Screaming Girls Is Part Of My Job has an interview with Rob.

EW: Hundreds of “Twilight” fans invaded Leicester Square for the film’s premiere, do you ever get used to the screaming?

ROB PATTINSON: No not really! I don’t know why I’m not used to it yet because it’s happened with absolutely everything to do with ‘Twilight’. But yeah, I’m completely overwhelmed by it.

EW: Has the success of the film changed your life much? Are you planning to decamp to Hollywood?

RP: I was living in L.A. on and off for a few months, but my life hasn’t changed that much. I dunno, maybe little weird things like people following you to your house is strange! But all the screaming and stuff seems so separate from my life. I can still go on the tube and not be noticed, it just feels like the girls screaming is part of the job, like they get paid to be there.

EW: There’s a lot of sexual tension in the film, did you work with Kristin a lot beforehand to achieve it?

RP: I’d just walk into Kristin’s bedroom naked, just to shock her! (laughs) Not really. I don’t know, I guess all the romantic scenes in the film are kind of pivotal. It’s funny because we were both wearing contact lenses in the film. So much of those scenes relies on eye contact, and we had these ‘masks’ on our eyes so I was really worrying that there wouldn’t be anything there, so it’s very lucky that people thought there was.

EW: Does your appearance on the film’s soundtrack mean you are planning to launch a music career as well?

RP: I don’t really have any intension of release an album…it’s strange, there’s such a stigma attached to actors who release music, maybe I’ll just try and do it anonymously, or wait until I’m unemployable

EW: With a sequel in the works, do you worry about forever being associated with the series?

RP: Yeah I guess it makes it a little scary to decide what your next job is. But if you choose things carefully, and do good movies then I don’t think you can get typecast. At least I hope not!

EW: Finally, what’s it like seeing your face on buses?

RP: It’s scary! It’s a bit like ‘1984’, like your image is everywhere. It’s not good if you’re someone who suffers from extreme paranoia!


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