Wish He Was Mine Wednesday With Robert Pattinson

Wish He Was Mine Wednesday With Robert Pattinson

Come on be honest there's not a day goes by that you don't wish Robert Pattinson was there with you.

 photo mmmmm-1.gif

{snaps back to reality}
But the big question is WHICH Rob do you wish was yours today?

This was NOT an easy decision but the combo of the sex hair, scruff, wonky legs, chest hair and......... and.............

 photo tumblr_lqptpjsGjR1qms3ix_zps4e7ac66d.gif

............ just everything. Here is the one I wish was mine today.

 photo tumblr_n3iljzZbf41qetn6to1_1280.jpg

Do you agree with my choice? Bet you wouldn't turn him away if he knocked on your door.

What Rob do YOU wish was with you?
Email me your favourites at kate@robsessedpattinson.com and you might see your choice here next Wednesday!


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