How To Be will be released in the US!

How much do you love me for this news? :)

From How To Be Newsletter:

We're excited to announce the much-anticipated U.S. release of How To Be! The film has been picked up for distribution by IFC Films and will premiere on IFC Festival Direct in April. To coincide with IFC's spring release, the How To Be soundtrack will be available on iTunes and on CD through Dreamboat Records. Full details of the release to come soon, and if you're not in the U.S. or Italy then rest assured that we are hard at work setting up distribution elsewhere!

Leading up to the release, How To Be is going on a U.S. tour! Oliver Irving (Writer/Director), Joe Hastings (Composer), Mike Pearce (Nikki), and Johnny White (Ronny) will be bringing the film to select cities, hitting states along the East coast from Florida to Massachusetts. April tour dates are still being finalized, but stay tuned for updates!

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How To Be Trailer from How To Be on Vimeo.

In the meantime, How To Be has confirmed an Australian premiere and joined the rosters of several U.S. film festivals, many of which Writer/Director Oliver Irving will be attending. See below for dates and links to information and ticket sales for upcoming festival screenings.
Upcoming Festivals and Screenings
Picture of the How To Be poster for the Austin Film Festival

* Cinequest Film Festival
Satuday, February 28 & Monday, March 2
San Jose, California
Writer/Director Oliver Irving attending

* Durango Film Festival
March 4-8
Durango, Colorado

* George Lindsey UNA Film Festival
March 5-8
Florence, Alabama

* Chicago International Movie and Music Festival
Sunday, March 8
Chicago, Illinois

* DC Independent Film Festival
Sunday, March 8
Washington, DC

* Burbank International Film Festival
Friday, March 27
Burbank, California
Writer/Director Oliver Irving attending

* Australia Premiere!
University Hall, University of Technology Sydney
Saturday 28 March, 7:00pm
Sydney, Australia

* Las Vegas International Film Festival
April 9-12
Las Vegas, Nevada
Writer/Director Oliver Irving and Composer Joe Hastings attending

* California Independent Film Festival in Livermore
Opening Night! Thursday, April 16 Livermore, California
Writer/Director Oliver Irving and Composer Joe Hastings attending

* First Glance Hollywood Film Festival
May 1-3
Los Angeles, California


keely said...

Oh my, girls, you are going to have so much fun!!!!

Ellie said...

I am so pyched for this movie! The character of Art seems so adorkable. And Rob is such a chameleon when acting.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, GOZ!!! I'm a 2-hour drive away from UNA in Alabama. Wahoo!!! Ya' made my day, girl :)

Jae Lu said...

dang. Brown Paper Tickets does not have Adv Tix sales avail for HTB at the CIMMfest date yet !!! ARGH! Please please please let me know if someone hears when this changes!

bookworm13 said...

yay!!! i am going to the March 2nd Screening of HOW to Be in Cali! sooo excited!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited it is coming to Florida :) It hasn't been confirmed as of a date yet but they did mention Florida in the original post. I have wanted to see How to Be for months and I will be able to soon!

luckygyrl said...

WooHoo finally. What a great birthday gift!!!!! I mean, its not Rob in my bed, but I'll guess it'll do. LOL

Good Morning All!!!

Bootstrap Intern said...

I already have my ticket for 2/28 in San Jose. I can't wait!!

Kate said...

Now I wish I lived in America. They seriously better bring this to DVD FAST!!!!!! ;-)

luckygyrl said...

Im sure they'll have your way soon. Im not sure where ya live, but it looks like distribution is picking up pretty fast. Its like you cant find the "Bad Mothers Handbook" movie in the US. I'll just have to suffer....

Jae Lu said...

OME, the CIMMfest site is now UPDATED to get tix for the Mar 8 showing! Got 'em!

Emily said...

So jealous of all of you that get to see this! No such luck for me. I guess I'll just have to settle for watching the trailer over and over and staring at Rob laying on the floor in his tight blue pants. He fills out those pants nicely.

Emily said...

Okay, I was just catching up on the rest of the posts and I have to say, Rob at the Oscars would be awesome to see. Any way he could recycle those tight black pants from the LA premiere? Although it does mean that he'd have to come back to LA soon which, let's be honest, he's probably not thrilled about. But he would do an amazing job.
My only wish is that if it's true that he is presenting, I hope it's not with Kristen, although it probably will be. The reason I say that is to me, Kristen is an incredibly talented actress but painful to watch during appearances. She's uncomfortable and always looks pissed or like she's about to throw up. And with the stupid dialogue they would have to read off the teleprompter, it would be too much for me. Even though Rob doesn't love the spotlight either, he smiles and is charming and makes it enjoyable. Anyway, just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice how short Robador Dali's pants were in the clip 3 posts down?

And Awkward Art in his tight blue pants - also too short. Flood much?

Those lovely long legs make for a wardrobe challenge apparently.

Emily said...

LOL AJ! Maybe he prefers them that way. Afterall, his own personal wardrobe hasn't changed since middle school. Gotta let the ankles breathe.

Anonymous said...

Good point Emily. His ankles are his best feature after all!

Emily said...

I love me some ankle porn. I still say he doesn't wear socks unless he has to. Too much hassle.

Tess said...

Oh this is such great news for HTB & all the people in the US (et all) who have been waiting to see it, but such bad news for me.........

The Singapore Film Festival is in April. I know they applied, but it hasn't been accepted??


Kate said...

The Jameson FIlm festival ends here on Sunday and neither LA or HTB are in it BUT there is a surprise film on Sunday they do it every year and it's always sold out. If it turns out to be one of these you will hear me screaming sll the way over there!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I loooovee that part in front of the mirror!! If anyone has a gif of that pleasee give it to me :)
I'm soo happy that its coming in LA!! I'm sooo going to try and watch it! :D

Wilmari said...

Girls, I'm going to the Chicago screening! Anyone else going??

Anonymous said...

Florence, AL isn't far from me at all...hope you don't have to be a UNA student to attend the screening!

Anonymous said...

@ smitten....ME TOO!

Anonymous said...

WOW I can't believe it will be screening in AL. I will be driving to my 2 hours for sure!
I have to support this gorgeous man!
Ahh, I can't get enough ROB!!!!

Jae Lu said...

the CIMMfest screening (Chicago) tickets were already gone 24h later! whoa! I'm gonna be one of the fan girls 'of a certain age' there *hahaha!

Jae Lu said...

for anyone missing out on the 1st showing of HTB on Mar8 in Chicago ... word is they added another screening. go to CIMMFEST.ORG or try this link:

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