"Glamour" Magazine (Germany) Interview With Robert Pattinson (Scans & Translation)

"Glamour" Magazine (Germany) Interview With Robert Pattinson (Scans & Translation)

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Translation (Big thanks to Darja)

Robert Pattinson, 24, prefers to stay in bed instead of giving interviews, but he made and exception for us

One of a kind opportunity! More than 250 Glamour readers sent in their questions upon our online call. In the occasion of the another Twilight saga movie promotion, the screen vampire Robert Pattinson gave us exclusive interview. In 18 minutes and 4 seconds we couldn't propose to him....

"Eternal Love? Yes, it's definitely possible"

"No personal questions!" demanded his American agent over the phone. But 80 percent of our reader's questions were more or less of the personal type. I tried to calm her down.
We'll have to talk about his work, mostly the third Twilight movie, Eclipse that comes to our movie theatres on 15. July.
Our interview was held on the day of his 24th birthday
He answered the phone with a timid "Hello...?"

Hi, Robert! Happy Birthday! We hope we don't bother you too much today....

Oh, thank you very much, Pattinson laughs a little confused, and no, I'm sitting in my car and I'm going to elephant training....

Elephant Training?

Yes, I have to learn how to make them do the tricks - for my next movie. "Water for Elephants"
(His fans know it's a role of a veterinary medicine student who joins the travel circus. Now it's clear why he has so little time: before he made the costume drama "Bel Ami" and he is supposed to do a western with Hugh Jackman and a fourth and a fifth installment of the Twilight Saga next)

How do you decide which project will you do next?

It's a matter of instinct. With most of the scripts you just know, after 15 pages, in what direction everything goes. It has to feel different. And how the dialogue is written - that's the sign of quality for me.

Our readers would like to know which was the biggest challenge during the shooting.

In Eclipse there is a scene where I, as a mind hearing vampire, have to imagine a battle in my mind. I have to read minds of 40 persons at the same time. That means I have to make considerably strange facial expressions, so....

The last words were lost, agent had to call Robert back...

Hello again! Can you hear me now?


Good. I would like to continue with our reader's questions. You are very into music, do you consider making an album?

Hmmm. I think so. I have written many songs, but I don't have the time. I can't concentrate on both, film and music.

What was the firs CD you bought by yourself?

Billy Ocean's Greatest Hits - but that was a cassette,

Have you got a favourite song?

"Beside You" by Van Morrison
(Kristen Stewart once talked about this melancholic song in one of her interviews,)

Who influenced you the most?

Van Morrison. Hmmm, who else? Director Jean-Luc Godard.

( A white blues musician from Northern Ireland and an influential french moviemaker from the 60's, not something you would expect from blockbuster hero)

Are you happy that the Twilight saga is coming to an end?

The feelings are mixed. I have to reshoot some scenes for Eclipse soon. It's funny how I got used to playing Edward. It's simply and insanely the most important part of my life. But it will take at least two years before the hype is over.

Is there something that bothers you in your role?

Make up. You feel trapped under all that make up.

A propos: how much time do you need in your bathroom in the morning?

It depends on what I have been doing the previous night.

When you were out partying?

Then I have to stay in bed the whole day. (Kate: Aahhh you're getting old Rob LOL)

What would otherwise be a good day in your life?

It doesn't start before 10 o'clock. In general I find every day a good day if there is a feeling I have done something.

Can you remember a really crazy fan experience?

I think the craziest was last November in Germany, for the promotion tour of "New Moon", in Munich Olympiahalle there were 30 000 people screaming, so director Chris Weitz, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and I, we couldn't do anything but stand on the stage and wave.

Do you answer your own post?

I try to, yes. Evert time I'm at home in L.A. or at my parents in London, I take a couple of days and grab a box that's almost a year at my agent. So every time anyone gets a reply, it seems late. I keep every letter, but to reply to more than 40 at a time seems impossible. (Kate: Something I know a lot of people ask. So there you go, he does answer his own post ;-))

What's your favourite dessert?

I never eat them. I never liked them.

You were often seen wearing Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses on paparazzi photos. How many do you own?

I use to wear my mom's Wayfarers. Kate:{giggle}) When the people of Ray Ban saw that, they gave me a whole box of sunglasses, two and a half years ago. Now they are all gone. They were lost during my travels, the rest were lost and lost over and over again. Now i have only one pair left.
(Kate: I wonder was it more a case of people taking them behind his back? LOL Imagine owning a pair of Robert Pattinson's sunglasses)

What is the most annoying question?

Uuuh, I don't know. I haven't heard any today.I have to think about it.

I'm glad about that.

I have one. Do you believe in vampires?

Do you believe in eternal love from "Twilight"?

Yes, I do, it's definitely possible.

Are you happy in your life now? Would you want it to continue like that for the next ten years?

Ahm... yeah... (He thinks a few seconds) , yes, of course, I'm definitely happy. Things change for me in every life situation. Everything is clearer now than it was a couple of years ago. I'm lucky over that.

The best and worst part of fame?

The best part is that I can work. That's the control I have, I can choose work offers and not take any offer I get. The worst part is that a person becomes paranoid - when a person meets new people, a person never knows what their intentions are.

Have you had bad experiences?

No, not really. But I'm always careful. I'm not the most open person. A person has to be careful.
(The strict voice of his agent: Last question, now!)

What are the three things you would like to do in your life?

Make an album, of course. Direct a movie. And establish a religion. (Kate: A religion ?? LOL)

To establish a religion? Then I have another short question. What would it be?

As it looks.... in any case so I would never have to pay taxes again.

Then we wish you a lot of luck! And a happy birthday!

Thank you, I will have it then.

Thanks again to the fabulous Darja for scanning and translating this for us.


RTP_KJS_Lover said...

Rob "prefers to stay in bed"
makes me think of the VF shot of him in the white t-shirt, sex hair and in bed.


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

My kind of perfect day too Rob...want company? Oh yea, you already have some...

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

This interview must of been before he ate Kristen's pie...LMAO!

HeneciaD said...

ahaha Rob ou are just so good really I woul love to stay in that bed with you

Kelly Louise said...

He likes sleeping in.

Ahhhh, sigh.

I always learn something new about this man in each coming interview. That's really a rare thing for someone.

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