Daily Mail Says Robert Pattinson's "Bel Ami" Will Be Tasefully Done

Some New Set Pics for you ;-)

Smile you're on candid camera


From DailyMail.co.uk

Even in a bowler hat and period dress, there is no mistaking the chiselled jaw of Twilight star Robert Pattinson. (Kate: No there isn't!)

But while the vampire series which made his name attracts a mostly teenage audience, his latest role is aimed at a more adult audience. (Kate: Yipee)

In Bel Ami the 23-year-old plays 'totally amoral' journalist Georges Duroy, who rises to the top by manipulating a series of powerful and wealthy mistresses.

The film sees Pattinson's character take part in an orgy.

The racy scenes were shot at the Grade 1-listed Crossness Pumping Station in London, originally a sewage works.

Kent News reported a source saying: 'It will be tastefully done with lots of candlelight and lace, but it will be the sexiest thing Robert’s ever been seen in and will get his female fans even more excited.' (Kate: If we're anymore excited we'll explode.)

Co-star Natalia Tena - who co-starred with Pattinson in Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - spoke about the film's nudity, writing on her MySpace page: 'I start Bel Ami in less than two weeks, slightly nervous especially seeing as you’ll see my naked cleavage.' (Kate: Natalia if you don't think you can't cope with that I'll gladly do it for you. You can email me at the address in the sidebar. I can be there at a moments notice!)

Pattinson is currently filming the adaptation of Guy de Maupassant's short story in Budapest, following two months of shooting in London.

The movie is an adaptation of the 1885 novel about a peasant-born former soldier who becomes a journalist in Paris and climbs the social ladder through a series of affairs with well-connected women.

It also stars Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristen Scott Thomas.


Juda1625 said...

The best part about these pics are the women behind Robert! How I wish I was there

Kate said...

I was just thinking why are they looking so sad? If I was that near Rob I'd be smiling from ear to ear!

Tyler said...

Hi, sorry for the off-topic post but I've been curious about this for some time... Is Gozde officially inactive on this blog? I noticed that most of the recent posts have been done by Kate or Kat (and they're doing a fab job at it!), I'm just curious whether Rob has lost some of shine on Goz... or maybe outshone by Alex S.?

I miss her and all her witty tags and commentary.

Hope I didn't offend anyone!

DJ_ said...


RTP_KJS_Lover said...

I was just thinking look how close those women are and that they have very sour looks on their faces. Glad there not hysterical, but they could at least smile. Maybe their stunned?

Why is it still believed that most of his fans are teenagers?

I love him in the bowler hat!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

The first photo he looks like he's walking on air...which he probably is becuase he's Robert Pattinson !!

Candle light & lace? And what will DuRob be wearing????

I asked Kate about Gozde as well and was told she's fine just very busy working..miss her too!

your tags as always kill me!!!

Cindygal said...

...I love this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

@Tyler No offence taken at all;-) I miss Goz too :-((
She's been really busy at work at the moment and is just trying to get a routine going, as soon as she does she'll be back! I'll tell her you were asking for her.

lallieb said...

Laughing out loud at your tags Kate!

That first photo of those women standing there while Rob walks by is priceless...WTH are they thinking and why aren't they at least smiling?? It needs a funny caption.

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

I also meant to ask, "tastefully done?" I think I would prefer raunchy ( lol ), but beggars can't be choosers, right?

skorpia said...

WOO SAH!!!! Thank freakn god this man is giving me what I want..now if they can only do the damn movie in 3-D...:)

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I noticed all the women looking at Rob too almots in bored way... maybe they're working on the set and this is just routine to them - even with him around... maybe it's cold...
I thin the interview just picks up old stuff and cobbles it up - I'm sure I've already read it somewehre else.

skorpia said...

*giggles* anyone else note the "pumping" station on where its being filmed ? I know..mind in the gutter...he does that to me..

Tyler said...

Thanks, Kate! (and rpattzgirl)... I love this blog and all the people in it! (sometimes, even the crazy commenters :)

Now back to Rob - lucky Budapest fans! He's gorgeous as ever and super hot in period costume (I still remember the Vanity Fair scenes which were cut). Does anyone know when Bel Ami might end filming?

HeneciaD said...

@CL yeah they have no emotion in their face its interesting I wouldnt be like that if I were in there

@RPG and tyler yeah I was asking gözde too its good to know that she is fine

@RPG what he will wear lol I would prefer nothing

HeneciaD said...

@Tyler crazy commenders lol yeah:)) I love this blog and the people that I met and I am gonna met in here too

staceybuckleyuk said...

Sod being tastefully done.....I say let it all hang out Rob, we don't care we're definitely not shy where your concerned.

I would so ask him to wear that outfit in the bedroom and keep the hat on.......uh oh..........................OVARY OVERLOAD........KABOOOM....T.H.U.D!!!!

Kate said...

LOL @ crazy commenters.
Well we'd be the only crazy ones if it wasn't for you lot leaving comments, we'd be talking to ourselves!

angie-k said...

LOL! @ everyone!
Kate your comments are Right On!

I also volunteer my cleavage if needed! ;o)

How can those women look so glum? Don't they realize they are in the presence of ThePretty?!?

CL - we can hope there is some raunchy snuck in there somewhere!

Love RobAmi!! This movie is going to kill me!

DJ_ said...

Think those women work on sett hence being so bored or somthing.

If they were smiling greatly they be with all the other fans.

HeneciaD said...

@angie waving yeay lol robami will kill us

Fiftyshadesofpink said...

Kate, big LOL @ your comments!

It's true, look how excited we get simply from looking at photos, they had better not release BA worldwide simultaneously or there may be a worldwide incident...

Don't think anyone would be particularly impressed if I offered my cleavage as a stand-in, but my bottom might be up to the job, I'm buffing as we speak ;)

I can also offer up some script revisions if they feel that the end result is too "tasteful"!

AP said...

It may be the onlookers were reacting to 'quiet' on the set. ie. were told to 'shut up.' lol

@Kate: explode? :DD

Vangie said...

rob looks great without facial hair

Lilpaskittle01 said...

@Kate your comments always bring a smile to my face! When I need to smile looking at Rob and reading your comments and tags does the job!

@CL I agree how could you NOT be smiling from ear to ear being in that close of a proximity to him!

Okay I'm only 26 years old and have a two year old I want to watch grow up but if I go see this movie I don't know if that is going to happen. I think my heart might just stop from me holding my breath at how beautiful this man is and being in a more adult film and with some of the scenes they're talking about is truly going to kill me!

just me said...

*just me*
@Kate-you comments always crack me up.:D
those women might not realize how lucky they are. they're staring at him appraisingly like they weren't sure he was that beautiful. ok, hope they got it.
only one orgy scene comes to my mind and it's one from Dorian Grey..ugh it wasn't too tastfull. sure with lace and shadows it will be better. there is no chance for cast like this(!) to get themselves in something less than perfect.

Vangie said...

i always when he have no facial hair when rob returned from vancouver and he was wearing a green leather jacket i found he looked great but i am not his gf

Kerri said...

Natalie Tena, eh. I love her as Tonks inOrder of the Pheonix. Im interested to find out what her part is... besides an orge participanT. Seems like Robs seeing lots of clevage lately. *snickers* I wonder if he's getting more comfortable with our female appendeges? LOL!

DJ_ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
twmmy said...

Why are they so sad?
Because Rob didn't give a smile for them, his hand was always down, and they wanted autogramm after the set and haven't got. As the guards said the contract says no autogram. But a smile? But today evening he came out and said some words in hungarian: Thaks for your silence. the hungarian fans don't scream but the foreigners .....as the girls talked in the rpattinson.net chatbox

twmmy said...

not hand head.... silly twmmy

LTavares2011 said...

I loved all the pictures, especially the first one with the all women, apparently looking at him. It is interesting.
Rob/Duroy is an enchantment for all the ladies, for sure.
I love you Rob. Your Duroy is extremely sexy!!!!

solas said...

Aside from perceiving the term to be at least oxymoronic, I hate to think what a 'tasteful' orgy would be like. (AM cringing here)

Athena said...

I'm not sure why they keep on calling Bel Ami a short story... it's 200+ pages, to me it's a novel... a short one, perhaps, but still a novel...

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