Robert Pattinson Interview in OK Magazine Mexico

What’s the first thing you say to a girl on a date?
I don’t talk about myself, no way. You can’t show yourself too quickly. You have to find out what she likes before you start talking.

How can they win your heart?
With money!

Anything else?
Infinite patience.

What do you hate about fame?
I get paranoid; I have to be careful and try to tell who genuinely likes me, and who wants to be with me just so I like them.

And how can you tell if you can trust them?
If you give them your number and they call you right away, you can’t trust them. If they can’t wait to call and call you the very next day, I don’t want to know about them anymore (laughs).

You seem like a hostage of your own success. Would you prefer to go back to the days when you were unknown?
No, if I had that sort of mentality, I would go nuts. It’s annoying to see how people will stop at nothing. You learn a lot about human behavior. It gets irritating. But I would never want to go back to the past.

Where do you live in America?
I’ve been staying in hotels for that past three years.

Photo. About Mexico city, a place he visited for less than 48 hours while promoting Twilight he said: “I’ve never seen anything like it. In every city there’s an industrial zone around the airport, and in Mexico city you leave the airport and the entire city is just right there, and it’s immediately vibrant. I’ve never seen such an active city, I really liked it. Wouldn’t mind living there for a while.

What’s it like to live in hotels all the time?
You get tired. I came close to buying a house in America last year, but I realized it would’ve been very complicated. Too much money and I’m not even sure I’ll work there in the next few years.

What makes you feel at home when you travel for a long time?
I always take my guitar with me. I’ve had it for a few years, but I got a new one recently. I like Skype, it’s amazing how you can communicate with everyone no matter where they are. I used to like the feeling of isolation.I used to leave for a year and not talk to anybody. When I came back to London I realized that your life can collapse if you don’t talk to anybody.

Do you find any similarities between you and Tyler?
In the beginning I thought I could play him close to myself, but it ended up being a different character.

Are you close to your sisters like your character is to his sister?
Yes, very. My sister Liz is older than me, so it’s a bit different. I always wanted a younger sibling. I like working with younger people. Ruby will be amazing when she grows up. She’s so natural in front of the camera. I’ve never worked with anyone as good as her, she’s amazing at improvising and no matter what you say, she doesn’t break character.

Have you ever felt the aggression that Tyler has against life?
I still feel it. It’s an inexplicable anger that’s not directed to anyone in particular. I was never a rebel, but I am now. I always wanted to live like Tyler.

And how do you channel that anger? Do you trash hotel rooms?
Yes, of course. I destroy everything (laughs).I like to control my anger and I channel it through my work. I’m working on something that requires a lot of anger and it’s exhausting (Bel Ami). I can’t be angry all day, it’s exhausting.

Remember Me talks about how frail life really is. Could you say good-bye to this world right now and be satisfied with what you’ve done?
Yes, in many ways Remember Me talks about how you can achieve happiness. Those brief instants when you realize and say: “Right now, I’m happy”, and how you can live that moment. There’s very few moments like that.

Have you had any of those moments?
Of course I have. Sometimes I’m obsessed with the idea. I can almost time each of these moments, until I feel something else. Those are true moments if peace.

Any moment you can share with us?
When my dog Patty was dying, seeing how she lived her last moments with absolute dignity. That unbreakable pride in her, and her love for me made me feel very happy. She was a big part of the family.

Pierce Brosnan says you have a very good heart and that you’re humble.
Well, thank you. It’s scary, honestly. I never take fame for granted. It’s not a matter of luck, you have to earn. And somehow I feel like I’ll have to make up for it in the future.

Did you enjoy working with Emilie?
Her role was written as a Hispanic girl from Queens, and I had pictured that in mind already. And all of a sudden the blondest most Australian girl I had ever seen walks in. There’s a toughness about her. After her auditions we went to a bar and she had like 25 beers without losing her sobriety. And I thought “this is going to be fun”.

Translation and scans from Twilight Poison


Ana73 said...

so do we believe that this is a "real" interview since it is OK???

so wouldn't you just love to skype with rob :))

Luxie said...

Yeah wondering if this is real or not.. OK is mostly a rag mag.
But if it is real, that's super sweet about his doggy Aww *tear*

shufflebin said...

seems like a hodge-podge from different interviews

but they say things that are nice

KIMMY said...

Why do I feel most of this interview did not sound like Rob?... Even if I did not know it was OK!, I would still have said the same thing about the interview... Seems like they took bits from here and there and changed some words and voila, an interview was made... Hope I don't sound offensive...

Kelly Louise said...

"After her auditions we went to a bar and she had like 25 beers without losing her sobriety. And I thought “this is going to be fun”." Haha.

I think this interview is legit, just another one that has gotten lost in translation.. and probably a few things that they stole from other interviews.

Babs said...

Many questions and answers sound like the ones in VF Italy.
I still haven't understood if he wants girls to call him back or not? :)

Jane said...

Is skype like twitter in America? What did he mean to win his heart with money?

MsFierceFab said...

I think a latina (spanish) girl from queens as Tylers love interest would of been really interesting to see in Remember Me.

sunizup said...

to Jane - skype is a program that allows you to make phone calls via internet for free...
i thought his comment about "a girl with money" was either a joke or he didn't really do this interview. only bits and pieces sounded like him at all, and OK is a total rag... he has always said that he could care less about money and doesn't need anything material... (loved the doggy comment though) ;D

Anonymous said...

So many "translated" and re-hashed articlesa with the same information. It's got to be near a time when the reps will be setting up a mass press conference. That should help keep the papps off of him a bit; when there's no news, they will stir some up, and intrude on his limited privacy. Agents,,, do your jobs, that's what you're paid for.

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