*NEW* Interview With Robert Pattinson (Scans & Translation) From Top Teen Magazine

*NEW* Interview With Robert Pattinson (Scans & Translation) From Top Teen Magazine


First of all, thank you for this interview, Rob. Our readers follow your career very closely.
I’m lucky to have such a nice bond with the fans. They can be inspiring sometimes.

Did you ever dream about making a movie about vampires when you were younger?
Never. I dreamed about having a music career. But I like playing something very different from what I used to see in movies. I wanted to make a movie that was action, mystery, but also love as the main theme.

How would you describe the Twilight films?
Definitely not just a vampire movie. It’s a love story that has some extra elements that make it more interesting. It was in this movie that I got exactly what I wanted and needed. The success has exceeded my expectations each time.

Is it hard giving life to Edward Cullen?
In a way it is. In the vampire world, vampires’ feelings and passions are much stronger. They are weird beings, and they do change all the time. Unfortunately for Edward, all his feelings are focused on a mortal girl, so that probably takes away all his emotional stability. As romantic as he is, he’s still capable of being terrifying and a very strong vampire. That’s why it was hard playing him at times.

People compare their romance to Romeo and Juliet.
Yes, it’s a love that goes beyond any dimension and it can beat the odds. Despite everybody knowing it’s an impossible relationship, there’s a strong bond that ties the other characters to the relationship.

Are you as passionate as Edward?
Definitely. (Kate: Oooohhhh) Love is a strong element that I find very necessary in life. I like being romantic, I like falling in love, I like love songs…

What’s your dream girl? (Kate's listens very carefully)
I don’t care about the outside. I don’t have a particular prototype either, nor do I look for the conventional girl. Just as long as she has her own dreams and lives life to the fullest.

What do you like to do on your time off?
Reading. Action stuff, mystery, love. If I have the chance of reading a book, I do it.

How would you describe yourself?
I don’t know, I’m normal? (laughs) well, definitely crazier than normal guys. I just have a restless mind that never leaves me alone. Outside of the studio, I like to have fun. I like going home and sleep in my own bed, (Kate: That sounds pretty normal to me !) even if it’s messier than the rest of the room (laughs).

If you could ask for a wish, what would it be?
I’m very grateful right now, I think life has given me many blessings already.

Would you like to film a movie in Mexico one day?
Sure! I liked Mexico, it was one of my favorite countries to visit. I liked the culture and the people were very friendly to me. I had a nice time there.

You have many fans in Mexico that support you, would you like to send them a message?
I know, I’ve met some of them before. I like sharing this experience with them. I feel lucky of having their affection. (Kate: All together now.............awwwwwwww)

Scans & Translation Thanks To Twilight Poison


Anonymous said...

he claimed that hes as passionate as Edward {drool}, and in his other interview he said, hes a big fan of romance and he is a very romantic person {oooohhhhhhhh..........} how overwhelming it must be to be able to see his romantic side in RL {swoon}!!!! especially when that romance is for you!!! cant think anymore {hyperventilating}..

jc(britlover) said...


maria_Cy86 said...

awwww Rob is so dreamy in this interview... more than usual. I dunno i've got this feeling that he might be in love(unfortunately don't know this from personal experience:P)

skorpia said...

I would have loved for him to elaborate on the crazy part (really Rob? do tell!!) I bet he's got some cool stories. Is it me or in one interview he said he's not that romantic and in another interview it said that he is?? Muscians in general are passionate,romantic people.
sooo-whens that album coming out ROb??? *nudges*

Kelly Louise said...

He definitely sounds like a man in love. I love how he answers questions for which he would have a bit of a vague answer months ago. And one of the last times he was asked about love he said he didn't think he'd ever been in love before.

MMc said...

Right Kelly and now listen to him - he does sound like a man in love........and did you see what he said about things he liked to do.........read, etc. LOVE!!! Was that ....make love, Rob??? Oh my! The imagination goes wild.

These answers sound like he's really getting the PC way of answering now - which I guess is ok but I liked his honesty and edgier answers.

Will never forget someone asking him how he got his hair to do what it does........and he quickly said....." I get 12 year old virgins to lick it"

That gets me every time.

Hearing Damage said...

His answers about love and romance have definitley change over the past year. He sounds so much more sure of what love is.

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