Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart & Co Land In Brazil

The Eagles Have Landed

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Even though fans didn't get to see Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart when they landed in Brazil they did manage to get autographs.

Per BlogTwiBrasil:
Explaining why people got autographs but have not seen them: they were delivering the papers, posters, whatever, to the cops who were VERY nice and there were taking in to be autographed by Rob and Kristen and then they brought back.
Apparently some press also got the chance to chat with Rob (briefly we're assuming).

Per BlogTwiBrasil:

"Robert was literally melting! Apologized to me after I shook his hand because he was all sweaty!" (via @LeoBonifacio)

"The his portuguese is it completely sucked! lol. But it was worth a try saying 'Eu amo o Rio de Janeiro'!" (via @LeoBonifacio)

@JackyGomes shared this report from (translation via Google)

A few hours after landing in Brazil, Robert Pattinson, Twilight, made his first appearance in the hotel window to enjoy the view from Copacabana beach. Kristen Stewart and actor arrived in Rio de Janeiro at 10:38 on a flight coming from Houston, USA. The flight, scheduled to land at 9:13 a.m., arrived late to the chagrin of dozens of fans waiting for their idols in Galleon. At about 13h, Mayor Eduardo Paes also arrived at the hotel.

From the airport they went straight to the hotel. Many fans, photographers and onlookers waiting for the actors in place, protected by a security scheme. For the general frustration, however, the input of the actors in the hotel was quiet - for a secondary entrance - making it impossible to connect the people with their idols. The group was six cars that were followed over the course of four batters.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson will shoot scenes for "Breaking Dawn", the final film in Rio. Filming will take place in Paraty, on the southern coast of the state, and the Lapa, the bohemian neighborhood of the city. However, the actors will have Friday and Saturday off to get to know the city. A They should also have a meeting with the mayor, Eduardo Paes, next Wednesday, April 10.

And from QUEM Magazine:

No appointments scheduled for Friday and Saturday (6), the actors will have free time for sightseeing. On Monday (8), they embark by helicopter to Paraty.

via RobPattznews


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and co have already landed (November 5, 2010) safely in Brazil. It is said that they spent time at the VIP room with Stephenie Meyer. It is also reported that they will be transported by helicopter to their next destination. via KStewDefenders

Info About R/K's flight
via Foforks Live Coverage
Ontem, assim que robsten embarcou, o aeroporto Louis Armstrong, em NOLA, entrou em alerta laranja de ataque terrorista, assim como outros 4 aeroportos americanos. Quando isso acontece, várias medidas de segurança são tomadas. Os vôos podem atrasar e até serem cancelados, pessoas famosas são remanejadas para outros vôos, com nomes falsos, para serem protegidas. Imaginamos que por uma dessas medidas de segurança QUE SÃO NORMAIS NOS EUA é que eles viajaram em outra classe e outro vôo.

Translation and link thanks to BraGirl2 "Yesterday, right after Robsten embarked, Louis Airport Armstrong, in NOLA, went on orange alert for terrorist attack, as four other U.S. airports. When this happens, various security measures are taken. Flights can be delayed or even canceled,famous people are relocated to other flights, with false names to protect them.

Info via Robstenation

Hopefully we'll have pics for you soon!
Isn't this exciting??
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