More "Bel Ami" Set Pics With Robert Pattinson

More "Bel Ami" Set Pics With Robert Pattinson

Happy Rob = Happy Kate


via Mayfrayn @ Source


Unknown said...

=Happy all of us!

meeta said...

adorablenessss !!!! <3 <3 <3

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

JFC someone needs to untag these...

#2 died me....


DJ_ said...

Sooo Pretty


Yepp lost my minde.

Fae007 said...

I can't breathe!
OMG! Look at that hair!
So nice to see him smiling! :DDDD


DJ_ said...

Hii Fae

Fae007 said...

Hi DJ!
How are you holding? ;)

LM said...

Don't know what or who you are looking at Rob. Wish it was me. Love the smiles.

DJ_ said...


As big as I am right now and cant sleep I'm good.

How are you ?

jc(britlover) said...

Thanks, Kate! These are indeed happy Rob pics! Love #4.


Fae007 said...

I'll be loosing sleep myself tonight too! :)

Hi jc! How are you????

Memè said...

4th pic: so gorgeous!!!
seems ready for his wedding, waiting for the bride out of the church a little bit worried she won't arrive... Don't be sad honey! I'm coming!!!! and then forever...

please, let me dream ;-)

JLPinNYC said...

Holy HOTNESS!!! I'm completely dead right now...DEAD!!

DJ_ said...


Naww you need ur sleep.
I'm too big so cant sleep hurts my back too much.

But the pics help right

Simona said...

WOW Rob with ring on left hand....GDuroy married

Unknown said...

is it me or does he look younger with his hair like that?

he looks so yummy!

Fae007 said...


What do you mean too big????

Fae007 said...

LOL he's having a hard time wearing that ring! :D

DJ_ said...


I'm preggers with twins got 2 months left in the pregnency so I'm on bed rest cuz I'm so tiny.

I'm just about 1.35.

Fae007 said...


Are you kidding me????? :)
So you're married or not?

Andreita said...

Just PERFECT!!! that's what he is PERFECT!

DJ_ said...


No I'm not kidding.
Yepps I'm married.
But hubby is away so I get to play online for a while.

Btw about the pics and the ring?
Whos the bride?

Colleen said...

The first pic makes me all gooey inside. *sigh*

Kate said...

Just put up some new wallpapers "Bel Ami" ones. I have the first one on my computer LOVE IT!! And I'm really going to bed this time xx

Colleen said...

@DJ - He is married in the film.

Fae007 said...


Wow congratulations then!!! :DDD

Oprosti sto sam znatizeljna, jel muz nas isto ili? :) Ti imas 23,a on? Sorry! haha!

DJ_ said...


I know i've read the book I was just wondring who the bride is but I figure it out.

Mind slip thats all.

shufflebin said...


i swear he was looking at me and with that smile.

bahahaha. a girl can dream.

i love that picture

DJ_ said...



Nas, u knjizari se upoznali. On je godinu stariji od mene.
Samo pitaj nema pr.

SparkleMindy said...

P R E T T Y- He can sleep his way to the top with me any day!!!Use me baby!

Fae007 said...


Ajmeee, slatko! :) Jos nasla naseg! :D
Kad ti je termin? Negdi u 5. misec?

papagáj said...


Imagine pictures of gorgeous George everyday for two weeks...


DJ_ said...


Mah evo me ko lopta. hihi
I to je ziva sansa da smo se nasli ja i on.
Krajem Maja pocetak Juna.
Al sto se tice mene sto prije sto bolje.

Fae007 said...


Da, to je sreca! :D
A joooj? A jesu curice ili decki? Ili decko i curica?

DJ_ said...


Bas tako.

dvije curice.

Evo dragi zove i govri da idem spavati.. zato laku noc i cucmo se.

Good night everybody sweet Rob Dreams.

Fae007 said...

Laku noc DJ!

Cuvaj curice! :D

DJ_ said...

Laku noc i prijatno spavanje Fae.

Aww hocu naravno samo vidicom hoceli curice pustiti mene da malo spavam,

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

I can't even function anymore. #3 is my fav, but really why choose!
Smile for me Rob!


DuRob will kill us all.

Fae007 said...

DJ-ine curice

Pustite mamu malo da spava! LOL! ;)
Eto, pustit ce te!

CL hi!
Why do I keep missing you?

MMc said...

Oh my God......seriously these are gorgeous - I love him with that white bowed tie, so refined and classy looking- he just looks TOO good to be true.

I'm so impatient -can't believe we have to wait until next YEAR???? Say it ain't so.

Jazz_Girl317 said...

Holy Sweet Mother of Kill Me Now!!!!!

Rob with a wedding band on?!?!?!?!?!?! Yeah, NOW I completely get why women find married men so much hotter. How the frack is it possible that a little ring of gold makes him look even hotter, if that was even possible!!!!

womadsart said...

This BAFTA/RobAmi f*ckhawt hair is KILLING ME!!!!!
I like it... I like it A LOT!!!!!!

Vangie said...

i could just how he is feeling to be getting married or is he about to be married?rob you will have to play again soon that you will be getting married

Jane said...

God, some of you are so much more observant than I am. I just now saw the wedding band and your are right, it does something to you. Lordy mercy.

MMc said...

Would LOVE to have that 4th one cleaned up and the other dudes taken out and make a nice wallpaper out of it.
The 4th one ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want it forever on my computer!!!!

MMc said...

Rob says he is not afraid of commitment, he wants to be a young dad and that sounds like he's really ready to get married to me.

Netra2121 said...

I know I didn't even notice the wedding band but all I can say is irresistable. I just can't wait till Breakin Dawn and he is holding a baby and singing to her....gahhh a man being sweet with a baby...ahh be still my heart!

LTavares2011 said...

When Rob gives his beautiful smile, calm, delicious, he turns me on in such a way that I feel so happy to be a woman, yes, just a woman enjoying the pleasure of seeing this man. OMR.
I love Rob/Duroy. He is so sexy but I love Rob even more because he works a lot and even tired he is always so gentle with people. Rob deserves all the success he has and much, much more.

Anonymous said...

For all things holy! I hadn´t notice the detail in the 4th pic until I read the comments.
A wedding band? and that costume? and that smile?
Have mercy!!

Colleen said...

@DJ, whoops..sorry. lol. Raise your hand if you would give your right arm to play Roberts wife in a movie? ;)

bach said...

This is just random and i don't know if it was already posted, but i was in Rob's IMDB and saw a post about Roger Ebert's tweet 2 days ago about Rob:

My friend Cynthia says Robert Pattinson nails it in covering Van Morrison's "I'll Be Your Lover, Too."

Awesome. I think Ebert might be be turning into an Robfan. :)

Kathy S said...

No facial hair in film photos but jeez his beard grows fast as I guess the later pictures were at the end of the day?
Good eyes on the wedding ring and it does look sexy!

DJ best wishes on the twins! How exciting. I always wanted twins but not destined to have them. Glad you have your computer to keep you connected to the pretty!

Anonymous said...

aweee i love flippy's floppy hat hair.

AP said...

Luv the white bowtie. Ok, black suit, white shirt and black or white tie...

I think I remember the flowers - yellow for Madeleine, pink roses for Clotilde...

DJ_ said...

Good morning ladise !

I did get some sleep last night Fae. hiih

@Kathy S. Thank you. It was not much of a choise with me. But I'm soo happy.

Fiftyshadesofpink said...

Morning all!

@ DJ congratulations! How lovely for you. Be careful that you don't get too excited looking at these pictures in your condition though LOL!

White tie Rob, beyond yummy.

Dessert - are you here yet? Very BAFTA hair in the first couple, he looks sooo good. Thought of you when I saw them :)

HeneciaD said...

@DJ hey twins ha omg so sweet

DJ_ said...


Aww you guys are so sweet.

Heheh oh its alrght thou.. If I can keep my hands of my hubby the pics just help keeping me away from breaking my poor hubby. lol.

Its very sweeet but also very painful I'm bearly 4.4 and its taking a toll on my body.
I'm on bed rest. Thanx god for laptops. hihi

Hope you all are having a great day

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