BREAKING: Robert Pattinson exits Mission: Blacklist due to scheduling issues

BREAKING: Robert Pattinson exits Mission: Blacklist due to scheduling issues

UPDATE2: One of the screenwriters thanked Rob fans for their support HERE and HERE plus there was another great write up that stood out to me. Bottom of the post.
UPDATE: I like what The Playlist said in their post. Excerpt follows the initial report from The Wrap.

The writing has been on the wall so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Rob has left the building where Mission: Blacklist is concerned.

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From The Wrap:
Code Entertainment is financing the film, which will recast the lead role of military interrogator Eric Maddox 
Robert Pattinson has exited “Mission: Blacklist,” an indie thriller about the hunt for Saddam Hussein, due to scheduling issues, TheWrap has learned. 
First announced in May 2012, Pattinson was set to play military interrogator Eric Maddox, who spearheaded Hussein's capture. 
With two films premiering at Cannes, Pattinson is coming off a very active period. He just wrapped Anton Corbijn's “Life” with Dane DeHaan and did not have sufficient time to prepare for his demanding role in “Mission: Blacklist,” an individual familiar with the situation told TheWrap. 
The role of Maddox will now be recast, and the filmmakers hope to start production this fall.
Pattinson has a busy spring with two films heading to Cannes — David Cronenberg's “Maps to the Stars” and David Michod's “The Rover.” He also recently wrapped the role of photographer Dennis Stock opposite Dane DeHaan's James Dean in Anton Corbijn's “Life.” 
Looking ahead, Pattinson is attached to star alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in James Gray's “The Lost City of Z” and the James Marsh thriller “Hold On to Me” with Carey Mulligan. He's repped by WME, 3 Arts Entertainment, Curtis Brown Group and attorney Robert Offer.
Excerpt from The Playlist:
Robert Pattinson is having a hell of a year. The former “Twilight” star has two films appearing at Cannes 2014 – David Cronenberg’s “Maps To The Stars” and David Michod’s “The Rover” – his already-completed bucket list achievement includes working with Werner Herzog (“Queen of The Desert”), Anton Corbijn (“Life”)and his to-do list includes acting for auteurs like James Gray (“Lost City Of Z”), James Marsh ("Hold on to Me") and director/actor Brady Corbet (“The Childhood of a Leader”). But a busy plate often means something has to go by the wayside....Pattinson, in the meantime, may just want a well-deserved rest. 
Excerpt from We Got The Covered:
Actors like Robert Pattinson are sometimes the most interesting ones to watch as they go about crafting their career in Hollywood. Completely written-off as a legitimate talent due to his work on the Twilight series, the British thesp is now making most critics bite their tongues. With an impressive turn in Cosmopolis not too long ago, and lead roles in two very exciting upcoming films (David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars and David Michod’s The Rover), the actor is starting to turn heads again. Add to that a whole slate of in-development projects (Lost City of Z, Life, Queen of the Desert) that will solidify his status as a leading man even further, and Robert Pattinson is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most exciting young talents (I never thought I would write that sentence) 
...It’s still a shame that Pattinson had to drop out of what sounds like a really interesting story. Apparently the role called for a lot of preparation though, and the actor just didn’t have the time, which is perfectly understandable given his busy slate.
Onward and upward!


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