Robert Pattinson in Hola Magazine HQ Scans

Source Twilight Poison


Unknown said...

the kiss! heaven...can we get it larger by any chance?

noisefaidaus said...

I agree with The Captain!!! But I love this whole photo shoot, wish they would do another one, this one was amazing!!!

Unknown said...

I thought this was one of their best (if not the best) promo pictorials.

The time of day was perfect.
Glowing and yet somehow muted.
The color was bright and yet soft.

Energetic and carefree. Youthful and yet there was a sense of sophistication.

I thought Kristen was especially beautiful here. Her hair was lush. She actually looked elegant with the almost frilly little black dress and--bam!--a pair of chucks. Very nice. (I think I like her lean upper arms than her muscly and bulgy ones seen in recent photos. But I guess she has to work out with Rob now--and trying to kick the habit and be healthy?)

I digress. Back to these photos.

I would have preferred an unplucked-brows Rob, but he was still suave and--oh!--so debonnaire with his perfectly groomed messy coif and stubble. Plus a touch of punk with the hip wallet chain and a pair of gray chucks (too? I can't remember).

KW was still with MA at the time this photoshoot (and very much so several months thereafter), and yet one could almost feel a certain palpable current between RP and KS in some of these photos.

(They were allowed to be themselves, and yet, of course, directed by the photographer to project a certain aura.)

They looked lighthearted and yet sensual.
I imagined (one could almost feel) the torture that Rob was going through, being so close to Kristen's body. A whiff of the skin of her creamy décolletage. (KS had to pull up the top of her LBD a few times. Cute) A glimpse of her smooth upper thighs. Also, he had to cradle the soft roundness. Oh what pain!
AND. One could almost feel (I imagined) the sense of womanly power KS might have felt as she allowed her arms to be caressed. She gently entwined her teasing fingers with Rob, as she flexed her wrists just so.

[I wouldn’t have minded to have been in KS shoes and to have felt that way! Really!]

Unknown said...


xoRobxo said...

Wow you write FF?? If not you should:)

Unknown said...

@ xoRoxo - Thanks. You are very kind. :)

Unknown said...

larger pic of the kiss------>

Unknown said...

thank you phoebe!

Anonymous said...

ooh, I've never seen the kiss one before! This by far was one of my favorite photo shoots!

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