Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Nominated for Razzies

The Razzie nominations were announced today and New Moon was nominated in several "worst blah blah" categories. Here's what Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart said when we contacted them (via our resident medium :)). Taylor Lautner was flexing his muscles and couldn't be reached for comment.

John Wilson, Razzie president and founder, told Gold Derby: If the Razzies had expanded its top category, "Twilight: New Moon" would've been nominated for worst picture since it came in sixth place in the voting, so alas, it got snubbed.

" 'Twilight: New Moon' just wasn't bad enough," Wilson adds, noting that its star Taylor Lautner also barely missed out receiving a nomination for worst supporting actor. Nonetheless, he was cited along with "Twilight" costars in the category for worst screen couple as "Kristin Stewart and either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Whatz-His-Fang." Pattinson is nominated for worst supporting actor, and "New Moon" is listed in the race for worst screenplay.

Any Two (or More) Jonas Brothers, "The Jonas Brothers 3-D Concert Experience"
Sandra Bullock and Bradley Cooper, "All About Steve"
Will Ferrell and any co-star, Creature or "Comic Riff," "Land of the Lost"
Shia Lebouf & Either Megan Fox or Any Transformer, "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
Kristin Stewart and either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Whatz-His-Fang, "Twilight Saga: New Moon"

Billy Ray Cyrus, "Hannah Montana: The Movie"
Hugh Hefner (as himself), "Miss March"
Robert Pattinson, "Twilight Saga: New Moon"
Jorma Taccone (as Cha-Ka), "Land of the Lost"
Marlon Wayans, "G.I. Joe"

"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra"
"Land of the Lost"
"Pink Panther 2" (A Rip-Off of a Sequel to a Remake)
"Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen"
"Twilight Saga: New Moon"

"All About Steve," screenplay by Kim Barker
"G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra," screenplay by Stuart Beattie and David Elliot & Paul Lovett, based on Hasbro's G.I. Joe Characters.
"Land of the Lost," written by Chris Henchy & Dennis McNicholas, based on Sid & Marty Krofft's TV series
"Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen," written By Ehren Kruger & Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman, based on Hasbro’s Transformers Action Figures
"Twilight Saga: New Moon," screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer

Source: Gold Derby


MatildalovesRob said...

Predictable much ? :rolleyes:

I see that Sandra Bullock made it on the worse actress list. Don't think she will be losing any sleep over it either :rofl:

MatildalovesRob said...

I meant 'worst' ! Christ, my typing is crap today...

Cherri said...

That's nice Kristen. I'm sure we could have gotten the picture without the sign language. A little bit more kindness next time.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Taylor was off flexing his muscles and couldn't be reached for comment....
Bwahahahaha..... Lmao Gozde...

I love this photo of Rob... that loooong middle finger


Anonymous said...

nice pics!

Gwen Cooper 426 said...

Well said, Rob & Kristen, well said.

; )

Anonymous said... info:
"Just to be perfectly clear to those that don't know, a Razzie Award is NOT a good thing. With the 30th annual Golden Raspberry Awards on the way... the Razzie ballot makes strong suggestions for certain movies, and their presence on the form gives us a good indication of which films will be considered the worst of the past year."

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Oh well who cares about the Razzies anyway... (roll eyes). I bet lots of people would never have even heard about them if they hadn't decided to pick on NM.

skorpia said...

I vote transformers worst couple. OOo wait,Megan Faux would bang ANYONE. OOOps. *stares at Robs LOOOOOOOOOOONG middle finger*

LTavares2011 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
skorpia said...

Im still pissed at that reunion scene (or lack thereof) they couldve extended that scene with more dialogue. Pissed at Missy.

Mari said...

Is it wrong that i'm kinda hoping they 'win' worst screenplay ???? I Just HATE Melissa !!!!

@ Skorpia YES middle finger LOVE !!!!

LTavares2011 said...

Even knowing that this prize is a joke and many good actors have been nominated before
I think it is so unfair with Rob.

As for Mrs or Miss Rosemberg, she is in good company.

Anonymous said...

Vote Rob awards:
~ nominated in category "Hottest Male" by Shockwaves NME Awards 2010 (ceremony 24 February, London, at Brixton Academy)
~ "New Moon" nominated in category #12 Best Film
~ "New Moon" nominated for the ShoWest 2009 Fan Choice Award: Movie of the Year (event of the cinema exhibition and distribution community, March 18 the ShoWest awards ceremony in Las Vegas)

Pandora said...

I like the Razzies.

And frankly, NM and Twilight deserve it because as much as Im a Rob fan, I cant stand the books and the movies are mediocre.

I like Robs other movies much better and am happy non of them got nominated.

Est said...

that's why i think Rob should leave Twilight Saga. He's better than it.

Everybody here says Taylor isn't felxing his muscles...he's full of anabolic steroid (it's a joke!)

PS: please, don't kill me...

Fae007 said...

They knew if they nominate New Moon it'll be heard of them! Screw them!

Unknown said...

Fuck them...jealousy is such an ugly thing!Oscar winners have "won" this shit!They nominated him purely for attention for their little event...I always thought this was a lousy excuse for an award show even before my robsession!

Susanne said...

I think the Razzies are funny. This is publicity, too!

AP said...

I think there are many more worthy contenders than NM for the Razzies. Think they are lowering their standards to 'up' their

Speaking of other reknown awards, am behind the times but heard there was an ET Hottest Bachelors list with Rob and Taylor and the Jonas kids - isn't 17 a little young to be considered in the category? I mean to have the status of 'unmarried?' Well, I'm not in high school anymore so what do I know... :)

ShariG said...

Supporting actor??? Are they out of their minds. The one that put butts in the seats at New Moon was Rob Pattinson.

StarThink said...

i had critics. just because ONE person hates it, all the world must too?!
goddamn shit...

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple, this is them trying to get attention for their little unknown show.

Are you telling me that Taylor (shirtless, see my muscles because that's all I have) Lautner didn't get nominated, and Kristen (one note, monotone emotionless acting) Stewart did not get nominated, but Robert who is the best in the top main three cast for this movie, who has an expressive face and who portrays Edward perfectly got nominated, and for what? worst supporting actor when his role was barely 20 minutes in the movie?

I will tell you, it is a combination of both Jealousy because Robert's fans in general are women and because he plays a character that appeals a lot to women. And also because they want attention for their little unknown show. Because it they had nominated anyone else from NM they wouldn't have gotten a lot of attention.

Robert will continue to be a success because he is talented and charismatic and he's got a huge fanbase who will continue to support him as long as he continues to make good interesting movies. And he is the best thing about the Twilight saga...and the best thing around in hollywood, and among actors right now.

So their little attempt at get attention is just funny, lol

solas said...

Considering there are so many far worse, it seems this is either jealousy or a need for hits and attention (mention Rob and/or anything twilight, and people respong). pavlov passed away, folks, and hopefully none of us are dogs.

solas said...

respond, not respong.

must proofread--must proofread--must proofread

AP said...

@Solas: Gotta run but I like "respong." Portmanteau, I think. Will be doing some responing from now on.

AP said...

Ok, now I did it too. ResponGing. lol

annieEvilRobPornPusher said...

not worth a comment

......('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
........''...\.......... _.´

solas said...

ap LOL

solas said...

BTW--I normally detest vulgarity or even hints at it, but I must say, Kristen is spot on with this, and with her walking out on obnoxous intrusive interviewers, as well. And I am not sure if it is the odd and random movement of Rob's long fingers or deliberate yet subtle, but if the latter, I approve.

Gwen Cooper 426 said...

Annie, LOL! ; )

And ITA, Solas. Kristen's walk away last week was the freaking perfect answer...

MMc said...

Razzie suck.

What do THEY know? That dude is just jealous that he can't get the girls like Rob can!!

nikola6 said...

The Razzies are a joke in Hollywood and nobody pays them much mind. Does anybody remember who won them last year? Does anyone even know what the award looks like?

Most actors ignore it, but Halle Berry was a good sport and actually showed up to collect her's. Then I do believe a year or two later she showed up at the Kodak to pick up her Oscar.

These things don't matter a damn and of course nominating NM is going to bring attention to them. They'll probably give it to them in order to garner even more.

But it doesn't matter because they don't matter. They want to desperately, but they just don't.

nikola6 said...


Why have some criticised Kristen in her photo, but not Rob in his? Kristen's was part of a photo shoot and may have been done on the suggestion of the photographer.

Rob's was a candid in public in NY during the papp onslaught during RM (I think). Wherever it was, do you think that middle finger of his just innocently found itself jutting out like that?

Even with that grin on his face, I think his shot is 100 times more telling than her's. That him expressing HIMSELF in that photo. Kristen's may have just been part of the role she was playing in that very edgy photo shoot.

And I'm not saying that Kristen Stewart wouldn't give the finger to anyone who pissed her off at the first opportunity. I'm just wondering why some here slapped her for it, but not him?

nikola6 said...

Because women are more critical of other women and let men slide?

Just asking. Okay. I'll shut up now.

MatildalovesRob said...

I agree that they're both obviously flipping the bird. Rob's finger is usually directed at the paps because they're arseholes and Kristen's in a photoshoot is obviously for shock value but depends on the theme of the shoot as a whole I guess.

As for the razzies, they mean jack shit in HW. Rob being at the height of fame he is at the moment makes him a prime target and only increases their publicity just as they want !

Tinker said...

I'm a hard core Twilight Saga fan and Robert Pattinson's die hard fan... and yet, I find myself agreeing with the Razzies. New Moon screenplay was painful to watch. I stand on my ground when I voted for Melissa Rosenberg to be replaced by another screenwriter, because honestly, her script stinks! I got the Eclipse leaked script, and I think it's going to ba another disappoinment. Sorry, but I still got my senses intact despite that I consider myself a hard core fan.

Juli87 said...

I saw "2012" some weeks ago - and actually that was one of the WORST movies I've ever seen in my life... "Did you hear about the Morgans" was pretty bad as well, - and what about some very cheesy stuff in "Avatar"?! They all devinitely would have earned a "Razzie", but are not nominated... not fair at all!

BUT nevertheless, as much as I actually love the Twilight Saga and really wanted to like New Moon the movie as well... Chris Weitz totally ruined it for me! It wasn't Rob's mistake, he just didn't get a chance to show his talent as an actor in this movie. But unfortunately I have to say that they really made Rob's scenes look awfully cheesy... mainly because of his old-man-styling and the completely improper, corny background music. And Melissa Rosenberg's stupid dialogues of course! Twilight wasn't half as cheesy and embarassing as New Moon! In fact I never saw so many people leaving the movie theater DURING a movie as when I was watching New Moon... So, as much as I hate to admit this, it was actually a pretty bad flick (at least for those who aren't really fans of the whole Twilight thing) and Chris Weitz, Melissa and Summit actually deserve a Razzie for that. I really, really hope they won't let Chris Weitz do Breaking Dawn and butcher it as well!

AP said...

Luv the finger pics. Speaking of finger picking, sorta, and the other side of the coin at the Oscar noms tomorrow - am gonna be watching for Jeff Bridges, Weary Kind, and Kathryn Bigelow. As for the rest its a crapshoot - fun but not compelling...;)

nikola6 said...


Best Actor--Jeff Bridges
Best Actress--Meryl Streep (for Julie and Julia. There isn't much competition this year -Sandra Bullock in Blind Side? huh?- Streep was robbed last year for Doubt and she hasn't won in over a generation. She's due)
Best Sup. Actor--Christoph Waltz (sorry 'bout the spelling)
Best Sup. Actress-- Anna Kendrick (oh yeah. you keep your eye on her. if Avatar takes best pic, then the academy will want to reward Up In The Air for something)
Best Director--I want Tarantino, but Bigelow just won the DGA and she would be the first woman to do it. Anyone but Cameron)
Picture--Up In The Air was the best picture of the year, but with the box office that it's generating, I wouldn't be surprised to see them give it to Avatar.

We shall see.

(sorry 'bout OT)

The Razzies are worthless and Rob Pattinson is the hottest, fucking man on the planet.

There. Back on topic.

solas said...

Juli--that is so strange; I guess just show the many opinons of people who all are fans of Rob. For myself, and I know there are others, New Moon was visually beautiful. I loved Chris Wetiz' vision (except for the Taylor input, which I suppose was in the script). I loved the colours, the styling (esp what you call the 'old man' styling). i didn't feel the Rob scenes were cheesy, but rather, they were necessary; voice-overs would have been cheesy and for more ineffective in achieving what those visions were supposed to achieve, and his colouring and expressions of distress were painfully accurate and believable. I didn't see anyone leave the theatres any of the times I saw it, and many, like myself, saw it a few times. My main complaints were that key scenes too short or missing, and too much of unneccessary stuff.

RPLover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Est said...

i think kristen is a good actres but her interpretation as Bella...puufff...She always does the same: blink 1000 times, bite her nails, bites her lip, touches her hair and pants. She says "hello, i love you, i'm hungry, i hate you, goodbye, you're my firend, don't leave me" all with the same face. i didn't notice when Bella she started being depressive, she had always the same facial expression.

but i can't blame Kristen, the character of Bella is awful!!! She can't do nothing, it's not her fault, the problem are "Bella" and the screenplay...

Anonymous said...

Come on your nobody in Hollywood, unless you've won a Razzie.

Juli87 said...

@Solas: You got me wrong, especially about the "Rob's styling" thing! I didn't mean those scenes where he appears as Bellas illusion... it was ok that they did it this way. And I certainly didn't mean the look of the movie itself... You're right, visually New Moon was quite perfect - the pictures, colors etc. were really beautiful! But Robward's "styling" regarding the clothes rather looked like a middle-aged, old fashioned teacher than (one of the stylish Cullens) a 17-year old highschool student. The hair, the much to heavy, artificially looking make-up (and contacts)of all the vampires... - No one of the people I know didn't find that awful. But of course that wasn't the main problem! I actually ment the bad, cheesy sentences Edward had to say combined with a really cheesy background music... it was all just a little over the top. I'm a fan, so I still enjoyed the movie. But what I wanted to say was that I can totally understand if people who are not so wrapped up into the whole Twilight and Rob thing (as we are obviously) thought that the movie was ridiculous and cheesy. Which are reasons for getting Razzie nominations, right? It's not that I personally hated all of this. But I'm - as I said - a real fan, so I'm not very objective and will (kind of) like it anyway. Still I recognized other people's reactions toward those scenes... In Germany we have a nice, new word which is called "fremd-schämen". Unfortunately I can't find a real translation (something like to be external/foreign/strange-mortified/ashamed), it means that you see someone else doing something embarassing (can also be something in a movie, on TV or what ever)but YOU feel ashamed because of it. That's about how I feel about NM. I'm sorry for my English, - it's a little hard for me to explain what I actually mean in a foreign language. But I hope you know what I mean!

As an fan I personally was disappointed of New Moon and Chris Weitz for different reasons. Too many important scenes left out, too little Edward/Bella, wrong music, wrong look of the vampires... and some other things.

solas said...

I understand, Juli; again, I just don't agree, except for as I said above, regarding key scenes too short or totally missing. I like the look of the vampires better in NewMOon, especially the look of Edward.

AP said...

Nikola6: Anna should get nommed but Mo'Nique has it. Agree re the guys. I would've said Meryl for actress but the SAGs surprised me. I'd like Mulligan. Reitman will probably get adapted script, Basterds original, Bigelow director, and who knows for best pic with ten slots?? Avatar will get a slew of awards for editing etc. They may shock everyone and give to Up. lol
I'm there for Anna, too - just don't think she can do it this year, but she'll be back. :)

ShariG said...

I know I should consider this nothing more than a joke. A group of jealous idiots who decide to pick on someone simply because he is popular and has a huge fan based. Do you know you can vote for the Razzies but you have to pay money to do it. I think they think if they chose someone like Rob his fans will rally and pay to vote for someone else so that he doesn't win this ridiculous nasty award, but I am so offended. Rob is a truly gifted actor. I am long past being a teen and I loved him in Twilight, wanted more of him in New Moon, and don't want to miss a single other thing he is evern in. I don't want him to get discouraged by this. I don't want him to be offended. I hope he knows how much he is loved and appreciated and I hope these same idiots have egg on their face when he wins an academy award, because it will happen.

ShariG said...

I've been reading some of the comments and wanted to add my own impressions of New Moon. I think people fell in love with Twilight because of Rob and Kristen's performances. It was a wonderful story of love that crosses boundaries and lasts in spite of incredible obstacles. That is a universal theme that everyone can relate to and understand. When you combine that with a virtually unknown actor who just simply sweeps us away with his tender portrayal as well as his beautiful face and body it was a unquestionable hit in the theaters. People then flocked to New Moon because they wanted more of Bella and Edward. They wanted more of Rob and Kristen. I think they are both fantastic actors with great futures ahead of them. But New Moon let us down, at least it let me down. There was too much focus on Jacob. There was not enough of Bella and Edward, the reason we went to see the movie to begin with. Edward looked good in the beginning before he left Bella and after he returned from Italy. When he went to the Volturi he looked haggard. He was supposed to. That was in the book and the script, but the over kill on the make up, the dark circles under his eyes (described in the book) made him look too old. Even with the heavy handed make up, I loved the film from the time Alice reappears through the end. I loved Bella running into Edward's arms. I love that he thought he had a soul and had gone to heaven because she was there. I loved how he fought to protect her but once again she saved their lives by the very fact that she loved him enough to give up her life for him. They were both willing to die for the other one. That was what I went to see. That poweful love story. I don't remember much about the middle part of the movie after Edward leaves because Jacob simply doesn't interest me. So, perhaps Taylor Lautner deserved a Razzie (which he was not nominated for) because his acting is stilted, his voice annoying, and he has no chemistry with Kristen. Perhaps the screen writer deserved a Razzie for taking a wonderful story and focusing on the wrong parts. Perhaps New Moon itself deserved a nomination. But Rob certainly did not. I am insulted on his behalf and on our behalf. Millions of people went to see New Moon and these pompus arrogant jerks are basically telling us that we have no taste. Well, I know what I like and what I will pay good, hard earned money to see and it is not the Hurt Locker or Inglorious Bastards. The only movies I purchased this year were Twilight and The Proposal. I will purchase New Moon when it is released because Rob is in it. The critics can bite me.

nikola6 said...


I thought that Monique was wonderful, but it seems like every few years or so, a performance comes along that everyone thinks is the shoo-in and it never is. I'm thinking of Mickey Rourke last year in The Wrestler (loved Sean in Milk, but oh my god, was Mickey ROBBED!!! Fucking brilliant performance)

I'm thinking that Precious and the wonderful actresses in it, are this year's novelty and that the nominations are going to be their reward. Just a guess. Could be wrong, but it's a fun game to play.

And at the moment, the industry is sky high on Anna Kendrick. They're looking at her as maybe the next Witherspoon. They think she's that good. Who knows? The SAGS will tell us alot.

I always tell people...don't pay attention to those stupid Golden Globes. That's only 60-70 some odd members of the foreign press voting. Pay attention to the SAGS. That is the Screen Actor's Guild voting. Even more than the Oscar, the SAG is the TRUE peer award.

What the hell thread is this again? Lemme go look. Oh yeah...

The Razzies.

Fuck them.

Back on track.

AP said...

@Nikola: Um...the SAG Award did go to Mo'Nique for Supporting. And to Sandra Bullock, which was the surprise. I think Mo'Nique is also a lock because the Oscars like to have some diversity on the table, and there aren't many choices this year. Course, the Oscars is more of an 'event' than anything, but its fun to dress up and party, every now and then. Gotta go..:)

Nancy said...

Rob, best actor.
Ashley, best actress.
Kellen, best supporting role.
Peter, best supporting role,
Billy, best supporting role.

These are my favorites on the Twilight saga so far. Rob nailed Edward, Ashley nailed Alice, Kellen nailed Emmett, Peter nailed Carlisle and Billy nailed Charlie. What more can I say?

The others, (who cares).....but I did get upset when they replaced Rachelle as Victoria. She did a great job there too. Kristen really doesn't light my fire at all. She's too one dimentional. Michael Sheen and Dakota did good as Aro and Jane. Taylor is okay as Jacob, Elizabeth is okay as Esme, Nicki is okay as Rosalie, Jackson is okay as Jasper, but they are not that great really.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents worth.

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