Forbes Star Currency

Cam Gigandet’s:(426)
Nikki Reed’s:(766)
Kristen Stewart’s:(860)

Forbes Star Currency: Criteria for Ranking Actors

When ranking each actor, voters were asked to consider a number of elements regarding the actor's participation in a film as they applied in the market at the time of the survey. Criteria used were:

--The amount of financing that flows to a project is significantly determined by the individual actor's presence in a film.

--The individual actor's presence in a film guarantees theatrical distribution.

--The individual actor's presence significantly drives the film's theatrical box-office performance.

Well if this is indeed the criteria Rob should be SO much higher on the list. How many of us saw Twilight more than once just for Rob? The movie made $349 mil to date and the budget was only $37mil.

He will be much higher in next year's list for sure...



Tenneil said...

I heard he got 2 mil for Twilight and New Moon went up to twelve mil!!! how you like them apples??

Thanks Goz for keeping us informed!!

Ellie said...

Yes, Rob's in for a big increase in salary. But I'm thinking 12 mil is way too high, considering Summit's budgets.

Oh, my manners; hi, Tenneil!

Tenneil said...

Hey Ellie

Who knows its just gossip anyways??

Its quiet in here today... Real life getting in the way again??

Ellie said...

Yep. I can only really get on here when my boys are in a special. They just got back and it's free play.
But I'll be on after dismissal and then again tonight. You'll be there??

Tenneil said...

Rob is my date tonight!!hahaha

I'll be here... rest of the afternoon and after dinner with the family...

Reading FF right now... "a whole new life" have you read it??

Laura said...

Hey Ellie and Tenneil!

Ellie-I was so late again for school today thanks to the Submissive! Oh holy fucking unicorns, the scene in the library...GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I will be the FIRST teacher running to my car when the bell rings so I can get back to reading it. Hell, I might even beat the students home!

Tenneil said...

Hi Laura... I dont believe that I have had the pleasure of talking to you yet... hello

makes you want to find the rare collection in your local library huh??? I took my kiddies to the library yesterday... no such luck!!!

Laura said...

Hey there, Tenneil! Nice to "meet" you :)

LMAO! It makes me all hot and sweaty just to even THINK of a library!

Tenneil said...

the small things in life that make us get through the day!!

I feel the need for a collar???


wait for the mushroom risotto?? it get better!! hope that wasnt TMI

Anonymous said...

Awww, everyone in Hong Kong loves Rob!! lol, im moving there... (kidding)

Laura said...

Mushroom Risotto? Haven't gotten there, yet, but it sure sounds hot! lol

TwiHartRK said...

Hi Ellie, Laura, Tenneil, zbee.
Oh yeah - Rob will be higher in 2009. The full list is has some surprises. Interesting Rob and Nikki Reed are closely ranked - sandwich Ray Winstone. Uh, never heard of him.

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