Support Robert Pattinson's new venture and buy Dior Homme fragrance!

Support Robert Pattinson's new venture and buy Dior Homme fragrance!

We have good news! Earlier this week, we spoke to a Dior representative about something that's been on many minds. If we buy Dior Homme fragrance but the DiorRob campaign isn't in the country (US, UK, Canada to name a few), will those sales be attributed to Rob being the new face for Dior Homme fragrance? You know how we do. We love to support Rob and we're all eager to support him in this new and exciting professional venture. So can we do that even when DiorRob is MIA from our malls*, magazines and more?

Short answer. YES!

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The Dior representative said that since DiorRob is a global image, they are factoring in global sales regardless of the campaign being absent from some markets. There's still no word on if or when DiorRob will make it to other countries. It's not uncommon for celebrities to have endorsements exclusive to Europe, Asia or the like. We have to wait and see. But for now, you can buy your husband, boyfriend, brother, friend or self, a bottle of any of the four fragrances and you would be supporting DiorRob!

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I had a friend purchase Dior Homme Cologne and Dior Homme Intense for me when she was in Paris. I can't find those scents in the states. I love them! The cologne is fresh, clean, citrusy and out-the-shower feel. It's not strong when I sprayed it lightly on the skin to get a sense for it. It's an easy scent for a man (or even woman) to wear.

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Intense is warm, woodsy and even sweet, like burnt butterscotch, when it settles. It makes me want to snuggle by a fire and take long inhales along a man's neck. Intense, right??? *fans self* That one is my current fave. I'm sooooo excited for when Dior does ads geared to promoting specifically Intense. RAWR.

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I haven't tested Dior Homme Sport or the signature fragrance being promoted right now, Dior Homme Eau de Toilette. I can find these in my country and I'll check them out soon. Especially the EDT since Rob revealed in Sunday Style that was the scent he was wearing during the press junket in June. Click HERE for a refresher.

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Visit to read more about the fragrances.

It's great news to know that our purchases will support DiorRob and Dior's explanation of DiorRob being a global image makes complete sense. If you've been following along, you know we've posted a sampling of the campaign around the globe. Click HERE and HERE if you missed our initial posts.

Our readers, Sunny, Viviana, AirTita, and Astrid shared more pictures with us, as well as Flavia who visited the greatest mall on earth - Alto Palermo mall in Buenos Aires. Why is it the greatest mall? Oh because of this...

*At the entrance...

On the escalators...

On the elevators...

Lining the walkways....

 photo iwanttogotothere.gif

See more pictures great shots of Global DiorRob after the cut!
In addition to more mall photos, we have pictures from Bangkok, Columbia, Morocco and more! Lucky folks are getting great giveaways with their purchases too! Postcards, pins and quotes. It's all so so good and makes me so proud of Rob to be the face of this massive campaign. Don't forget to check your own department stores (online or in person), beauty stores like Sephora, and Dior stores near you to purchase a bottle of Dior Homme fragrance. Tell your friends and family because our buzz about DiorRob is seen and it helps the campaign. Christmas is coming and white sport sock stockings need to be filled with Rob! ;)

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Global photos: Sweet readers - Sunny | Viviana | AirTita | Astrid PLUS Flavia | Source | Source | Source


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