Wish He Was Mine Wednesday With Robert Pattinson

Wish He Was Mine Wednesday With Robert Pattinson

DiorRob is always a winner and so many of you chose him for Wish He Was Mine Wednesday.
When I saw this on tumblr a couple of days ago it had the same effect as the first time I saw it.

 photo leavemetodie.gif

Anyway I just KNEW I had to share with all of you because if I'm a babbling mess then it's only fair you are too right?
Sharing is caring and all that *evil smile*.

 photo DiorRobKillerKisser4.gif

For health and safety reasons the rest are after the cut.
Disclaimer: If you're at work right now (or heading to work) it might not be a good idea to look!
We will not be held responsible for any loss of productivity.

 photo DiorRobKillerkisser1.gif photo DiorRobKillerKisser2.gif
 photo DiorRobKillerKisser3.gif

And as we're going to hell (make that heaven) anyway  ...........


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