Magical Monday starring Robert Pattinson - It's All In The Eyes

Kate posted the side by side images above a few days ago in a post and I was, as usual, drawn to his eyes. I'm always drawn to them... and my odd obsession with his tear ducts... but we'll leave that one there. (I may or may not have lingered on the forearm for a little longer than necessary on the way to the eyes)

His eyes tell so much when he's being himself and when he's acting - the back story of the characters he plays hides in them. And although I love Edward, I love seeing Rob without the shield the contacts gave. And who doesn't want to see those blue/grey/green eyes in all their glory? Now let's let them make this Monday a little Magical...
   photo robert-pattinson.jpg  photo comiccon_portrait_010-2.jpg 
 photo rob-closeup2-2.jpg   photo 499.jpg 
   photo 7ef5a148e25354765b036ce97dea0f4d.jpg  photo eyes-hot-premiere-robert-pattinson-sexy-Favimcom-309012.jpg  photo Robert-pattinson-blackbook-0912-_7.jpg  photo f806d26cd44e76eadc7df31a193eb153.jpg 
   photo 28f1c41b6f4a00db843406f46bba7020600x.jpg   photo robert-pattinson-1.jpg 
   photo rpatz1.jpg  photo 012.jpg 
    photo RobertPattinsoneyes.jpg  photo Robert-Pattinson1.jpg  photo fc44e370eb99c016735cab8d7fd5fdb1.jpg  photo Robert-Pattinson-hypniotizes-the-crowd_gallery_primary.jpg   photo enhanced-by-verena-164.jpg 
If there is a 'theme' you're just dying to brighten up your Monday morning with... let me know in the comments.  


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