Emilie De Ravin Talks About Getting To Know Robert Pattinson & "Remember Me"

What does "Remember Me" have that makes it different from common romantic stories?
- John Sikovaris

The characters are so beautifully unique and their relationships break the norm. It's a reality driven piece that depicts so many parts of a relationship. Not just Ally and Tyler's but their relationship with their families and in turn, how that effects them.

What was it like to work with co-star Robert Pattinson? Did you spend time getting to know each other before filming or during to create chemistry?
- Lauren Spratt

We had a really great time working together. Instead of just doing a scene and reading your lines, it felt like I was just reacting to him and the situation which made it feel very natural and un-forced. Probably the case because not only did we get along really well- we made a point of being on the same page as each other to do with our characters' relationship. Not reading over and over scenes, but more talking about them and our characters and finding moments one or both of us hadn't noticed before. I think really getting to know someone helps a lot with having believable chemistry on-screen.

Other than the Ally/Tyler relationship, which do you think is the best relationship in the film and why?
- Natalia Al

Ruby and Rob who play Caroline and Tyler-They had such a great chemistry together. Even though there's a big age difference between the characters they have such an adult relationship. Tyler could not be more caring and protective of Caroline and goes to great lengths to try and make her father understand and be there for her.

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MMc said...

Awwwwwwww how sweet! Rob has such a way with people of all ages and that will be great to see him relate to Ruby!

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