Sinful Sunday With Robert Pattinson

Sinful Sunday With Robert Pattinson

First of all we hope you're all having a very Happy Easter Sunday and that the Easter Bunny paid you a visit. As you can see he got some help with his transportation this year so that he would make it to each and every one of you!
He's now relaxing here with me after all his hard work.

 photo RobertPattinsonLifeSet11thMarch201431-Copy.jpg

They don't call this Sinful Sunday for nothin!
I was originally giving out because Julia made this video so short but you know I now think she did it so that she wouldn't be charged for killing us all.
You're still going to have to spend time in the DR to cool off after watching this minute of hotness! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Now click PLAY and enjoy ;)


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