Robert Pattinson at Brazil Fashion Week?

We have been getting emails and tweets asking us if Robert Pattinson would be attending Brazil Fashion Week. The official twitter for the event announced that Rob would be in attendance.

Gossip Cop confirmed that this is NOT true. Rob won't be in Brazil for the fashion week.

He's already working on Bel Ami...

It would have been too much to see Rob strutting his hotness on the runway :)


Butterfly25 said...

"It would have been too much to see Rob strutting his hotness on the runway"
Well Gozde, to be honest, I really wouldn't mind seeing this, but I do agree that it would be too much for us:D

So, is he really already working on "Bel Ami"??? If he is, he must be in USA now, but there were no photos from airport or anything. Wow, he really can hide, but good for him:)

Mari said...

As much as i would looove that he came to Brasil (to my house/bed).

That isn't true. :(

olga said...

Rob is working on "Bel Ami" but in's UK movie i believe

JandR said...

yes I hadn't heard anywhere that he was already working on Bel Ami - but he must still be in UK for that surely?

If he is working again I wonder if that means pics will start emerging soon...hope so...I miss him :(

tgill said...

I really don't know how he can say that he was a lousy model when he looks like that in the Hacketts catalogue. Did anyone ever post the catalogue online so that we can see the rest of his photos?

Gozde said...

Bel Ami isn't shooting in US :) He has started preparing for the movie.

Uriel said...

totally agree, and my fav pic from this catalogue was one with the horse. Rob looks scary and horse too. I hope this horse would't want to kick him. Here is link

Uriel said...


so where it will be shooting Paris or Budapest?

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

yes..indeed it would have been too much...gah!! Girls...u shud see this Youtube vid on Rob (if u haven't already) hotness!! My jaw dropped...then i bit my lip...and faint...LOL

try to find.."Hey Rob, would"....its worth it!!

Suz said...

Bel Ami is in pre-production.

Filming locations:

Interior filming in London
Exterior filming in Budapest

Juli87 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juli87 said...

@Suz: Is that for sure? So there really won't be any exterior filming in London? Well, that's a shame... I would have loved to see some pictures of our boy filming at home! :-(
Where did you get infos about Bel Ami? I have been searching but havn't really found anything reliable yet...

jlsentangledweb said...

iena amoi, that was a super hot vid! I hadn't seen that before so thank you, thank you, thank you.
Ladies, if you haven't seen it, GO!!!
finger porn
jaw porn
the hair
the smirk
the stare (in green, gray, and blue)
the buns
the finger bite
the scruff
...just go and see for yourself!!!

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

Bel Ami, already?? Who's up for a trip to Budapest with me? I'll drive, lol!

@Gozde - "It would have been too much to see Rob strutting his hotness on the runway", truer words have never been written. It would have been worth the heart failure. *thud*

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I am hopefull for photos of Rob shooting Bel Ami.. but it's doubtful...and I'm glad there's no airport photos..

Hopefully he'll be able to stay in London for a while.. Rehearsals now, then filming next month I believe.

skorpia said...

I think Brazilian booty will turn Robs head. His tongue would hang out and roll on the runway--Suz,thanks for the update on where theyre filmingYou answered my question!

Unknown said...

Its Sao Paulo Fashion week, not Brazil fashion Show.
The brand who invited him and was negotiating it's COLCCI.
Maybe....big maybe he's coming to the Colcci event. Big brands in Brazil promote parties and stuff like that!!!

RPLover said...

please, oh please, let there be on-set pics! or an on-set interview. or something! (that doesn't involve pappcrap)

waah...I miss him and it's making me

MMc said...

What??? brazil fashion, duh......he doesn't have anything BETTER to do???

Jeez - he's way beyond his modeling days (thank goodness) - get real.

MMc said...


Your link didn't go to the picture - can you give us the path to get there from the homepage?

Would love to see Rob on a horse!!
Can't imagine how uncoordinated that would look.

Denise said...

I'd love to see Rob on the runway here in Brazil!!!

nikola6 said...

If he's starting with 'interior' shots in London, then sorry, there won't be any photos. Although I'm betting that once he gets to Budapest to shoot the exteriors, they'll probably tag him. Budapest is often substituted when a film needs an 'old European look' and too, it doesn't hurt that it's less expensive to film there.

There's not much that can be done to keep the papps away, but I wish his fans would have enough respect for his work process to stay the hell away and let him do his job. What do you suppose the chances of that are? Right. Slim and none. After what happened with him in NY last summer, if this production's got a lick of sense, they'll have this set roped off and keep everyone back at least 1,000 feet. And if anyone bitched about it, they should be told...'how would you like it if hundreds and hundreds of strangers showed up everyday snapping pictures of you while you tried to do your job?' How many would tolerate such a thing? How long would it take for security or police to be called in to stop it?

He's got a movie coming out in just two months with some interviews (tv/mags) to go along with it (although don't plan on a three week juggernaut like he's been forced into for the Twilight franchise). That's soon enough. You don't need intrusive pictures of him trying to do his current job to 'get you through.'

You may want them, but you don't NEED them.

Here's a novel idea. Why don't we try to think about him and what he might NEED. And what might that be? If you guessed that he needs to be left alone to would be correct.


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