Robert Pattinson Talks To PopsugarUK About Fighting, Father Figures & Friends

Robert Pattinson Talks To PopsugarUK About Fighting, Father Figures & Friends


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I was lucky enough to attend the London premiere of Remember Me and meet Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin earlier this month. Rob and Emilie chatted about their film, their roles in Twilight and Lost, and lots more. In Part One of this series of interviews Robert reveals how he felt during the fight scenes, how he views father figures, his role in Bel Ami and his relationship with his friends and family.

On playing brooding types, and whether he'd consider a lighter role: "I did the kind of lighter stuff before Twilight came out, and it just so happened that Twilight’s become so much about the archetype of the brooding person. I mean I never thought that Tyler was that brooding to be honest [laughs], and then I just get it at every single thing, people saying, "brood, brood, brood" — I hadn’t even heard the word before Twilight! I guess I like to play broken and troubled characters because it seems more interesting, especially because I’m not that broken and troubled myself." (Kate:Well thank God for that! Oh and you're well on your way to that Phd in Brooding that Pierce was talking about)

On his new roles: "I’m doing something now [Bel Ami] that’s still quite dark, but the guy, his character isn’t so fractured, he’s just someone who’s incredibly focused and has a lot of confidence in himself, and nothing can shake his confidence. (Kate: Ya so I see from the on set pics from yesterday) And then after that, I think there’s a kind of lighter thing as well. I don’t know, it’s not really that they’re angsty it’s just that joy seems to be more a universal emotion in script, it’s quite difficult — if you’re happy, you’re happy."

On how the character of Tyler developed: "The script changed so much over seven months and just had loads and loads of re-writes. I tried to tailor things to what I was interested in, like the relationship with the dad changed quite a lot because I thought one of the things when you’re a young guy one of your biggest fears is this irrational fear of walking in your dad’s footsteps and living the same life as him. I thought, even if your dad’s a good guy, you just want to assert your independence on everything and it causes these irrational sort of rages."

On his own fighting history: "I haven’t been in a fight in quite a long time, I think I’m too scared now. I think if I got in to a fight now, somebody would just kill me just for the sake of it [laughs]. I liked a lot of Tyler’s character, the rebelliousness and audaciousness of it, it’s like a fantasy of myself, like yeah, I’m the kind of guy who just randomly gets in fights. Yeah, I do it all the time. But, not really [laughs]."

On filming the fight scenes:
Producer Nick Osbourne: "I felt scared for you because the day you were doing the Chris Cooper fight, Chris was doing press-ups against the wall [laughs]."
Robert: "Yeah, he’s like unbelievably strong, he’s terrifying. And the fight I was having at the beginning I was doing it with this big stunt guy and I kept hitting this thing against the wall, next to his head. Then I was hitting him with what I thought was my full strength, I hit him in the head about four times and every time I hit him, I was like, 'I'm sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry'. And he’s like, 'It’s fine, it didn’t even hurt'. Yeah, that was kind of an ego deflater!" (Kate:Giggle)

On his friendship group: "It’s nice that I’ve grown up with the same friends since I was 12, I have a very close knit set of them... I grew up with a lot of people who a lot of other people regarded as heroes, and no one ever came to me for advice, no one ever came to me for protection, and so I don’t ever really think I’ve been looked at as a hero."

On who he considers his hero: "Outside of my family, I don’t really know. They’re great people and my parents are great parents, and they brought me up very well, I think. I don’t know, I think that’s about all the heroes I’ve had."(Kate: All together now Awwwwwwwww)


Babs said...

How cute is the last part about his parents?? And yes, they brought him up really well

Dessert First said...


5 days to go before RM


HeneciaD said...

kate yeay all together awwwww love this :))

Kate said...

That's actually what I did when I read it so I figured everyone else would too! LOL

Petra Eller said...

I think I'm dreaming. For months, everything is absolutely right what Rob does. Whether he acting, photo shoots, makes interviews, choosing his roles. Everything is perfect. And now this here. As he speaks lovingly of his parents. Can we love him more?
I can not think clearly. All I know is.

Petra Eller said...

If this continues, it is increasingly dangerous for Rob. How can women hold back, if this man makes us so love-crazy. I think it is no longer enough, that Rob has a bodyguard. Any woman who is close to Rob , needs to have a bodyguard, too . This bodyguard needs full power, to hold us back . LOL ;)

HeneciaD said...

@kate you guessed right I did it LOL

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

The comments on his friends and his parents, just make me melt. Sincere and devoted, not your usual qualities in a 23-year old man, who happens to be very famous. His parents did indeed do a very good job.

ShariG said...

OMG. What is not to love about this guy. Every time he opens his mouth to speak he is more adorable than the time before. Loved this interview. Love that he is just himself and says whatever he feels. Love him.

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