*New* Robert Pattinson In Japan From Japanese "New Moon" DVD

Source Pattinson Ladies


rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Omg I want the Japanese DVD!!! Look at Rob!!!!!

Why do they play the music so loud? It drowns out his beautiful soft voice!!!

So beautiful!

just me said...

*just me*
i wish i had ALL extras!lol.. hopefully rumors about Summit's version are true.

Fae007 said...

I LOVE his voice! :D Especially when he loses himself in that kinda harsh tone! :) Anyone knows what I'm talking about??? :D

FILTM! Could he BE any nicer?! Yeah I just watched friends! ;)

Butterfly25 said...

Awww, I love Japan Rob!!!
He looked really happy and relaxed there. His waves and smiles at the very end of the 1st video are so adorable.
His voice is simply mesmerizing, so soft and quiet, especially at the press conference (@Fae, I know what you mean).
Plus, he looked so freaking good in that suit!!!!!!!!!!!

Fae007 said...

Yeah that kind of childlike tone. :)

Dessert First said...

Chewing Nicotine Gum at the airport Rob???

I love Rob's adlib interviews

OMG Todays your day!!!!
(excited much???)

Netra2121 said...

rpattzgirl- That is the first thing that I noticed. the music was blasting that you could hardly hear what was being said.

Did you guys catch the part where he says he lies all the time hoping to to protect people. Could this possibly be referring to a possible relationship? lol

Fae007 said...

Very excited! :DDDD
5 hrs...

Dessert First said...

Bouncing up and down in the chair excited???

9 days to go :(

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

love Japan rob and that little crinkly thing he gets between his eye brows and his voice--read to me baby

@Fae--enjoy RM!!

AP said...

Ah, the return of the red stringy thingy. Life is complete.

Dessert First said...

* wink wink* Love Robs suit!

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

dessert--and the way he hold the microphone

Dessert First said...

IK two fingers LOL!
He's so cute in this


Fae007 said...

Bouncing in front of the laptop checking the other reservations every few minutes excited!!! :)))

Thanks wens!


Dessert First said...

How many times are you going to see it?
I will be thinking of you at 8pm my time tonight

BTW WBRobler still hasn't invaded my dreams... I'm going to get BAFTA Rob to have words, he may need to borrow your black socks!!

Robiscool said...

This was beyond adorable. Thanks so much for posting!

Delle1 said...

OMG he's so Gorgeous all in black.....his,face,his hair his hands,his voice........the cute wave at the end of the 1st vid and
@netra,I definitely heard the part about lying to protect certain people...........

All round........ Gorgeousness.

oh and Chris was cute too.

Fae007 said...

I'm seeing it today with my sister and niece and I know it's gonna be hard for us, personal reasons, so today would be a test. But I'm planning on seeing it next week with my friend, then with my cousin, then...:) If I find it watchable today...

My black socks??? Those are his, he left them at my place! LOL!
BTW Beanie invaded my dreams few nights ago! :)

Thanks for thinking of me! :*

Fae007 said...

Anyway RL- as in showering and washing my hair.


I'll be checking...

4 hours! :D

Dessert First said...

Sorry I missed you... tweeting got in the way!

Please come back on the blogg and I'll give you my e-mail and you can tell me about RM!

*Didn't you pinch his socks??? You were slow there!!*


Fae007 said...

Tweeting, tweeting...lalalalalla! I'm not hearing youuuuuuu!


Dessert First said...


Find me on UT so I can e-mail you on the laptop. I keep missing you and it's anoying


Fae007 said...

What's UT???? :)

Dessert First said...


Fae007 said...

Dessert! LMAO!

Telly, eejit, basta'd! :P

I thought it was YouTube! :D

I'm off now! Catch you later!

Excited!!! :)))

Dessert First said...


Enjoy seeing Robler, don't forget to report back... please


annieEvilRobPornPusher said...

FMN....it's all I'm gonna say about these vids!

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

umm could we have screen caps of the 2nd one toward the end when rob is standing alone PLease

Lemonless said...

Hey, Wens! I know why you want screen caps! MMmmm!

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

@lemonless--that's cuz u r a NB--LOL how are you?

Lemonless said...

@Wens: Takes one to know one! Despite the meeting from hell this morning the rest of the day went not badly. Wish I wasn't such a klutz with technology and so tired last night. If the bat signal goes tonight I'll really try harder to make it.

You and yours ok?

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

LOL Lemonless--IKR

good trying to get something done so i look productive when hubby comes home-LOL

Lemonless said...

Got any household budgeting to do? Then if you're caught mid blog you've got a reason to be staring into a blank computer screen (it's what the 'window button's for!). 'Oh, Honey, I just can't make head nor tail of these figures. What did you spend so much on oil for last month?'

Will that do?

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

@lemonless--sorry RL interupted
sorry you had a meeting from hell ((hugs)) RL just sucks sometimes. what a wonderful world we would live in if only we could always be in our happy Robplace (yes, i have my rose colored glasses on :))

i like your ideas--i'm pretty quick w/the minimize button too LOL

LM said...

It's like a mantra--he is just so adorable. Repeat over and over again.

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