Remember Me Saturday UK


Yeap it's nearly that time (finally).

"Remember Me" will be released in the UK this Friday 2nd April and here's your chance to support Rob and his movie by getting involved in the "Remember Me" Saturday UK campaign.

"Remember Me" Saturday UK is a nationwide fan event organised by Rob's fans to support "Remember Me" and all the people involved in the film.
So you know what you need to do, get out there on Friday and see the movie then tell everyone you know, your family, your friends, everyone how good the movie is and get them to go with you on Saturday to see it. Let's do this people!

For more info check out "Remember Me" Saturday UK


Petra Eller said...

Now my girls have Easter holidays. We go to Munich for some days, and I will go one more time to a cinema that plays the original RM. I need Rob with his original voice (speaking, shouting, laughing, moaning, etc). The German version does not please me so well. I'm happy for you in UK :)

Dessert First said...

Why won't Cineworld or Odeon let me pre-book RM tickets!!!! Any other film you can book 7 days in advance WTF!!!
*I'm one annoyed dessert!*


6 days to go!!!!

jessegirl said...

Go, U.K.!
Support Rob in this fantastic movie!
Any Twifangirls out there: forget Edward and Bella long enough to see Remember Me.
Don't think Edward at all.
Think Robert effing Pattinson in all his glory, in a movie with more heart than all the rest.
Now go!

solas said...

I am hoping Uk and Ireland will really get the viewing numbers up where they ought to be --no pressure, girls. ;-)

ShariG said...

Oh my goodness. Remember Me has already made more in box office than the production costs and it hasn't even been released yet in England? That's great. I have seen it now 11 times and have taken 7 people with me s 18 tickets purchased. I plan to go several times each week for as long as it is playing. Yesterday there was quite a crowd in the theater. Glad to see that.

ShariG said...

Can I just add that he is ridiculously handsome in this film. Seeing him on a big screen for practically every minute of two hours is worth the price of admission even if the story was not good, which it is. Go see him. You will be so happy that you did. I love his facial expressions. In the restaurant with Ally when she gives her reasons for dessert first, he cracks me up. In jail when he is trying to explain to Aidan what happened, his expressions are adorable. In his father's office his expressions are heartbreaking. He is really phenomenal at expressing emotion with his face and tone of voice. I'm not sure he even needs dialogue.

Carole Bryson said...

The film is amazing !!!! You MUST see it - even if you're NOT a RobPatz fan !

Nancy said...

Between Rob's London connection and Pierce's Irish connection, the UK could match the US figures. That would be great.

Hope so.

carmela said...

I`ve just seen Remember me, and of course I´ve left no words, how a good acting is having Rob in this movie, he is amazing and all the words you can imagine about his good performance.

I can´t understand how there are still some people, who can believe that he is no more than the result of a succesful franchise, with his good manners in these kind of roles, he can play everything he wishes.

Of course, I recommend to see the movie in English, you can apreciate Rob´s voice which is better than in Spanish, for example.

Summing up, I hope with all my heart, that people from the rest of the countries(Europe included), can also appreciate his excellent job and maybe, some day he will be very well awarded, as he deserves because there are too many people who really believe him as the perfect actor who adapts himself to any kind of role, he thinks will be interesting to play.
Lot kisses for all the Robsesseds spread all over the world, or as we say in Spanish...........


jessegirl said...

ShariG: Wow, I thought I was doing well at 6 times. But you know I'm doing it because I seem to need to go.

Solas, sorry did you mean me, when you said 'no pressure, girls'? Man, I just can't help it.

Oh Shari, yeah his multitude of expressions are so worth it.
I mentioned on another thread that maybe some of you would want to revisit some of those sites we were pointed to a while back. People are still commenting there and some of them are so very good; it's impressive and amazing people are still adding to it.

Spoilers though, for all you virgins.
1) Bryan Reesman "Controversial Remember Me Ending Dividing Critics and Audiences" from March 15th. (

2) Post-movie Coffee: Remember Me, by Momika Bartyzel at

3) Brad Brevet: "Reacting to Remember Me: an Interview with Screenwriter Will Fetters" march 16 on

jessegirl said...

*Monika* Bartyzel.

solas said...

Jesse--I meant the girls in Ireland and UK, and anywhere else it is opening soon; that they add to what we have already done by seeing and appreciating it, and adding to box office numbers.

jessegirl said...

Solas, I didn't see your wink. Get it.

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