*New* HQ Robert Pattinson Photos From UK "Remember Me" Premiere Part 2

*New* HQ Robert Pattinson Photos From UK "Remember Me" Premiere Part 2

GAH Finger Porn, Jaw Porn and look at the tongue. These pics have it all!

Photo Credit LFI

There's more after the cut it you think your heart can take it!


Fiftyshadesofpink said...

Thank you Kate!

Not dead yet, but definitely feeling a wee bit woozy...

HQ Rob, so gorgeous, so perfect. Can't get on with any kind of productive work today.

Cheeky Chops said...

Dear Robert,

Our love could change the orbit of the earth. So, if a meteor ever comes hurtling towards earth with the guarantee of destruction, top scientists may call on us to, well, you know, do it like crazy for the sake of humankind. I guess I could fall madly in bed with you. Men reach their sexual peak at eighteen. Women reach theirs at thirty-five. Do you get the feeling that God is playing a practical joke? The only thing wrong with being an atheist is that there's nobody to talk to during an orgasm. I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty. Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful - provided you get between the right man and the right woman. I'm all for bringing back the birch, but only between consenting adults. Don't worry, it only seems kinky the first time. Nothing risqué, nothing gained.


P.S. To succeed with the opposite sex, tell her you're impotent. She can't wait to disprove it.
P.P.S. Nymphomaniac: a woman as obsessed with sex as an average man. ;)

Cheeky Chops said...

Hehehehe How's that for "perverted stuff"? I need to get my snarky @ss off this board before I say anything else..LMAO

Brooke Moss said...

Holy God, the chest hair.........


I've slipped into yet another Rob coma.

HeneciaD said...

I am dying here and there is more omg

Dessert First said...


Even Rob can't stop playing with his fingers!


jessegirl said...

Okay, I admit when the rest of you are drooling about the tongue shots, I'm not there.
But this tongue shot, 3rd one down, let's just keep it to yummy.

And he and Emilie take a good picture together. But she's so little. What will he look like with the tall Uma on his arm??

Cheeky Chops said...

@Dessert-wanna know the REALLY funny thing..those are quotes from actors and actresses..LMAO ;)

LTavares2011 said...

The Man I Love

Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington

Someday he'll come along, The man I love
And he'll be big and strong, The man I love
And when he comes my way
I'll do my best to make him stay
He'll look at me and smile, I'll understand
Then in a little while, He'll take my hand
And though it seems absurd
I know we both won't say a word

Maybe I shall meet him Sunday,
Maybe Monday, maybe not
Still I'm sure to meet him one day
Maybe Tuesday will be my good news day

He'll build a little home, That's meant for two
From which I'll never roam, Who would, would you
And so all else above
I'm dreaming of the man I love

Rob is the Man I love now and ever!!! Beautiful, inteligent, simple and talented.

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