Robert Pattinson - Picky About Roles?

I LOVE that he is picky about his roles... then we get to see the best Rob characters.


The 23-year-old actor has become a global superstar after playing brooding vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, but his latest film is indie flick Remember Me, which he revealed stood out from the hundreds of roles he has been offered.
Robert Pattinson is picky about which film roles he takes

Robert said: "I never like anything, so it's quite easy to decide what to do - I've never felt any pressure to do anything, particularly. Even when we were shooting it [Remember Me] I never thought about the box office."

He added: "I had read tonnes and tonnes of scripts over the summer after I did Twilight, I mean hundreds, and everything seemed exactly the same.

"But this one, the way the dialogue was written, it just seemed much more naturalistic than most things.

"It's not really a feel-good movie. They don't make movies like it anymore, I think that's how I kind of choose stuff, that's the only criteria I have. There seems to be a gap in the market for something and I just try and do that."

Robert hopes his Twilight fans like the new film but revealed he would never appear in a film simply to please an audience.

He said: "Obviously you hope people like things but I think if you start doing stuff to please a certain audience then you're going in the wrong direction. I mean, you don't even know the people you're trying to please, especially if you're trying to please whole swathes of people.

"I hope they like it."

Remember Me is released (in the UK) on Friday April 2.



Gwen Cooper 426 said...

God, I even love the way he THINKS!

; )

cotedetexas said...

that chest hair! it's too close to bedtime to be showing so much of his skin!!!! I might need a cold shower.

btw - I love the interview where he talked about people saying how RM is great to show him really acting finally - and he says - "as if i am not acting in twilight." i loved that. i think he is great actor, who happens to be too good looking for his own good. thankfully!!

Angie said...

Gwen, I know!!!

Keti said...

Smart boy isn't he !!

Emily said...

Okay, THAT, right there is what people don't get about him and about RM and I really wish they would.

Gwen, you said it!

Luxie said...

Ditto Gwen :)

I hope he never feels any pressure from anyone! He seems so grounded and well adjusted amidst all the craziness. And I agree with Rob, RM is a very different kind of script.. a tad offbeat.. in a good way of course :)

shufflebin said...

you know one of the endearing factors of rob

he is so low-key even in his stature. leonardo dicaprio which was often compared to rob or at least the phenom, was reported bar-boozing womanizing partying etc during that time,

our rob stays out of the spotlight, you know the whole story, and is focused on his career, carefully choosing his roles

he is so smart and with good business sense too. love seeing his name credited in RM

Executive Producer -- Robert Pattinson

wow! one reason i watch the credits

Emily said...

Me too shufflebin. I felt so proud when I saw his name.

shufflebin said...

Hi Luxie

yah, he is so well grounded. rock-star fame status is daunting. hope he finds the will and witt to stay that way.

googlefdp said...

@ Cote de Texas - Yeah, I actually think he does pretty well in Twilight. Edward has absolutely nothing to do with Rob. He really convinced the audience playing "the perfect guy".I don't think it's fair all the talk about him "not acting" in Twilight.
I love how he tends to choose roles with complex character, anti-hero. He's so smart!

shufflebin said...

Hi Emily,

normally i watch all the blockbuster movies, but right now no desire whatsoever, every time i go to cinemas, i see RM, havent even seen AIW or any other movies since RM came out.

(shhh, i havent even watched NM vid, i think RM is my new twilight, i still love edward, but tyler is more real to me. But i know i need to back in gear for eclipse)

Unknown said...

Well if you think about it, its good for him to be picky because from there he gets to choose what characters he can bring to life and to make the story of the movie more realistic in a way.. but he is picking pretty good roles lately.

He knows what he is doing.

Oh Wallbanger update!

just me said...

*just me*
oh, should know we have been told you had a good day,went to the bar with your friends, we're pleased already. watching your movies is a bonus. so far nothing you did disappointed us, just be yourself. your fans know how talented you are.

shufflebin said...


is wallbanger an ff? (sorry if clueless), was wondering why people would make up stories, when there is a real thing -- i mean the movies.

then i saw the hot hungarian speak and i thought of many stories you can conjure up with that and realized thats how ff gets born!

can someone write an ff for that, whose doors do i need to knock? who are the master ff writers out there? is this a good storyline

womadsart said...

Rob is so intelligent and mature for his young age! He will go down in history as one of the greatest actors!
I admire him for not falling into the status quo. For doing what he likes to do for the love and passion of doing it and not for the fame or money!!
I completely utterly ADORE him!!!!
FILTM!!!! FILBR!!!!!

Unknown said...

yes shufflebin, Wallbanger is a ff, it's called Edward Wallbanger.

Lol that would be a good storyline.

shufflebin said...

thanks kimberly

Unknown said...

no problem. :)

jessegirl said...

shufflebin and Emily...
I got a big smile--through the tears--when I saw his name as executive producer on RM.

I said it somewhere before:
I don't think the world knows what a gift it has in this man.
I mean inside and out.
The inside is such a pleasure to see unfold (while, of course, not taking our eyes off the outside :)).

Oh shufflebin, you're so cute.
I have watched my NM DVD, twice, once with the husband, but my mind was still always on RM. 7 times now. Today, again. I'll be getting the CD--old-fashioned--next week.

I'm finding it hard to gear up for Eclipse too.
Alessandra...I still love Edward, and think Rob did a good job ACTING in Twilight, but his nuanced performance as the complex Tyler is magic of a more real sort.

Simona said...

Who saw Remember me loved it.
it is a pity that many people didn't saw this movie thinking that it was bad. Very pity.
Remember me and Rob are very great.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Yay! I've got my ticket for the Remember Me avant-premiere (advanced screening) in Paris next Tuesday. At last. At last!

janicag said...

Just seen Remember me yesterday, the horrible CAM version. I know, shame on me :/
But I couldn't wait anymore, sometimes I hate to live in small town and small country :( I have no idea when RM will be in theaters here...
I have to be honest, it did hit me pretty hard, cause I am from one big, pretty, divorced and most of time disfuntcional family, so I could really relate...everyone did awesome job!!!
As many said I am happy he is picky about the roles, I love the choices he is making in his career and I hope we will see him do well many many years. Sorry, I am rather emotional today and I am rambling like and idiot...LOL xD

CdL said...

yep... of course... he MUST be...
really don't know why he shouldn't...

HeneciaD said...

@RPG and ADM yeah girls his thinking way always comes interesting to me

@WOM yeah hon as I said before he has a kind of difference in this he is mature as much as that you cant wait from him and with this he has a kind of mystery

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