Robert Pattinson Comic Book Writer Answers Questions

Kim Sherman the author of Fame's Robert Pattinson Comic Book wanted to answer some questions our commenters raised in the posts we made about the book. We thank Kim for taking the time. Here's the unedited Q&A.

Q: Are you over-exposing Rob by making this comic?
A: With the continual press out about Rob and his insane popularity along with all the Twilight franchising, it does seem like overexposure. The biography comics started out to inform readers about high-profile people such as politicians and female powerhouse figures. The series have become extremely popular, both with readers and with those being profiled. Sarah Palin and Bill Clinton requested copies of their bios. Barbara Walters featured her own on The View, and Ellen loves hers as well. It’s morphed into a series on famous figures, and Rob, obviously, is at the top of the list.

I won’t be exposing Rob in a negative light, nor will I speculate on anything, including his love life. That’s his own business, not mine or anyone else’s. Nor will it be a boring chronological rehash of him growing up. Everything in the book comes from reputable sources. Rob has been typecast as Edward Cullen, and my goal is for readers to see him for who he is- a great actor with immense ability to perform… beyond the stigma of Twilight.

Q: Is this biography authorized?
A: No, it’s not. Most high profile public figures aren’t in the position to sit and dictate to a ghost writer the details about his/her life, and Rob is no different. That said, however, even though Bluewater bios are unauthorized, they’ve been extremely well-received by those who have been profiled. They aren’t smut; they’re a true, condensed version of a public figure’s life.

Consider this- aside from the “official” Twilight site- nearly everything else you read about on the internet is unauthorized. This book is no different; it’s just a tangible compilation of information that you’ve already dissected all over the net, put together in an interesting way…. Ambrosial, if you will…

Q: Who are you and what qualifies you to write a biography?
A: First and foremost, I’m a human interest writer who specializes in profiling interesting subjects. Last February, when I was a Twilight fiend, I started a blog to feed my need for Twi-news aside from the unrelated work I was doing locally. From there it morphed into The Twilight Moonlighter, which is my moniker for blogs I manage both here and in Britain. I’m also the Twilight Parents Examiner (designed for parents who love Twilight and those freaked out because their kids love the saga), and the entire experience has helped me expand and become a full-fledged entertainment writer. I’ve interviewed several high profile figures including Rob’s director, Oliver Irving (How to Be), Kellan Lutz, Gil Birmingham, OkGo, Hurricane Bells… and others aside from Twilight- the cast of The Lovely Bones, and Chris Colfer from GLEE, for starters.

Profiling famous subjects is not new for me. Putting it into comic book form is a new medium for me to tackle, but it’s a great way to capture a subject, both through the written word and visually.

If you want to learn more about me as a writer and see samples of my work, my website is

Q: Why a comic book?
A: The comic book market has declined over the years, and is targeted mostly to men. The Bluewater bios target a completely new market and can be found in more mainstream venues such as Target, Borders and even JoAnn’s crafts.

Honestly, the target audience of this comic is a teenager- around 14-18, but if you fall above or below that age range, you’ll still find the comic interesting. I’m a 30 something year old, and wrote it with myself in mind; something I’d find fascinating to read. But it’s still a comic book, nonetheless. It’s not literary genius; just a piece to inspire readers to learn more about the subject.

Q: Will Rob make any money off of this?
A: We’d love to donate a portion of the proceeds from the book to Rob’s favorite charity. It’s been offered to his camp, but this procedure is a lengthy one, so I have no final word as of yet. More information will be released as soon as it’s available!

Q: Rob doesn’t look like himself in the pictures that have been released. Will it get any better?
A: The one page that was released on MTV was the rough draft of page 3. Without color, the script, and a finished piece, it’s easy to criticize every little part of the one rough page. The final product will tie each individual page together and work cohesively. Over 100 pictures came into play as inspiration behind Rob’s story.

Incidentally, Rob has mentioned in interviews that he has a very flat face and is hard to photograph (I would beg to differ…). He’s a unique case; women of all ages ogle and swoon over every feature of his face and body more so than any other celeb. So it’s a natural progression to do the same in comic form, and it’s easier to criticize his drawn features.

Q: Who is the artist and does he even know who Rob is?
A: His name's Nathan Ooten and he is first and foremost a comic book fan and illustrator. As research, he immersed himself in Rob’s interests- books, films, music, etc, watched his interviews, films, and listens to Rob’s music while he’s working on the bio. His intention as the artist is to represent Rob in a way that's as honest to him as possible and in a way that Rob would appreciate rather than as simply eye candy. He feels very strongly that what this book actually is is several artists paying tribute to another artist that they appreciate and admire.

Q: Where can I pick up a copy?
A: The best way is to pre-order a copy from Amazon HERE

For more information on the company, visit


HeneciaD said...

tahnks gözde can I ask you something

HeneciaD said...

gözde are you hearing me??

Gozde said...

yes, go ahead :)

LTavares2011 said...

Oh Miss or Mrs Sherman. You are absolutely right. It is easy to criticize, mainly when the work shown is not good indeed. I can`t say anything ( good or bad ) about your writing but about Mr Ooten`s rough draft, please, it isn`t good ( I`m being kind . Some friends of mine who are comic book writers and ilustrators are more critical than me, they say it`s primary and awful ).
Besides that the most important thing for me is: Rob didn`t approve this material, he even saw it before as you have said, then... don`t insult my intelligence, please.

AP said...

Thanks to Kim and Gozde for the details from the Q&A. Not really into comics any more...

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Hello!!!! And there is a site where Robert Pattinson answers personally questions of fans? I from Russia, very much search and I can not find...

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