Robert Pattinson in Russia's Glamour Magazine (November)

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Source Gossip-Dance via Thinking of Rob


Karina said...

Oh, Robbie...robbie, robbie, robbie.sigh. Did anyone see Ok!'s latest craptastic cover either? It's HILARIOUS.

Cristin said...

Scruffy Rob turns me to goo.

womadsart said...

love him here and there and everywhere!!
By the way, LOVE TEH NEW BANNER!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmm!!

Unknown said...

Hey guys, I read it and it sounds like a combination of different interviews, I translated some parts here, if you want I will translate the whole thing.

1)The article starts with comparing his two roles in Harry Potter and Twilight, and the say the main similar thing is that in both he plays the prettiest boy at school.

2)Saying that he likes to read about himself on fansites and doesn't try to hide from pappz (alex: RRRRright, that's why we haven't seen him since 3rd of October)

3) Overall he is the prettiest boy in Hollywood

4)When asked about girls, he says he likes all kinds of girls and proposes to all the girls he meets, sometimes 10 times a day. When asked about proposing to Kristen he said he doesn't remember but that everybody seems to think he did. Then he goes into talking about living a life out of the "Fight Club".

5) They ask him if he travels a lot. He says yes, and goes on to talking how he is scared of air crashes and car crashes etc. They ask him if the scare of dying helps him to play a vampire. He says: "Immortality without being able to kill yourself is scarier than death. If somebody told me I would die in two weeks, I would be like "thank God" I don't have to go to the gym anymore". Then they talk about Edward, and New Moon nothing new there.

6)Then they ask him if he is allowed to cut his hair. He says: Actually I did (cut my hair), it was supposed to be a very big deal, but nobody noticed (alex: yeah right:)) Truth be told I would've said no to the haircut all together, I don't like that my messy hair became such a big deal. You need to stay away from stereotypes.
What about your tan? Are you allowed to tan? "I don't tan at all, can spend a month in the sunlight and not tan"
But does it say it in the contract? I have no idea, haven't read it. (alex: I doubt he ever said it)

Unknown said...
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