Rounding up Robert Pattinson in all his King of Cannes glory!

Rounding up Robert Pattinson in all his King of Cannes glory!

Robert Pattinson is in everything. ~Vanity Fair

*and the crowd roars*

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What else can you expect from the King of Cannes? I mean, did we call this or what! ALL HAIL THE KING!!!!

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Ok......before I let my crazed fangirl completely out of the nuthouse, because I so can when it comes to Rob, let's check out a sampling of articles and tweets about Maps To The Stars and The Rover ("Rob's stellar performance" EEEK!) from folks starting to realize, "Hey...that sparkly hunk of vampire manmeat...he's kind of a BFD post-Twilight...." Yeah. He is.

"Does Cannes want Pattinson walking the red carpet twice in a festival? You bet." ~Thompson on Hollywood

"Robert Pattison, who might just become something of a Cannes regular if he keeps this up." ~Indiewire

The Rover & Maps to the Stars among the Buzziest Films Heading to This Year’s Cannes Film Festival..."Robert Pattinson, whose tuxedo-clad presence at the 2012 fest threatened to break the internet."  ~Yahoo

The Rover & Maps to the Stars among the Most Exciting Movies At Cannes 2014 & the Croisette's finest. ~ Empire

The Rover & Maps to the Stars are "two films that I absolutely cannot wait to see." ~We Got This Covered

Big names heading to Cannes and first name listed? "Robert Pattinson. The former Twilight star has been to Cannes before. He starred in David Cronenberg's drama Cosmopolis which premiered on the Croisette in 2012. Now, he's back with another Cronenberg title, Map to the Stars, and David Michôd's The Rover alongside Guy Pearce." ~HitFix

"As if having one movie at Cannes wasn't enough, Pattinson also appears in "Maps to the Stars," the next film from his "Cosmopolis" director David Cronenberg." ~MTV

"This year's line-up features two appearances from Robert Pattinson, who plays the lead role in Cronenberg's Hollywood satire Maps to the Stars. The Twilight actor also appears in The Rover, an Australian crime drama that will have a special midnight screening at this year's event." ~BBC

"Cronenberg’s “Maps to the Stars” and David Michod’s midnight movie “The Rover,” both of which star Robert Pattinson." ~Variety

Click HERE for The Rover and HERE for Maps To The Stars if you want to read more praise we rounded up about Rob's upcoming films.

It's all lookin' gooooooooood. The tweets have been full of win as well.
Check out more KoC-esque goodness after the cut!

CANNES BABY!!!! Are you ready??? Can you handle it???

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