Hottest Dudes Under 30

Lucky #13
13. Robert Pattinson, 22, gained some recognition as Cedric in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," but it was his role as Edward Cullen in the ridiculously successful flick "Twilight" that vaulted him into our Top 30. Vampires are hot.


Tess said...

Pfft. leave it to FoxNews to totally mess it up. He only came in at #13?

Who are the other 12 before him?

Thanks for posting Dani!

Ellie said...

What a gorgeous and sexy picture to wake to!

Wish it wasn't just a picture...

Laura said...

#13?!! Unless 1-12 are all Edward Cullen, I don't understand this!

WildCat said...
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WildCat said...

Whoops...let's try this again.

Sure you can go read the list, but I figured I'd just give em to y'all...

1. Justin Timberlake
2. Zac Efron
3. Chace Crawford
4. Jonas Brothers
5. Emile Hirsch
6. Michael Phelps
7. Daniel Radcliffe
8. Seth Rogan
9. Jake Gyllenhaal
10. Ryan Gosling
11. James McAvoy
12. Henry Cavill
13. Robert Pattinson
14. John Krasinski
15. Penn Badgley
16. Hunter Parrish
17. Ed Westwick
18. Michael Cera
19. Tony Romo
20. Jason Segel
21. Chris Brown
22. Jesse McCartney
23. David Cook
24. William Moseley
25. Cole Hamels
26. Shia LeBeouf
27. Corbin Bleu
28. Pete Wentz
29. Brody Jenner
30. Chris Daughtry

Anonymous said...

why the EFF is he not #1..
i mean comeeee on. #13??
that might as well be last.
and yu-uck.
i cannot belive radcliffe got like 5th. this is an insult to evrythng
i believe in LOL

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