog and GOZDE, DANI, and KATE for all their hard work. At the end of the day we all may have varying opinions about the Robsten issue but we really don't care one way or another.

LuvnRobAllDay said...

Who in the hell has their head on straight enough to read ANYTHING after that towel pic? LOL! DROOLING, *thudding*, *poofing*, I.AM.DIED.

Stacy (who loves the Nikes) said...

Right, Teri:) That's why I came out of lurkdom today, because the attitude towards the blog is completely out of line.

xLove2rpatzzx said...

I havent been part of this blog very long, but the time i have been here ive loved it! There is no other blog tht gives me sooo much up 2 date news and extremely gorgeous pics of mr rpattz! I love coming here and feeding my ROBsession and sharing it with the other great people tht post here!

I really dont understand why some people have 2 be so bitter and pathetic. If you dnt like wot is posted then bugger off n let the ones tht do enjoy it!!
My short amount of time here and i think Gozde, Kate and Dani do amazing jobs and never fail in making those who appreciate it, happy!
God bless u ladies :)))

Robaholic said...

Agreed Teri, Stacey...We all have varying opinions (Solas-I probably find myself identifying most with reason
no 2 :0) about the Robsten issue. But really, at the end of the day, I definitely don't care one way or the other, I'm just here to support Rob and his career and add a little fun to my boring work days.

Gozde said...

Once again, thank you guys :)) The positives outweigh the negatives by a lot and that warms my heart :))

By the way I made 2 new posts. Let's just move on from this nasty topic ;)

rpgirl27 said...

"Perception" is definetly the key word there Stacy- we all have preconceived notions and we develope our perceptions based on photographic evidence/video and written interviews of people we don't know, whose lives we are not truly involved in, and therefore we can NOT acurately judge this material.
Marketing people know this and use it to their advantage...we are basically kids who want to eat Trix for breakfast 'cause we saw a commercial on tv...
everybody just wants the fantasy whether it be Robsten or Nonsten... and the marketing people (if they are any good) are going to cater to both because everyone likes a good mystery and everyone wants to have a theory-it keeps everyone interested-that's why cliffhangers are a basic literary tool
but I trust no one and I like to compare many channels of information...that either makes me a smart cookie or a paranoid, I guess I'm alright with either of those lol!

Anonymous said...

"twitches nose and makes all negative bloggers turn to toads"

there you go Godzes, all better babe :) Love ya!

Gracie said...

Gozde, Dani, & Kate

The Rob girls love you. heard Gozde "GET DA STEPPIN". These guys do a wonderful job of trying to bring us Rob news and give us the truth. If you don't like what you see here then GO AWAY!!!!

Gozde and Rob lovers you all ROCK.....

StephsLegit said...

I think we should just all take time to appreciate this site. Not many sites and by many I mean no other sites actually promote the truth. Whether you believe what the tabloids say or not, no one knows besides friends and family. You all should appreciate the fact that Goz took the time out to find out the trtuh regarding the interview and takes time to debunk things that can be proven false.

Whether you think she has a bias or not so be it. Let her have one if it is her own opinion. We are all allowed to have one, but at least be respectful of the moderators. It takes time to upload pictures and well as to elabortae on what we are seeing, then to remain neutral, and to actually try and find an answer to a question we all have.

Appreciate the fact that someone understands us as fans enough to give us the facts ad not just fraudulent gossip. She works hard, Kate and Dani too. Just please bare that in mind before you say something. If you do not like how this site is run than that is fine, and if you have the time create your own. Really think about what you are saying because no other website offers and unbiased opinion or the truth for that matter (or as much as the truth that is made available).

We all want Rob for ourselves and we are all fans It shows just by how passionate we get via blog comments. We may all have different opinions, but we all have Rob in common. I think even Rob can appreciate this site and the same for Kristen for at least posting the facts.

Kelly said...

And yet.. still... I don't care.

Here's what I care about...

What time is he picking me up for drinks.. that's what I care about.. beyond that.. whatever the hell he wants to tell me while we are having drinks...or after that..

Just tell me what time to be ready for drinks and we're good....

Karina said...

Stacey-to me, the interviews seemed to deflect from a direct answer, and there could be various reasons for that.
RE: promoting the film

My guess honestly, nothing more, is that Summit had a good thing last promotional tour. Kristen was taken, Robert was single. They played up an innocent crush with him in regards to Kristen. But nothing more than innocent, since she had a bf.

THAT Robert, the single Robert who ate hotpockets alone in his apartment while chastely crushing on Kristen was a winner for summit.

Now, how long can they pull off THAT Robert, I guess is the question. MA doesn't seem to be around anymore, there's rumors about R/K now, and so what interests me more honestly than whteher R/K are together, is how the NM promotion will be presented.

Last time out it was a winner. This time out, it's more complicated how to market everything, including R/K. I don't know if having R/K look like a couple only one movie in is really best for the franchise, even as a mere mirage, they've got three more movies to sell. So, more than anything, I'm interested in seeing how NM deals with images this time around.

Gracie said...

Rpgirl27~ you crack me up

Loisada said...

Gozde: must say this, the journalist opened a can of worms intentionally by combining interviews. He can feign ignorance or indifference, but he knows full well that "are they/aren't they" is the money question around the globe. Putting any "quotes" in his article that are not current and presenting them as recent was disingenuous. He knew he'd light a firestorm, and anyone presenting his article as new and legit would get burnt.

But relash quotes sell more copies, so he fit them in. The timeline ambiguity is deceptive bad journalism. You got caught up in that as collateral damage. The sorry truth is: it shouldn't matter exactly when something was said because so many people shouldn't be hanging on RP and KS's every word! But we are! It's a crazy Robsessed world!

solas said...

Thanks for answers;
Gozde--thanks for the work you and all the others put into this site.

Anonymous said...

you're probably long gone by now, but i really liked your post! i put myself in those shoes a lot as well. that's why what i've seen isn't particularly convincing. i personally feel that they're just friends, but what i've read, watched, etc. isn't enough to prove or disprove anything.

michael is friggen awesome. i mean, c'mon! sky high w/bruce campbell (one of my heroes)! he's one lucky s.o.b.
that isn't the only reason i like him, but i just had to mention b.c. because i love him.

i'm glad that people are trying to be more respectful today. it makes me happy and makes me feel more comfortable in posting my opinion.

i love it here.
thanks for all that you do guys!

jmm4832 said...

I can put myself in Rob and Kristen's shoes and see them being mortified that people are still obsessing about whether or not they are together. Bet they don't understand the fascination.

Anonymous said...

Wow i thought you Robsten supporters were crazy but this is just beyond me. You are fucking psychos. It's very simple, if you don't like the way Gozde runs HER BLOG, get the fuck out. Nobody will miss you, honestly. Go back to kindergarden and stay away from the internet.

A said...

usually avoid these discussions but wanted to say bravo for this:

"I never say they are not together, neither do I say they are together 'cause I DON'T KNOW.
If people want me to make shit up like Ted they will get old waiting 'cause I won't :)"


Dazzle said... readin all this!

LovesRob said...'re truly awesome, you post what you will...if no one likes it...then they can SIGN OFF!

Anonymous said...

Holas nenas!! My name is Estefania i'm from Quito-Ecuador in south america this is the first time that i'm going to post a comment. Goz, Kate and Dani thank you sooo much for put a lot of time and effort to bring me (i mean us)all of the Rob info.
I read your blog at least 4 times a day and i'm impressed and happy at the same time because i'm not the only one that has robsessed LOL!!
and teri
"In Rob we trust" GREAT!! ME TOO

Anonymous said...

em with you luvinroballday. can't argue right now naked rob distracted me. omg! the chest hair, happy trail! wanna kiss him all over. oh baby u know that flesh is weak :)

heart u Gozde ,Kate n Danni :)
i really don't know life without this blog. thanks for my daily dose of Rob :)

Josefin5 said...

Late, as always.
Gozde, we love you, and the blog. Don't change! :-)

Tess said...

Gozde - Even when some people are so unreasonable, you continue to work so hard on giving all your readers 'unbiased' and up-to-the-moment information about Rob.

I Thank you for this.


Gozde said...

Thanks for all the nice words guys :) We'll keep doing what we do ;)

CL said...

What the hell...

...I went off-line due to work for a day and all this happened??!!

This is the best blogg out there and "hate-comments" from the likes of Monica et al are (luckily) rarely found on it.

To Godze and Co - you guys are doing an amazing job which brings a lot of joy to a lot of people. Don't let the bitchy crazy asses' comments affect how you feel about your good work! You deserve every nice word and recognition out there (like in ELLE, which make me feel happy about being Swedish for a change).

You're the best. Full stop.

Maryann said...

LOL Teri at the suggestion for this girl (won't use her name cos she had enough attention already lol). I guess she didn't like the suggestion either *giggle*

Happy to see the tone in the comments are of the more positive nature :-D.

Ε said...

hey, thanks for your reply&I couldn't agree with you more!

Ε said...

I'm not a regular at this blog, I haven't read your comments, so I have no idea what the suggestion you talk about is&also, I didn't imagine that my comment got the attention you say it did nor I plan to go&check ot out. A couple of people replied very pilitly, but i guess other didn't. Well, doesn't matter really&btw, my name is Evita, for those wondering, like it would make a difference if it was Maria, Christina or Laura!

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