Robert Pattinson - Remember Me TV Report on Le Journal (Belgium)

Le Journal TV Report (Belgium) on Remember Me

The British Actor Robert Pattinson , famous for his role in Twilight , is in Remember Me, a drama in which there’s also Pierce Brosnan.


After a fight with a cop, Tyler decides to take revenge on him by seducing his daughter. Ally will bring him the peace of mind he was looking forward because Tyler he is a rebellious young man. He is angry at himself, he doesn’t accept the suicide of his brother, he rebels against his father; a famous lawyer. He reproaches him with not showing enough love to his children.

RP: I read this script after shooting Twilight. These 2 stories are completely different. In Remember Me , it’s very honest and that’s why I wanted to do it. I love love stories because we find a lot of things to do.

Robert Pattinson has become an international star thanks to the success of Twilight. He is considered as the new sex symbol in Hollywood and nowadays he is compared to James Dean. He attracts audiences and in fact the shooting of Remember Me was in NY and the actors had to get used to the screaming fans.

RP: the crowd there was much more important than for Twilight. I remember especially the scene we shot in Central Park, there were more than 2,000 people waiting for something to happen. Ruby, who plays my little sister, and I were spied on. I don’t know what they were expecting. Maybe an explosion. But nothing happened. It was a simple discussion scene .

With Remember Me Robert Pattinson has finally a mature role which enables him to show his talent. A beautiful love story, Remember Me is also a gorgeous drama. Extremely captivating. You won’t forget its ending.



ak said...

oyy before you even press play on that vid im in the screencap...yup thats me in the white tee and black beanie and raybans...normal haha. that was filming outside my house. beach scene =) miss those days.


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