Round-Up Of Slovenian Magazines Featuring Robert Pattinson

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Nova Magazine 15th Feb

10 Best Kisses of the Decade / Same sex kisses are the hottest
4. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Twilight 2008

Nova Magazine 22nd Feb

Robert Pattinson gets advice from James Bond
Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan is giving advice to young costar on how to handle fame. They worked together on the movie Remember Me which premieres in American movie theatres in the beginning of April (Kate: Should be March of course) On his work with famous actor the star of vampire movies talked with the Vogue magazine.

Darja didn't translate the rest on the interview, since people can read about it in the original magazine, Vogue, it's the story about their lunch together, people were watching, Pierce introduced himself.... and the part where Rob states his opinion on Twitter and Facebook.

Stop Magazine 24th Feb

Kristen was celebrating her award and paparazzi followed her when she left the show with colleague Robert Pattinson.

Lady Magazine 24th Feb (Kate: Ok I think this magazine needs to keep a bit more up to date)

Who will be the new Spiderman?
We doubt Robert Pattinson will accept the role after he had to be vampire Edward in four times. He's most annoyed by fans who think he is a vampire in real life. How crazy will his fans go if they think he is a superhero?

Big Thanks to Darja for scanning and translating these for us !


Tombert said...

Putting Lindsay Lohan AND the Twilight stars on the list with the other stars is just wrong.

I love Rob, but this kiss wasn't that special.

skorpia said...

OOO If I had a wish I want him to be James BOnd. James is sexy and Dangerous. ROb would have to beef up for that role though--

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