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Kat: I don't know if it's lost in the translation - but some of these answers don't sound like things Rob would say.

Is your character in RM the closest interpretation of your on personality?
No. I think it’s impossible to represent yourself being fully aware of what you’re trying to do. I try to choose characters that are not like me at all. The more unknown they are to me, the better I can play them because then I don’t feel vulnerable.

Do you like the tortured characters?
Those are the ones that I’m being offered. Subconsciously I try to be like my characters, and I live my fantasies through them. I’d love to be a confused young person that fights for his ideals, but I’m not like that.

Everyone beats him up in RM.
I prefer to be hit than hitting. It’s more interesting.

How would you describe the movie?
It’s a movie about a life style, about love and the desire to live. The story is told through the eyes of Tyler, who is not aware of the consequences of the relationships he has.

Trauma seems to be everyone’s bond in the movie.
Yes, all the characters in the movie have faced death somehow, losing a family member. So there’s a connection with them through grief.

This is your first movie since New Moon, is that a relief?
Yes. I wanted to do a smaller film. Something with a modest budget that I could film in between filming the Twilight movies. I wanted a story that was more realistic because I was getting a bit tired of the fantasy genre. I needed to play a regular character that faced normal issues.

Do you feel the pressure of fame now?
Yes, and the industry’s pressure as well. It’s almost like everybody is looking at me. Some people are just waiting to see me crash and burn, others are convinced that I’m going to make it. But in any case, I don’t care about people’s expectations. I’m the only one who has to worry about my career.

Eclipse is right around the corner…
I know. And I’m a little angry because people will forget about my performance in Remember Me, and keep the idea they had before about me. I thought Eclipse would come out 3 months after RM, but no. (Kat: Erm, Eclipse does come out three months after RM :-) !!) I just hope the expectation doesn’t overshadow the movie itself, because the third installment won’t be very different from the first two.

Mattel has a doll with your image, there’s unauthorized biographies of you, photographers follow you everywhere. Do you feel like a brand?
Yes. Fame can be a monster that consumes your life. The only thing that bothers me is people who think they know me and try to relate to a determined image of me.
I don’t mind if Hollywood sees me as the tortured teenager. I’ll change that perception with my work.

In this industry all they care about is that you make money. It doesn’t matter if you’re the next super-hero, or the next vampire, of the next lead in a romantic comedy.

Is it hard to rest after so much attention?
It’s very hard. There’s nothing I can do but try to find moments of peace, otherwise I’d go insane. It’s annoying when people scream for you on the streets or on the supermarket, or when you’re with your friends at a pub. I appreciate my fans and their support, I’m thankful and I know I wouldn’t be where I am without them. The most annoying part is living with 100 photographers outside my house, because they never stop, I live hiding from them.


Marna said...

The answer about Eclipse REALLY sounds off, I can't imagine him sounding so bitter about it in an interview.

BraGirl2 said...

Hmm... I wish GossipCop could take a look at this. I think LasProvincias just came up with a RPFic... And not a good one either. :/


ShariG said...

I agree that much of this sounds like someones interpretation of what he said rather than his actual words.

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

Some quotes seem off, probably lost in translation but I really like this, "I don’t care about people’s expectations. I’m the only one who has to worry about my career."

I totally agree, Rob. Do what you want to do.

Lucerne said...

I definitely think that something got lost in the translation. The Eclipse comment, doesn’t
sound right.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a made-up interview to me. I suppose other rags in other countries make up crap, too, just to sell magazines. Doesn't sound like Rob much at all to me.

Kat said...

So glad I'm not the only one - got to remember though, it's translated twice - English-Spanish-English, so if it's legit it is likely just lost in translation...

Loisada said...

The translation is completely wonky. For instance, the first question/answer should read more like this:

Is the character you portray in Remember Me the one closest to your own personality?

ANSWER No. I think it’s impossible to portray yourself when you’re consciously doing it. I try to chose characters that aren’t like me. The more unfamiliar they are to me, the easier they are to play, because I can get under their skin without feeling vulnerable.

cotedetexas said...

he absolutely would never sound so hostile about eclipse. total b.s.

jessegirl said...

RM 'is a movie about life style'. Er, lost in translation?

Yes, Kat, a lot about this interview sounded off, harsh, blunt but wrong somehow. Not Rob.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt sound like him at all. Fabricated.

shufflebin said...

the only consolation on this post is Rob's picture. I love him with little scruf like that. sooo attractive and


HeneciaD said...

@Marna LOL I can imagine the voice that he used while he was saying this

@CL yeah he should do whatever he wants not what people want

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

It's not fabricated just lost in the translation...rob would never say many of these things, but that's what happens when what he says gets translated...

Est said...

i'm freaking out! this is a local newspaper from my city! (Valencia) nad i think the problem is the translation, like some of you said because i know there can be problems when you translate something, believe me ;)

MMc said...

Yes, some of this sounds contrived - like someone else paraphrased his words.
He's so smart though - I'm glad he realizes he can't please everyone and has to just please himself and do what he wants.

Wise beyond his years. Mum and dad really did a great glad he said they were his heros! Cool.

Brooke said...

where is this photo from?!

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