Robert Pattinson in Greek is Pομπερτ Παττινσον

Greek Remember Me Poster . I thought Robert Pattinson was written as Pομπερτ Παττινσον but this poster shows something else. What do I know? It's all Greek to me :)

Thanks to Pattinson Ladies and RPattzFanGr :)


dina said...

LOL Goz it's all Greek to me too.
It should be Ρόμπερτ Πάττινσον.

skorpia said...

QUE?? :) Want me some POB.

Παπίνα said...

Hey there! I am Greek! It's actually correct. "β" is more like "v" in English, when "μπ" is pronounced exactly like "b".

Good to finally see the Greek poster, though I'd prefer not to translate the title. Anyway, it's cool! Can't wait to see this movie!

Penny Lane said...

i agree with papina...
they shouls stick to the original title..!!!

cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

Παπίνα is right!Finally,a poster was about time!!!I can't wait for the film!!!!!!!

dina said...

I kind of like the greek title, having read the script, when I saw it written in Greek I was moved, but this is just MO.

AromaChef said...

Yes, there are several posters and banners all around Athens. I agree with Παπίνα - I don't like the way title films are translated. Alas, there are still quite a few of us who do not speak English.

And ladies, if we're going to translate his name, shouldn't we go with the sexier Greek translation? Ροβέρτος? (English friends: that would be pronounced /roVErtos/)... Hmmm??? Don't you like the way your tongue rolls around your mouth to say that? LOL

dina said...

@Ebon, I was about to write " Ροβέρτος" because this is the correct one but then I thought who gives a thing about how we translate his name so I let it go.
Wow there are a lot of us out there. Aren't there?
I am going to the cinema hoping for the trailer then hurry back for Bafta and then for the after show here this will be a long night:)))

MMc said...

Dina -
How do you know English so well. Were you born in Greece? That language seems so difficult to learn.
I'm amazed.

vafla89 said...

I usually don’t like it when the titles are translated coz most of the time they have a completely different meaning but I love this one!! The first time I heard about RM I though what the Greek title could be like but I wasn’t sure if it would be ‘Να με θυμάσαι’ after all. I’m glad they kept the exact translation! I agree with Dina, it’s moving!

Ροβέρτος?! LOL! Hmm, considering that the suffix –όπουλος means ‘son’ in Greek last names then it would be Ροβέρτος Παττινόπουλος if the names were translated! :p

There was a teacher in my high school who was British and his first name was Edward! (oh yes, Edward!!! Little did I know back then!). The other teachers used to call him Eddie but when he was introducing himself to the students he was always translating his name; Εδουάρδος Αλβέρτος! I don’t know why but all of the students we were thinking that both his first and his middle name were funny. Of course he never translated his last name but WE kept translating it coz it was a real word actually and a funny one!

Jokastia said...

Hello from Greece!

So, the oppening of the film in our country is on March 11th! One day before U.S.A like New Moon! Lucky Greek girls!

And by the way, the most of Greeks learn English to foreign schools. It's almost necessary.

Mary-Anne said...

I am Greek too and as everybody has said..
I LOVE U ROB!!!aahh

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