German Magazine Scans with Robert Pattinson

Bunte Germany June 24th 2010

Vampires are back

On July 15 we can see the third movie of the Twilight saga in our cinema theatres. the premiere was on June 24 in Los Angeles.

Gala Germany June 24th 2010:

Young and perfect?

Many Hollywood young stars were always good looking, others became really beautiful only now.
Robert Pattinson, 24
"When I was twelve, I wanted to be cool," says the teen idol. Since then he discovered hair gel for his signature Out-Of-Bed-Look. On the set of "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", three years before the Twilight hype started, he was heroic and smart.

A big thanks to the lovely Darja for the scans and translation :)


Christine said...

He looks so cute in that picture! :) lol

HeneciaD said...

yeap young and pefect it seems like you got it ;)

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