Pattinson had hardest Twilight role

Okay there is nothing really new in this article but I haven't posted anything for more than 2 days dammit! And I am going through Robsessed withdrawal :P So here you go, msn interview with Catherine and the picture used is made by Genny and sent to us :-))

Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke reckons Robert Pattinson had the most difficult job in the movie as vampire Edward Cullen.

"I think that Edward is really the most difficult role because if you read the book he is supposed to be the most handsome man in the world and he has to look like he's in High School," the director says. "There goes Brad Pitt and many other people - you can't choose him - you have to almost find somebody new that has an amazing, soulful face."

Catherine was grateful she found 22-year-old Robert Pattinson, whose performance as the 'vegetarian' vampire has got teen hearts fluttering across the Atlantic.

"I saw Robert in Harry Potter but I didn't really have a feeling until he flew over from London and we had an audition at my house and you saw how he and Kristen worked together," she said. "Then I started to really feel that chemistry and that they had this connection that could be good for the movie."

The director says she wasn't worried about casting a British man to star in an adaptation from a series of bestselling American books.

"He's a wonderful actor and when he came and did the audition, he did a wonderful American accent," she recalled. "He just became Edward, which is this 108 year old guy with all these issues, talents and struggles."


Kate said...

Aah Goz I can understand your withdrawl symptoms but don't worry we're here for ya!! and we have them too. It's gone oh so quite and Rob is doing a great job of lying low!

Gozde said...

Seriously Kate! Where did he disappear? I miss our "where in the world is Robert Pattinson" posts! The boy vanished!

Ellie said...

Hi, Kate and Goz!!
I'm with you on the withdrawal thing...I miss our disheveled Holy Hotness... :)
Kate--Did you see the movie a 2nd time, yet??? Remember what I said; it gets better...or, actually, you just kind of watch Rob the WHOLE frigging time in a delirious daze and before you know it, the credits are rolling...LOL

Goz--I'll be sure to write a great email title to catch your attention!! :o xoxoxo
Hope the adjustment gets better for you...Olive juice!

Kate said...

Hi Ellie, I'm only going to see it for the first time on Saturday!! It only opens here on Friday. I'm SO excited!!!

I know Goz he's just GONE! I miss him :,( (wipes tear from eye)
although at the same time I'm glad he's managing to have some normality in his life, at least I hope he is!

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