Official Statement from E1 Entertainment Regarding New Moon UK Fan Event

Official Statement From E1 Entertainment

From Official Twilight Bebo
New Moon UK fan event.

With the countdown on until The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits our cinemas on November 20, we are aware that rumours have been rife regarding a dedicated fan event and that giveaways have been launched in order to win tickets. Specifically one has launched on which asked fans to create Facebook groups. Please be aware that the competitions you are currently finding online at present ARE NOT OFFICIAL! Please do not enter them as you will not win tickets.

We appreciate that there are questions within the community regarding the UK fan event, however full and official details will be confirmed as soon as possible along with details on how tickets will be made available. News will be posted on the official pages for the film which are:

Many thanks for your continued support.

E1 Entertainment

Thanks to Deni for the link

Please note that the event is legit, but the contests are not. We are still awaiting information regarding ticket sales and will let you know as soon as we hear anymore.


Angie said...

Wow, Edward has his own Facebook page. LOL

Angela said...

that picture is funny. It looks like someone is telling Rob and Kristen the news, they won't actually be there at the event they thought they would be....

Anonymous said...

Off Topic a bit but for UK ladies I noticed in The Sun newspaper today (not Dad's) that in THE NEWS OF THE WORLD on Sunday there's a New Moon Special and 'Exclusive Interview with Robert Pattinson' ! Will just have to nip up to the newsagwents and get that!

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