More Day 1 "Bel Ami" Set Photos With Robert Pattinson - HQ's & New Pics

Mmm Pucker up!


Impressing the ladies with a little jig are we Mr Duroy?
You're a bit late for St Patrick's Day


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Kelly Louise said...

Gah. These pictures are killing me.

The only thing missing is a mustache, otherwise he's a perfect Georges.

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

Um, please stop! I can't take any more. You are killing me. It's like RobXmas around here.

RPLover said...

CL, I was thinking the same thing-it's almost like the RM shoot all of a sudden! WooHoo!! ;)

listen hewart said...

After seeing these.... I will never look at a top hat the same way again. He looks so CUTE!!!

DJ_ said...

Soo wow.

As for the pics coming in like RM.

I hope for his sake the set dont turn into the screaming madness RM was.

LTavares2011 said...

Rob/Duroy, I must confess that for me you are so hot with these clothes, the hat, the top hat but as I`m a woman of little details, the tie and the white shirt are my favourite items. I´d love to undo this tie and unbutton very slowly this white shirt. only to think, I begin to melt.

I love you Rob/Duroy. Oh Paris, 1890, a good place, a quiet place, a fireplace, a good wine...

Fae007 said...

It's never late for St.Patrick's! I wish it could be every day! :D

And FILTM!!!!

crazy vamp said...

From cv's lurkdoom:
"Oh come to me babe..."

He is fucking delicious in those funny pants! If I could put my hands on it... go figure...
*mind in the gutter, as usual*

crazy vamp said...

LT, the woman of little details... hahaha!
1890, Paris? Well lots of infectious deseases and NO antibiotics... BUT, otoh, no HIV and no condoms!!!.. Hey that could be good!!! Pass me the wine, will you? And pass me fire needed, I can 'light' him up myself, chance given.

Rominiwi said...



LTavares2011 said...

@crazy vamp

I love details!!!! specially in Rob/Duroy (LOL)
In the end of 19th century the parisian society was more liberal, now we have more resources but much more moral judgements that I think they are like diseases too (LOL)
Wine and Rob/Duroy? Good try, my dear, good try!!! As you are my friend, I will ask him when he wake up, (LOL) but I have a hunch that he will give me that beautiful smile and will accept your invitation (LOL).
Wait for his contact, soon (LOL)
I love Robert Pattinson and Rob/Duroy!!!

Welcome back CV!!!!!

MMc said...

I LOVE the one with Rob and Kristen Sc Th walking on the sidewalk - his face is like a porcelin god.......jeez great picture.

crazy vamp said...

Ai, LT, não cansa o homem demais não, tá? Deixa que eu acaaaabo com ele... Deixo o pobre 'esfolado'! haha! Off to finish some damn stuff for tomorrow!
xoxo, cv.

TheMissMod said...

Oh forgive me Father, for I have thought of sinful things! Good Lord, this man can do no wrong! He looks flipping gorgeous! By Georges!
That woman's face in one of the bottom pics says it all, she's leaning on a wall somewhere behind him and looks a bit too happy with herself - she's checking him out lol! Can't say I blame her...

jlsentangledweb said...

♪ ♫ whistle we work ♪ ♫

How can he look hot and adorable at the same time?

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