Emilie DeRavin Tells Us What It's Like To Kiss Robert Pattinson

Now Emilie if you're trying to make me jealous you're doing a good job of it! ;-)


From Uk's Cosmo:

Lost’s Emily De Ravin, 28, locks lips with RP in her new film, but says work comes second. Job swap, anyone?

*Tell us about the finest men you’ve worked with – included Johnny Depp and Robert Patinson…

- Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. When we met on Public Enemies he was genuinely nice. The Lost guys are too, and Robert Pattinson couldn’t be more of a great guy. He’s insanely talented, but I don’t even think he knows that.

*Were you intrigued to be working with him after all the Twilight publicity?

-I didn’t really know who he was! I’ve never been a tabloid reader or a person who follows what somebody is going to the grocery store for.

*You can’t have escaped the Twilight phenomenon though?

-The fan base is wonderful. But shooting with Rob in New York was crazy. There were girls climbing all over him, which did make things difficult. He’d been through it all before but it was very new to me. Because the majority of fans were teenage girls. I felt like, ‘Oh, God, they all hate me.’ You walk out and they’re like, ‘Who’s this girl with the guy we’re here to see?’ but then they saw me smiling, and they we’re like ‘Oh she’s actually nice!’

*You got to kiss Rob too…

-That was a very spontaneous thing actually, which tabloid-wise came out as us making out on the beach, but really we were filming.

*And now you have to say he’s a good kisser, right?

-(Laughs) It’s in contract, yes.

*Who is the most famous person in your phone?

-I guess Rob’s is the obvious choice.

Source TodoTwilightSaga via Spunk Ransom


RTP_KJS_Lover said...

Good day everyone!

Kate - I am going to join you in the jealous club! Emilie is super cute and a VERY LUCKY WOMAN!

Liz said...

I love that photo of Rob & Emilie.

Now does anyone know how to hack into phone?....Not that I would call him...but just to see his number on my contacts list would be thrilling! :)

Capitu Santiago said...

I do, too ~ I love this photo.
Emilie is so cute.
And Rob... aww... Rob is GORGEOUS!

"Hi, Handsome. I wish you a wonderful day..."

Muah! =)

AP said...

Very nice of Em to talk about Rob's talent. I agree that he doesn't yet know...but he will.

JandR said...

I agree too - insanely talented sounds about right... can't wait to see the rest of what he has to offer. Oh and having his number in my phone...sigh...to hear that velvet voice at the touch of a button...mmm...I could live with that! :)

Nickie said...

Even Emily says tabloids made it sounds like her and Rob were dating when all they were doing was filming...it could be the same thing with Rob and Kirsten but people want them together so bad they don't really think of it as just tabloids spreading lies for money...they are celebrities its very expected to see this about them...just because Rob may say Kirsten is his celeb crush doesn't mean they have to be together or are together...just could be very great friends...why else would he try to avoid the question every time someone asks...it does kinda get annoying when people constantly ask who you are dating...I don't blame him...I believe him when he says he is single...not everyone will lie about their relationship status...I really don't think he would and its a shame if fans of his think he would.

HeneciaD said...

emily you have no idea how much lucky you are

jmm4832 said...

I could care less who Rob is or isn't dating, and don't read the tabloids. I did see them this morning in the grocery store line and they were plastered with Sandra Bullock's pictures on the covers. They are trying to capitalize on her misery about her husband cheating. So sad.

Petra Eller said...

There are many interviews in which Emily was asked how it was to kiss Rob. If Rob had actually once asked how it was for him to kiss Emily or Kristen? Is there any interview. I remember only that the girls were always in demand. Why is this always so? LLLOOOOLLLLL
Only one hour for me ,to see Remember me. :)

LTavares2011 said...

What It's like to kiss Robert Pattinson?

In a non professional way (with me, of course), I think that Rob kissing must be like being kissed for the first time in your life, sweet, with tenderness in the beginning and becoming more hot and full of desire in the process. Rob moaning of pleasure. OMR, I melt.

In a professional way, I think Emilie is a sweet girl, good actress, a great partner of Rob in RM, she has sense of humour, she is spontaneous, she is never embarrassed talking about him, makes jokes. She knows how to be natural and professional at the same time.

I love Emilie but most of all I love Sir Robert Pattinson, ONLY him.

Capitu Santiago said...

GAH! I kiss him everyday, LTavares...
First thing in the morning, last thing in the evening... (aww, the ones in the evening!).
And the kisses are just as you described.
Nuts? I sure am!
Aren't we all a little?

Muah! =)

LTavares2011 said...


Little? I am totally happy and insane! (LOL)

Oh I wake in the middle of the dawn with Rob by my side, staring at me, he smiles, I melt and then he gives me a wet and tasty kiss in the mouth. I can feel his breathing, his smell...I am not going to sleep anymore today, for sure.(LOL)

I love you Rob. Kissing you makes my imagination travel very far!! OMR!

kisses for you Capitu.

MMc said...

You walk out and they’re like, ‘Who’s this girl with the guy we’re here to see?’ but then they saw me smiling, and they we’re like ‘Oh she’s actually nice!’

Kristen could learn something from this.

I wanna STEAL her phone!!

MMc said...

I think it's a good thing that he doesn't know how talented he is..........keeps him hungry, self deprecating, and working harder to get better..........when he realizes it..........we might not like him as much - he'd probably change is sweet .....aww shucks attitude we love so much.

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