Robert Pattinson in Slovenian and German Press

Thanks to Darja, our Slovenian dealer we have lots of scans and translations from Germany and Slovenia. Only 1 piece of crap which is quite an achievement :))

Slovenian New Moon Poster

Glamour Germany, October 2009

This scan made my day :))

Photosessions are the start of many Hollywood careers.

This Londoner is sporting the signature messy hair look since the age of 15.

Lady Slovenija 7.Oct.2009

Kristen in love, Michael offended

Will jealousy tarnish the wedding?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are new idols of Hollywood movie industry. Since they made movie Twilight, they are a real life couple. Even more, they are thinking of wedding since they returned from their romantic holidays on one of Canadian islands. their friends say they are made for each other and wedding is the right thing to do. (Gozde: I mean obviously! who DOESN'T advice their 19 year old friend to get married? It's the right thing to do. *eye roll*)

"They understand and complement each other. In the euphoria of their popularity, they are each other' support," they say. Kristen's ex boyfriend, Michael Angarano is not happy about it. They have been together since 2004, when they made movie Speak. They broke up in summer, when Robert made his move. Friend fear his jealousy may tarnish Robert And Kristen's wedding. "Michael is crazy about Kristen and still hopes she'll break up With Robert and come back to him." (Gozde: I'm almost wishing this was true. Michael crashes the wedding, Rob slaps him and there's a bitch fight! One can only hope :))

TONS more after the cut :)

Večer Slovenija, 11. August, 2009

The sexiest man in universe

Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt, no way. There is a new star in the female population's universe. British Glamour magazine readers sent tons of votes and the new unexpected winner is 23-yrs old british actor, model and musician Robert Pattinson, who's most popular roles were in Twilight and in one of the Harry Potter's movies.
Pattinson isn't very impressed by the title, he thinks it's strange. Praises like this make people arrogant.

Jolie Germany, November 2009

Vampire is back

Robert Pattinson talks about his new movie and his life as a sex symbol. On newsstands November 11th.

Glamour Germany, October 2009

Our Dates for Autumn

Box Office Hit

Robert Pattinson is back with New Moon.
He is shooting star and most wanted soul of this year. Since 23 yrs old Londoner's role of Edward, the virgin vampire who's fallen in love with human Kristen Stewart (!?) in massive hit Twilight, he's getting movie role offers as well as marriage proposals.
In New Moon (in movie theatres from 7. Jan), he will have to divide ladies' attention with Taylor Lautner. In the meantime, Team Edward fans can watch his portrayal of melancholic musician in coming of age comedy How To Be (available on DVD from 15.10.).

PLUS - Slovenija, 7. August 2009

Movie through the face of ROBERT PATTINSON

At the time Robert Pattinson was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe was teenage sex symbol and Rob wasn't universally recognized. Daniel can catch a break, since now Robert is the one teenage girls are screaming at. The role of Edward Cullen from the Twilight movie has made him so famous, he has to hide from his fans.

Points of Interest

While making movie Remember Me, a special tent has to be constructed, so Rob could hide from fangirls.
Robert confirmed he will star in 4th part of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn.
August 17th is the beginning of making the Eclipse movie, 3rd part of the Twilight.
If he decided to pursue music career, he would want to play with Kings of Leon.
If he wasn't an actor, he would like to be a political strategist.
There were more than 3000 actors competing for the role of Edward Cullen.
He likes to play darts and he likes to swim. (Gozde: LMAO!)
Willow is one of his favourite movies. (Gozde: First time I'm hearing this. Is my Robcyclopedia (brain) failing me?)

About Fame:

Lately, my life is very stressful. There is nowhere I can go without being spoken to. I prefer to be with my friends, who know me and can ground me. Truth is, I am working so much and have little time off.

Tabloids, Girls

In gossip magazines, they never write the truth about me. I was supposed to date a Brazilian girl named Anneylese, but I don't know her. There is supposedly someone pregnant with my child - what a load of crap. Being in public eye all the time, I don't even want a girlfriend. (Gozde: lol, I think Darja translated the what a load of crap :) I've never heard Rob use it. It would make my day if he did :P )


Born: 13. May, 1986 in London
Family: mother Claire, works for modeling agency, father Richard imports old timer cars from USA, two older sisters.
Modeling career: Started modeling at 12 and stopped at 16.
Music: plays piano and guitar and writes his own music. He sang two songs from the Twilight movie: Never Think and Let Me Sign.

PLUS Slovenija, 2. October, 2009

p1) interview with Kristen, nothing new...
p2) New Moon, soundtrack, Death Cab for Cutie... Thom yorke... nothing new....

Claudia, Spunk or Robert?

As a little boy he was called Claudia. No, he didn't change his gender, he was his older two sisters' toy, they dress him as a girl and introduce him as Claudia.
Rob admitted, he wasn't a cool teenager. Being twelve was groundbreaking, I transfered to another, mix gender school and discovered hair gel. Suddenly I was cool.
Robert Pattinson isn't happy about his name. "It annoys me, sometimes I wish people would come up with something completely new. I don't know, maybe Spunk. And I know a girl named Ransom. Yes, Spunk ransom or Ransom Spunk would be great!"
... nothing new....

p4) + p5) New Moon, about the book

p6) In november issue of Plus magazine: competition + a surprise present from New Moon the movie.

There are competitions announced on pages 4,5 and 6 for our Slovenian blog visitors :))


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Who seriously writes this stuff, and gets paid to boot?

I'm in the wrong profession-I could make up way better shit than this.

WinWin said...

rpg, hugs!

Zygote!!!! My eyes are burning!!

Love you Goz!!!

É a Gabi's!! said...

How to make a blog to be affiliated with you? I'm from Brazil and I have a blog about twilight and you are great sources of information. Moreover, the site is really great! Congratulations!

Babs said...

Yeah I'd really like to see if Rob's good at slapping like Kellan said LOL

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Hugs WinWin!

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

OMG a good old smackdown Lmao i wonder who is gonna win?
Rob is what 6'2 where as MA is 5'5 or so,
i would pay to see this shit anyday.

Karina said...

Rob and Michael would fight like colin firth and hugh grant from Bridget Jones Diary--all girly like with bitch slaps and tripping. Throw them in a tub of jello, make them strip down to the boxers, and we've got a pay-per-view event to be sure!

nextstopsf said...

I agree with rpattzgirl....LMAO!! And the the Zygote pic...eek!! I love how they take bits and pieces of stuff over the last 4 years and mix it with 'crap' and call it an article...oh well- it is not as bad as the fiction made up by the OK! mag and all those rags....LOL!

Unknown said...

Yes, Godze. The Willow comment is true. I've read or heard him say it in another interview. When he made Goblet of Fire, he said the actor he was most excited to meet and get an autograph from was the guy who plays Prof. Flitwick who was Willow in the movie. Love the site. Have always just "lurked" until now.

Ana73 said...

MA looks like he is doing just fine with the pics of him out with other women, so i dont think kristen has to worry about a stalker psycho ex.
completely agree with you RPG, i also think how do you get a job just writing pure and simple nonsense. i could do that too.

Gozde said...

Lol, love you guys too. The zygote is especially for Dani :P

SouthernLady: Thanks! I did not know that :))

jmm4832 said...

Karina, your post is hysterical!!

LK said...

Poor Rob and Kristen!Who knew that the bullshit would be a daily issue in their life!

keely said...

jmm4832, you took the words out of my mouth :-) Karina, that fightscene always cracks me up LOL Hugh Grant was such a bitch in that movie :-)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Oh, god, wouldn't it be yummy to see Rob & Hugh Grant do a movie together?

A cute romantic comedy and Hugh could be his dad..yummy brit overload for sure!

RPnKSaddict said...

LOL the zygote!!
And a boy bitch slap fight hmmm entertaining....

God I love this blog!!

RPLover said...

I would watch Rob do anything (yes, I mean...ANYTHING! LOL) but yeah, a movie with Hugh Grant would be hilarious...add in Bill Nighy and do something along the lines of Love, Actually...wouldn't that be great?!

anyone else think that now MA is being "cast" as the Jacob in this twisted Twilight-comes-to-life drama the tabloids have been trying so hard to push down our throats? sorry, and I'm not here to argue with anyone but I'm just so sick of this stuff I could hurl.

going back to stare at the big photo at the top to snap myself out of this funk! :))

Kat said...

Gozde, your new avatar is gorgeous. While I'm partial to red hair, you look beautiful as a blonde.

Hugh Grant and RobertMyLove in the same pic?? OMG, I would so pay to see something like that. I just loved watching Hugh Grant play the bastard in the Bridget Jones movies. He was hysterical. I have watched Notting Hill and 4 Weddings and a Funeral so many times, I know the dialog. It would not be a bad thing to see RobertMyLove follow along Hugh's path, but I think he has so much more in him than romcoms.

HC said...

ha ha bring on the bitch fight!

bonemama said...

yeah getting married at 19 not a good daughter told me last week she is getting married...shit!

Anonymous said...

ummm I think Michael is like a 5th degree black belt or something, LOL, not sure how much slapping would be going on, maybe Kris would break something over Michaels head as he were beating her poor groom to a pulp, Rob admitts "he's a lover not a fighter"

Anonymous said...

oh my mum got married at 19 to my Dad (who's 6 years older) and they're still married, I got married at 19 and I am divorced, I don't think it's the age as much as the people.

Unknown said...

Where's MA anyway? I don't even see him on any news..although I know he's name would still be attached to Rob and Kristen, specially since those two are still not confirming about their relationship.(not that I care or anything..thinking of Goz's motto)

AP said...

Mary: MA making movie NYC with Uma Therman: "Ceremony." Busy for a while.

Unknown said...

JudeLaw, Brangelina Pittjolie, LLohan, MischaBarton, our modest hermaphroditic Roby baby, and DemiM.

RP vs. MA? Pffftt!!

Although MA might rock Boyence's Single Ladies better than RP.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


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